47San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I transferred to the east coast! Looking forward to spending more time in different European cities with work.
I'm not looking to "hook up" with locals but I'd be interested to get your advice on what this special city has to offer and to get a better sense of the culture. I definitely am not looking for a "Tinder" type thing! Please! If I did I'd be on Tinder- and I'm not.

After watching the movie, "Her" (you should see it) I started feeling like meaningful connections require more processing than this format seems to offer. It's getting difficult for me to break the ice with someone who's no more than a few pictures and phrases on a web page.
I'm always busy and very sociable but there is something about *romantic* relationships that requires more intention. But here we are. It's still one possible way to meet. And since I've never met anyone in the produce section of the grocery store...Has anyone, honestly? :)
Watch "Her!"

I work for an airline and am interested in finding someone who ideally has the time and freedom and flexibility to travel. Preferably with their own home, either semi retired or working for themselves remotely who could really enjoy the benefits of spontaneous exotic travel, possibly with a free spirited airline employee. I'd be open to platonic friends as well.

I lived in the Bay Area about seven years. Before that, Los Angeles. Originally from Rhode Island.
I recently transfered to work out of the NYC area and do international flying to Europe and the Caribbean. I love camping, hiking, horseback riding, anything outdoors. I go to music festivals. Burning Man 9 times. I also really love to get dressed up and go out in the city. I think any activity is fun if you like the company you're with!
Lately I have devoted myself to more international travel. I'd love to find someone who has the schedule flexibility to be able to go to the far flung places and have exotic adventures.
I've visited Turkey, Vietnam, Cambodia (solo), Costa Rica, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bali, Thailand. Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan.
Also, I've traveled throughout Europe (Ireland England Netherlands Switzerland Monaco Spain) and Morocco. I spent quite a bit of time in northern Italy, which was beautiful. And the south of France.
Looking forward to seeing the southern parts of Italy soon.

I am affectionate, adventurous, and fun loving. I'm a big animal lover but my work makes having pets unlikely. If you have them that's great! And if you have a good pet sitter, even better!
What I’m doing with my life
I am really happy about the quality of great friendships I developed in the time I was in SF . I know that the Bay Area is still home in a way. But this east coast chapter is now being written and open to the editing process.
That said, I have a lot more traveling to do and would love to do it with someone. I'm always up for an adventure and now I have a little more time and money to do it.
I’m really good at
(this one's pretty dated but i still find it amusing. And I bet I'm the only one who has it!)
Here's an obscure one: Mechanical bull riding.
When I lived in Hollywood I bought a horse I didn't know how to ride. But didn't want my cool new horse friends to know because they were all really good riders. So I'd sneak out and practice riding the bull at Saddle Ranch on Sunset Blvd during the day when it was slow. A real bull rider friend coached me until I could go full throttle. I had crowds cheering and high-fiving me in the end. It's really hard and it really hurts! And it is a HUGE adrenaline rush!!!
That was a while ago but it did help me learn how to ride better.
The first things people usually notice about me
People always laugh when I tell them that I do have a shy side. It just doesn't show up until we get to know each other a little better. Then the real me feels more vulnerable because now I know you are realizing if you really like who I am. That phase is usually brief then I'm comfortable and at ease. I have so many amazing friends I know there must be some reason why!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Her! I love the brain bending {science fiction} movies that are based on the writing of Phillip K. Dick. Blade Runner was the first. Minority Report, Vanilla Sky, The Island, Gattaca. Star Trek was awesome. Another all time favorite was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Real Genius and Better Off Dead from the 80's, Airplane,
I read a lot about consciousness and the influence of psychedelics in religion, psychology, spirituality and culture.
If I were stranded on a desert island: Thai food!!! Although sushi might be more likely to be on the menu, and that's great too!
ANY Malcolm Gladwell's books. Freakonomics
For comedy, [Patton Oswalt] is the grand high master of all that is funny. Basically, comedy would probably be my favorite genre of movies.
I'm not sure why some people feel the need to list every artist they've ever heard in their lives on their profile. I like a lot of different music and I'd be interested to hear your favorites. There. And Bassnectar is my favorite DJ.
Six things I could never do without
My passport
My free flight benefits
My amazing friends and family
My sense of humor and youthful spirit
My ability to create and share a unique and colorful existence with this little speck of infinity I have somehow been blessed with.
That sixth thing!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*When and where I am going to go next.
*Consciousness. Spirituality, but from a more scientific approach. Why we are the way we are. We have been asking the same question since the beginning and we still don't have an answer. But people sure will fight to impose their beliefs on each other!
*Shamanism. How ancient plant medicine healers still connect to the wisdom of the living world around us. I think we have forgotten ancient wisdom.
*I love learning about the psychedelic revolution of the 60's and how it did and didn't change the world. How the present day is different a a result. I had the honor of meeting one of the great psychedelic chemists of all time, Sasha Shulgin. That was as exciting as any movie star for me. Let's just say if you've ever felt "ecstatic", he is why. I am a member of a non-profit organization called MAPS, which is devoted to legal research, such as MDMA based therapy for PTSD. Good work!
*Psychology. Why we behave the way we do. Why it is so hard to change, even when the change is for a far greater good. Why we love who we love.
*But here, in the physical realm, I really think a lot about the vast amount of plastic junk that just gets dumped into our landfills and oceans over the generations. Why do we need to buy all this stupid stuff? How can it be better managed? Is this planet really as different from when I was a child as they say in terms of extinctions and habitat destruction?
*Couchsurfing! Or more specifically CouchSurfing.org. A website that I truly feel has changed and revolutionized global travel and community in profound and as yet unknown ways. I am blessed to have the founders of this world changing site as my dear friends.
On a typical Friday night I am
Surrounded by some incredibly wonderful people that I am truly blessed to call my friends. We have a great community that we all feel lucky to be a part of.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sapiosexual. I have a little bit of a genius fetish. Smart is VERY sexy! As is funny! Funny is important.
You should message me if
You are passionate about massage! You're open minded and free spirited but have strong values and are honest. You're not afraid to party like a rock star, but you are responsible and successful and have your life together. You like to stay healthy and active. You're looking for fun but not afraid of getting serious (non-poly or at least monogam-ish) if it goes that way. You think friendship is an important ingredient in a good relationship...and you love to laugh! And if you answered your six things you can't live without LITERALLY and English is your first language then here is where we part ways. Thank you.

I would like to mention that I don't always keep current with this site so if I don't reply to your message I apologize in advance.
The two of us