41Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
What does the future have in store?.... Can we hold tight those seemingly perfect ideals of yester-year, or shall we abandon them for a new perspectve of our reality. All that we have been surrounded by, all that we grew up knowing simply isn't real and never was. Shed the old hopes and dreams like removing a winter parka after stepping out onto a far away beach, allow the rays of an enlightened mind to saturate you, nourish you, and open your once cloudy vision to a new hope for humanity, there is a way... a new path will be found.

I am Eccentric, Existential, and Confident
What I’m doing with my life
As of 8.5.11 I live in LA! Still here still love it :)

Ever seeking the new way that life will become. working on living a life separate than is dictated.

Not "identifying" with or as anything other than what I am. There are solid wastes of time these days ..... the rocks are turned on a new one every day.
I’m really good at
Realizing images on canvas... Or in 3 dimentions... Sometimes 4, shmoozing almost anyone...
The first things people usually notice about me
Hey... Haven't I met you before?

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a love hate relationship with all media....podcasts are where it's at though.

To name a few (these people are more philosophers than anything)
Terrance McKenna-author: food of the gods
Rupert sheldrake
Tim Leary- LSD popularizer
James Redfield
Daniel pinchbeck- shamanic cultures research
Delores Cannon
Clay Jenkenson

My interests cover a wide variety of topics....just because I'm engrossed in a topic does not nessesarilly mean thats what I'm all about.....i lean nihilist more than anything.

psychedellic salon
The Veritas show
The survival podcast
Portland's own diet soap podcast
The Agroinnovatins podcast
the Thomas Jefferson hour podcast
ign keepin' it reel
the Tobolowsky files
creative screenwriting
C-realm podcast.

also comedy podcasts

WTF with Marc Maron
Joe Rogan experience
Adam Carolla
MMpodcast with Bill Burr
Deathsquad radio
nerdist podcast
Beauty and da beast podcast
The church of what's happening NOW

Ween, Mr.Bungle, Tomahawk, sleepytime gorilla museum, aphex twin, estradesphere, lawnmower deth, dead milkmen, amon tobin, fantomas, secret chiefs 3
Never heard of any/most of these bands.........thought so.
Six things I could never do without
natural rights (though I guess I'm doing fine being shorted a few)
oil paints
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This state of being.... And future states of being...... Also how anyone can really stick to one set of beliefs.... When literally anything is possible.

how will i complete all these paintings......when they aren't even started?
On a typical Friday night I am
Creating images.
You should message me if
You are an evolved free thinker/skeptic that can truly deal with ANYTHING. You are a political, religious, social agnostic. You can take life for what it is and not be held back by your own shortcomings. If you can truly find the HILARITY in ANYTHING and do NOT get offended. You can deal with a lite situation as my job is #1 in my life. Also I have NO need or desire for children in my life....EVER!
The two of us