37 Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
Just moved to Philly from NYC to run and operate an ice cream startup.
that's right Philly, ICE NY is coming to Philly Chinatown Square!
gonna be busy but i wanna make sure I live a balanced life and not just be working hard but can relax and enjoy the moments while here in Philly! Show me whats good and I'll kindly return the favor!! ;)

a bit about me....ENFP....also very much like my sign Leo, Fiercely Loyal, I'm looking for my Lioness. I'm ambitious yet laid back, a dreamer chasing dreams. I would love it if we can chase ours together and have some fun along the way. I'm a family/friend oriented guy, kind hearted, compassionate and enjoys helping people and hopefully making them laugh or smile in the process. I like to be silly and joke around a bit but can be serious if neededI but when is life ever that serious??!! =P
I have an eye for beauty and luxury but don't necessarily need them. Love is ultimately what I'm seeking! I enjoy and appreciate the little things and moments in life. Always up for a good time, adventure, and new experiences!!

I love globetrotting so I can see how other cultures live their lives and what tasty foods they have. Last year, I travelled thru Italy, Prague, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, China, n HK - ALL in 80 days!!
A few years b4 that, I was able to see Paris, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Shanghai, Taipei.
My favorite travel destination by far has definitely been Australia back in 2008!!
I'd love to go back to all these places one day and hopefully with that special someone!!

Besides, traveling. I also enjoy eating! who doesn't!!
I'm good at imitating/cooking dishes I eat just by tasting it.
I can cook a mean JapChae! (Korean Stir fry noodles)
my friends think it tastes like a chinese knockoff. yes, there's nothing the chinese can't knock off..,HAH!! =P
while i may have douse too much sesame oil that time? I think it's still pretty good without learning the recipe!
the next thing I want to tackle is probably neopolitan pizza!...just need some tipo flour and san marzano tomatoes, doesnt sound too hard?...now if only I can get my oven to 1000 degrees... lol
so who's ready for a Throwdown!!
Hmmm....Actually, let's hold off on the pizza throwdown for now! My resolution for 2015 is to cut back on the unhealthy food and finally start the Focus T25 workout! My new challenge is to get a lean beach body by summer or at least be more fit than last year!! let me know if you're down for a fitness challenge, we can do it together! we'll encourage each other!!

*Update 06/10/16:
Took a break from working out but ready to kick it off again.
Ready 4 Round 2 of T25!!
So whose ready to join me?!!
If you can't tell already, I like to encourage, inspire, and motivate people....its part of my charm and Awesomeness! ;-)

anyway, what I'm looking for in a girl:
You...Yes, YOU!!!....
with the beautiful eyes, radiant smile, sexy brains and infectious personality!!!
hmmm...maybe that's too much to ask for??!
you don't have to have all 4, maybe just 3 out of 4??..... 2 out of 4??, ok fine i'll settle for 1 out of 4....but that's as low as I go!!
hey, a guy's gotta have some standards, right?!! =P
but in all seriousness, even if you have all 4 or none of it, it basically boils down to chemistry!!

wanna know more?!, hit me up with an email, don't be shy, winking is fine too!! just don't injure those beautiful eyes doing so! =P
What I’m doing with my life
being a tortoise and running a smart race?!
I’m really good at
Everything!! and Nothing..opps, think that was suppose to be in my most private thing i'm willing to admit..Hah! =P
cheering peeps up, motivating them, supporting them, inspiring them, providing wisdom, helping, smiling, caring, Loving!!! ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
Either My Smile or My Hair! or My Big Heart! ;)
or I look like some hong kong movie star, Jacky Cheung, NO not Jackie Chan!! Jacky Cheung the Singer!! lol
my twin looks like another movie star, Chapman To!
def not a compliment as I think they are not the best looking guys!! lol =P ...but prob just like ME they have Awesome personalities?!! ;)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Rudy, LOTR II, Wedding Crashers.
Thai, Neopolitan Pizza, Spicy foods, noodles, salt & vinegar chips, pomegranates... woohooo, its pom season again! passionfruit
old school R&B, dance, Chill out / Lounge music, chinese pop, live street music, chinese concerts @ Borgata/Mohegan
Shark Tank, 2 Broke Girls, Blackish, Mindy Project, HIMYM, Happy Endings
The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufman
The Achievement Habit by Bernard Roth
The six things I could never do without
*Water, Water, Water - It's true what they say, you can live without food but not water!! It's the most versatile element!!
*Airplanes - it's one of the greatest inventions EVER!!
how else can you be on one continent one hour and then be on entire different continent in a few hours!!
*Listening to music while driving, I wonder if it's even possible to drive in silence??
*Hot Sauce - I use to drink it straight from the bottle as a kid (Trappey, Louisiana kind) ;D
*Ideas & Dreams - If i had nickel for each one, I'd be a billionaire..hah
*the obvious, Family & Friends & Good people.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My future! What kind of mark I will leave on the world!!
-What project should I start on 1st....
-What city can I see myself moving to?
-Why most people get writer's block after they click on a profile pic? =P
most recently....
-If I should take a break from OKCupid???.. it's been Exhausting trying to find U!!!! =P
On a typical Friday night I am
watching shark tank!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
watching shark tank on a friday night! lol =P
I like to cuddle but only for a lil bit! hah
You should message me if
You wanna laugh...
You wanna smile...
You wanna Hug... a BIG HUG!!! =D
You wanna hang out, do smtg fun/ go on an Adventure!!...
You want some travel tips, deal tips, food tips, life tips....OR
U wanna share some of yours!!!...
You wanna just get to know each other and then hopefully becoming best friends/lovers!!!
You think WE will make an Awesome Team!!