53Calgary, Canada
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My self-summary
k lets try this ... ;)
ive recently changed jobs and planted myself in calgary
it's great city! but im not a popsicle!
minus 40 for 2 weeks straight!?! ..... WHAT THE!!??
i love my profession because it take me places (WARM)
ive been all over n.america this a beautiful country
i grew up on the west coast so the ocean is in my blood
and i miss the big city and then driving to an ancient forest after dinner
and im still not sure which cougars i would prefere to come across
in either situation you pray you make it out alive!!!..... ;)
ive been on a few dating sites and dates here in calgary
and a couple long distance to no avail... i dont give up that easy
but i'm not the guy that sits there and stares at you and does nothing
that would freak me out too!!!
i'm the guy that holds the door for you or sends a drink your way
and if i'm feeling brave the drink will come with a rose
which reminds me i've only seen one rose vendor in a pub in calgary
whats up with that!...(note to self buisness opp!)
regardless if i feel your in need of a smile i'll run to the corner and get you a rose!.... (well a dozen then hand them all out ) ... tee hee!
so if i contact you and you dont reply thats good enough for me
and if you do reply and you just stop one day thats ok too!
im an easy going kind of guy, with a lil bit of a wild side
ive been told im like a silly old bear crossed with a jack russel... lol
not really sure what they meant, the closest i can come to that is
kind of protective with a big warm heart
with a spontaneous and hyper streak.......hmmmmmmm
i guess i'll fetch you anything in a heart beat just to see you smile .. :)
does it show that i'm a sucker for a beautiful smile?
OH!!! and all smiles are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(this is a work in progress excuse the rambling) did i mention i like to talk?
;) ....well i do!... about anything.... and everything.......
over a coffee or a beer, well not so much the beer i just quit smoking
alcohol and tobacco hand in hand.. yah i if i knew then,well i know now!

i dont do drugs!!! ... i dont think there is anything worse then a mind wasting away , i can get the same high from a hard ass romp on my mountain bike or a kick ass crack of the throttle of my rocket!

so try it man ! everyone is doin it...NOT EVERYONE!.. if you are thats fine
if your hard core!!!....... uuuummmm...yah!..see yaa!!!!!!!!
to each there own

i'm a huge!!! music listener, now and then you'll find me playn air guitar
but not in my underwear... (way to much info!).. sorry TOM!.. NOT!
mostly rock/alt... but for me all music is worth listening to, i try to play guitar....still try'n... :) i think my cat is deaf, he sits on my amp!
lil did i know that mad max would be such an appropriate name for him
i'm a closet writer too, thoughts, wana be songs, not enough gonads for a short..... (yet!)
i prefer a motorcycle cruiz to a beach over a pub scene
i'd rather cook you a gourmet meal with all the trimmings at home
YES! ... I COOK!...i believe you can have way more fun in the kitchen then in the bedroom...ooops!!!...thinking out loud again ......
please dont tell my friends they wont come over for dinner any more. =:0

I am easy going, a lil goofy @ times, and outgoing
What I’m doing with my life
im a professional driver and i love it! plus i'll never be out of work!
it's odd that my truck always breaks down in california and n. carolina
this paid vacation stuff sucks .. ;)
rite now im redecorating the main floor where i live, i like change!
and im lookin for a new bike the one i had almost took my leg ... tee hee!
i'm thinking bigger and faster..... :) and no its not an ego thing!...
ummm ....... at least i dont think so.... can i get bak to you on that one?
but its not the top thing on my list
im saving for that dream home and not sure where its gona be
uuuummmmmmm .... yes i am... on a coast you land lubbers.. lol
also i have a dream of meeting a warm and caring heart to help me fill it
OH!!!! and i've learned how to stop dreaming and to go and get it !!!!!
I’m really good at
cooking somthing out of nothing
fixing stuff(cars,homes,bikes)
making people feel @ home
making a great cup of coffee(espresso HEAD RUSH! lets go! .. lol)
injuring myself without even knowing it....ouch i think.....
being a terible moving target... (ive been hit by a car twice a truck and 2 bikes at the same time...soooo how many lives do i have left?!)
giving a massage, compliments, (and yes i mean it !)...SHEESH!!!!!
The first things people usually notice about me
my good sam side.... willingness to help people
quik to smile and to look at the brite side
that i can be smart ass
that i dont sit still , well sorry ive always been on the go
(ez on the cafine there bub!)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i'll start with food, salmon, steak , always goes great with wine
home style dinners, roast beef, i make a wicked stir fry! water chestnuts

movies, well lets go with horror and sci fi... devils rejects, district 9
romantic comedy... bridget jones(admitting that says it all)
comedy... all the nat lampoon vacations, liar liar, dr.dolittle
animated... over the hedge, up!(squirrel !) too funny!
drama, deep water, philadelphia, green mile
music... wow were to start!................................................
alice in chains, pearl jam, mad season, i mother earth, white zombie
on the soft side, city and colour, fiona apple, diana krull, morcheeba
the list goes on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

books, Whale Music(Paul Quarrington) Lord Of The Rings(Tolkien)
Havana Room(Colin Harrison)
Six things I could never do without
a compastionate significant other
warm family
warm heart
warm home
good food
great conversation
freedom of choice!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
never making the same mistake twice!
how we are all human!
and is she out there?
having a family with the girl i love
On a typical Friday night I am
im winding down with a drink and thinking about the week gone by
then thinking about the fun im gona hav with 2 days off!!! ... ;)
you mite find me in a corner pub playn pool
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im a romantic,
lol! lots more !....
i think this is were i say i wana call my lawyer!
You should message me if
you like change and are willing to live no matter wat others think
in short..... open and free!
if you really are looking for something serious
open to kids and pets and working on a life with someone
and if you agree that going that extra mile together adds so much more to the well being of a relationship
The two of us