35Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
In all seriousness, my name is Keith, i'm a native new yorker born and raised in Queens and i still live here so many years later. I work in heavy construction with both my hands and my heart. Trained as an engineer, i love to cook and spend time in the backwoods. I'm terrified of dancing, i can recite the highlander from memory, i go through phases of making beer, soap and baked goods and in general i love life.
What I’m doing with my life
Having dedicated a huge amount of time to summiting my industry, i'm entering a new chapter in my life to focus on higher education and kick myself up into the next echelon of my career. I work nights for the engineering department at America's railroad, go to school during the day and as you can imagine spend what little free time i have living in a meaningful way. I am genuinely on here to meet new friends, dating is so full of unnecessary complexity that i don't even have any expectations for what OKC has to offer.

So everything is cool and if i can share some happy moments with new and interesting people i'll count that as a success!
I’m really good at
Making things. I make all sorts of things. Sometimes i make things difficult. most of the time i make it look easy.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well i try to fly under the radar for the most part... probably that i'm quiet and like to listen to people's stories. At least until we warm up to each other - then good luck getting me to shut up
Six things I could never do without
Something to build
Something to read
I guess that just about covers it
On a typical Friday night I am
Working :(
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I pee in the shower
You should message me if
You've listened to every type o negative song while using molly or LSD

You require only 3 hours of sleep in a week and even then sleep on a stool

You've successfully defended a small columbian village from an invasion from the local drug cartel with no more equipment than a flare gun, a donkey cart, 3 bags of cheetohs, a book of matches and a ragtag yet lovable group of illiterate farmers

You've declined to accept an academy award because you were not permitted to bring the film crew on stage with you

You've masturbated to all 738 episodes of star trek

You've hunted down 8 out of 10 fugitives on the america's most wanted watch list while being both numbers 1 and 2 yourself

You regularly shave your body hair whether you need to or not

You snort cocaine through a pringles can

You rescue kittens from trees when you're hungry

You've given noogies to ron paul while explaining the nuances of austrian economics to his adorable and besmothered face

You abort children unsafely, illegally and often

That one time you saw something you were quick to say something

You manufactured crystal methamphetamine before breaking bad simply made it not cool anymore

Your pit fighting name is derived from spanish poetry

che quevara is buried in a t shirt with your face on it

When the time is right, you know how to make like a tree and get the hell outta here

You left the aryan nations because they were a bunch of pussies

Large Marge sent you

You served those six months in lockup with pride... and would tear off a mattress label again without hesitating

You spent 6 years dealing with the realities of being burned by the CIA, eking out a living by taking on private cases with nobody to help you but your elderly mom, your alcoholic brother, an old navy buddy who retired to florida with an unhealthy reliance on mojitos and tommy bahama t shirts, and the true love of your life who you left behind after you were compromised during a covert op ferreting out arabic interests within a radical cell of the irish republican army 6 years earlier

And yet despite all of that... you still have never found a person who you truly loved
The two of us