37Irvine, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a Work in Progress with a passion for furthering my own Evolution as a person. I consider myself a grounded individual with an interest in finding the perfect balance of... love, purpose and expression in life. I enjoy connection with authentic, conscious & whole-hearted people who share their gifts and make a difference...

Currently I am studying Spiritual Psychology in a 2yr degree program at the University of Santa Monica.

I consider myself an Open-minded and Open-hearted person who lives a healthy & conscious lifestyle. Spiritual practice, Travel and being creative are very important to me. I enjoy living a balanced and grounded life with which is fulfilling and a whole lot of fun!!!

I Am...

* Creative & Artistic
* Cultured & Well Traveled
* Adventurous & Entrepreneurial
* Spiritual & Conscious
* Confident & Humble
* Self Driven & Self Motivated
* Balanced & Grounded
* Goal Oriented
* Caring & Compassionate
* Outgoing
* A man of my Word
* Optimistic Outlook on Life


I have been a World Traveler with a passion for understanding and experiencing, the cultures/peoples of this world first hand. I love ADVENTURE, I thrive on making contact with and immersing myself in the fabric of “real-life”. At home I'm very much the same way, I enjoy "out of the norm" type activities as well as meeting new and interesting individuals!!!

After being blessed with the opportunity to travel and experience so many diverse cultures, 30 countries thus far. I have to say, "I'm able to Appreciate the unique beauty of EVERY Ethnicity & Skin tone under the sun!" Traveling abroad opened my eyes on many levels and has completely redefined what attracts me to a particular woman...

Living a Healthy lifestyle is important to me... Everyone knows me by name at my local Whole Foods! Fast Food junkies probably should click through:)

I am deeply grateful for my life and now I'm ready to attract that rare and special type of woman. She has an open heart, beautiful inner light & a kind spirit. Her presence integrates with and enhances my life for the better and her presence helps to reveal even more of who I am...
What I’m doing with my life
I am all about making myself better! Ive dedicated my life to learning and evolving, so one of my highest priorities is working directly with mentors and leaders that inspire me.

I also focus my attention on attending a wide range of classes workshops, seminars & intensives...
* Spiritual Psychology
* Personal Transformation
* Relationship & Sexuality Education
* Financial Education & Entrepreneurial Business!

I have been in the Automotive Industry for over 13 years... I work with my hands in a very creative and niche market. My free time during all this last year has been focused on building a Conscious Entrepreneurial Business that designs high-end travel products. The BEST part is that my business partner and I structured it to give back a large percentage of our profits to fund the conservation and re-population of Lions in Africa. We also work with amazing kids at 2 orphanages in Zimbabwe, helping to provide the supplies and services they need.

Photography is another passion of mine! I love to travel & capture Fine Art quality photographs of the most beautiful places on the planet. I focus on Landscapes, Sacred Spaces/ Temples, Cultural Images / Peoples of the world.

I focus on how I can be of service, make a difference in the world and provide value to the lives of everyone I come in contact with…

I am mentoring/ big brother-ing “Jason” an underprivileged High School freshman who lost both parents in a car crash when he was 8. A great kid with a HUGE heart!

I have a dedicated spiritual practice and a very open mind, I do not practice or conform to any particular Religious Organization... I do enjoy Agape International Spiritual Center from time to time...
I’m really good at
* Being a great listener who is present & dynamically engaged.
* Making friends Laugh!
* Seeing/Bringing out the best in the people I care about.
* Guiding a conversation down a deeper and more interesting path.
* Navigating on the fly with my camera in hand & no itinerary!
* Capturing my adventures Travel Photography!
* Meditating- I love clearing my head and getting centered.
* Coaching friends - helping them through difficult times/decisions.
* And I give a damn good massage!
The first things people usually notice about me
* My Height... I am 6 ft 6 tall or if you like 198cm… I’m serious...
* My calm & Zen-like demeanor.
* I am a Chivalrous Gentleman with Good values and a Big heart.
* I’m friendly, outwardly focused and easily connect/make friends!
* My opportunistic view of life and the glass is 1/2 full mind set!
* That I'm a slender, healthy, clean-cut guy with a modern/classic sense of style.
* My Hazel/Brown Eyes. When I spend quality time with a woman I like to keep my full focus and presence on you.
* I'm a generous and caring person!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read constantly (especially for school) and love to listen to audio books/programs. I have a practice of daily study which is very important to me, as I am a constant "student of life".

So...Have you ever read books on any of these topics?
*Sexuality/Relationship/Tantra-Sacred Sexuality
*Philosophy/Spiritual Practice
*Universal Laws

Message me with which books or authors you've enjoyed reading and how its influenced or inspired you! I am very attracted to a woman who works on herself and knows who she is on a very deep level.

I love going to the movies but NEVER on a first date... Seriously who does that?

Spotify is like a drug... I also like bringing home a little musical sample from each culture, I definitely have a wide-ranging eclectic taste.

-TV Shows-
I watch very little TV. *TED Talks *Travel Channel *Discovery *Animal Planet *Nat Geo *select comedy shows & maybe a few others… If I can learn something I am more inclined to watch, any show designed to rot your brain (reality-TV etc) I will never make time for.

Are you open to trying new things? I am always up for a foodie adventure into uncharted territory! I eat a little bit of meat (mostly fish) and also enjoy vegetarian/vegan meals regularly! Good Sushi is an obsession of mine and any home-cooked meal made with "Lots o' Love" will win my heart every time...
Six things I could never do without
1) My Family / Close Friends - Family is very important to me.
2) My Health & Vitality - Organic, Non GMO foods!
3) Meditation Practice – To center down, focus and start my day.
4) My Canon 7D Camera – I am constantly humbled by an eternally deep and profound respect for Mother Nature.
5) My iMac 27inch & iPhone - I am an apple guy... to the core!
6) My Valid Passport / Adventure – Almost every real adventure requires you to have one!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*Conjuring up Unique & Interesting date ideas. I am familiar with so many great places in LA and OC that I could moonlight as a tour guide!
*Where in the world my next Travel Adventure might take me.
*All that I have to be Grateful for!
*My Mission, Vision and Purpose in life!
*How can I be of service...
On a typical Friday night I am
*Relaxing and spending time with friends…
*Out for a nice dinner, or at wine bar or lounge.
*At a Social Event or Fund Raiser...
*I love Art Galleries and Exhibitions...
*At a concert or live music event...
*Catching a movie...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a total sucker when it comes to girls who practice yoga and live a healthy/conscious lifestyle...
You should message me if
If you've made it this far... Don't be shy silly, just shoot me a message and lets connect! (WARNING) Im a busy guy and only take the time to respond to intelligent women who can string more than a few words together... Think about the quality of email you actually respond to...Uhmmmm yea like that!

So... Can you answer YES to any of these?

* You're an authentic, compassionate, kind and giving person.
* Personal evolution is important to you.
* You live a health-conscious and vibrant lifestyle & or practice Yoga.
* BIG BONUS points if you know about energy and what a chakra is:)
* You're Inspired and Passionate about something!
* You're Heart is Open and available...
* You're a cultured person with a love & appreciation for the arts.
* You're outgoing but also have a homebody side.
* You look for ways to be of service!!!

I wish you Good Luck in OKC-land and may the odd's of finding true love be ever in your favor...
The two of us