92 Havana, Cuba
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My self-summary
To be real: I DON'T live at the above location, this profile is old and I don't keep up with it (check mail about once every two months) and since its old the pics are too so I can't say it accurately represents me... But I'm still the same weight and still in good shape so don't imagine I've gained 50lbs or something...

Also... Sorry my profile is soooo long and all over the place... the result of spur of the moment adding over time...

*I don't live where my status is set... (do NOT live)...Just taking a break from messages... I still read but just get out of the mood of wanting to reply... or sometimes not in a situation that makes it worth replying... but I do read messages I receive regardless... Too many guys out there freak out and consider it a personal attack when u dont reply... I might just be already talking to someone else... Please don't let non-response from a girl be so personal- there are many reasons for it...

I'm pretty open to meeting new people, and I actually prefer getting together for a drink or coffee than mailing back and forth or chatting online.

I don't make any promises though. I don't click romantically with many people at all, but I usually enjoy most people's company, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or race. So, I wouldn't want anyone to anticipate more than friendship if we do chat or meet.

I put on my profile youngest guys over 30, cuz around 28-29 guys appear to start to go a little bonkers about getting older and desperate to experience as many women as they can before its too late. I'm so over that. I like men who aren't afraid to grow up- we're better off not knowing men until they have grown up. And the only thing a man ever misses out on is a relationship he puts his whole heart into, when he's man enough to appreciate what he's got, because all he'll ever have is equal to what he gives. (Yes, ur gonna get older, fatter, balder, less sexually capable, and in general be a whole lot less of what you have to offer women physically, so its prolly better to use these last good years left to find a good one who will love you anyway... If you wait too long or don't hold onto a good one when you finally find her- you might end up screwed with the slim pickings of the bottom of the barrel... ouch!!)
What I’m doing with my life
...trying to enjoy as many different life experiences as I can. I don't just mean physical experiences but emotional, cultural, existential, spiritual, etc...

Cuz I get asked a lot about this:

My master's was "Applied Linguistics and Theory of Second Language Acquisition". I've studied about 14 languages to varying degrees (mostly beginner), have taught ESL since I was 13, have traveled to 30 countries, and have lived on 4 continents for work or study for at least a year each. (Yes, I burned myself out and feel like I missed out on my youth... that's why I'm trying to have fun now!) I can always go back to my master's if I choose but I dunno if I was on the right path. And, although I'm academically much better than average, I just don't really like organized academic learning over long periods. My idea of fun is not living in the library from 8am to midnight 5 days a week, which is what I was doing... and paying to do it! I came to question my own sanity. (Go figure though, my longest relationship was with someone who didn't finish highschool *gasp*... obviously I value non-academic intelligence more.... On that note, I have so much respect for people who create their success without any papers from any institutions... It fascinates me...)

I learned the hard way that life can be short and you have to follow your gut and your heart... Following others lead, following money, or succumbing to fear and peer pressure will only leave you on your deathbed, one day, wishing you had lived your life differently. (But, I admit, I'm still working on some of that *sigh*).
I’m really good at
Creative things.
Being an INFJ.
And everyone tells me I'd be a really good mom :) I think it has something to do with my well-educated bilingual fur-babies.
The first things people usually notice about me
People always misjudge me, so whatever it is, its probably wrong.

Like this profile... It's my real personality but I'm only like this with ppl I know and trust, when I've let my guard down... I'm much more quiet in person, esp in groups cuz I'm not fond of being the center of attention...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like electronic music and psychological thriller or mystery movies :)

I love music for "Tribal Fusion Bellydance".

I read a lot about astrology, a very misunderstood subject. People who don't 'believe' in astrology are usually people who know absolutely diddly-squat about astrology... You're a moron if you listen to what they have to say... It's like respecting a pre-schoolers opinions on neuroscience... Don't give idiots credibility- it makes you look dumb too... or at least easily brainwashed... aka kinda the same thing... Most people think the church and astrology are like polar opposites, but in the past they walked hand in hand. The term "Christian Astrology" might seem like an oxymoron, but it's a real branch of astrology, common in the past and used even by people as well-known and respected as Nostradamus. Go figure. He even used to work for the church - well, at least until they realized that he could use astrology to figure out who the pedophiles and con-men were... No wonder the church turned on astrology and convinced everyone it was a sin...

ADD: Since I get asked a lot, here's a place you can look at your own astrological birth chart, with a FREE interpretation: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal

* This one is fun. It tells u what ur like as a LOVER ;)
The six things I could never do without
Animals & Nature
My health
Coffee & Living in a big city.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... how to deal with the creative industry... I'm a creative person, was born to be one, and have no issues with whom I am... but life in the creative industry, so far, has been one of the most awful experiences... too many people who don't belong in the creative industry have found their way here looking to make a quick buck... they have polluted the pond and there isn't much room left for those of us who aren't here for the money.

...how to get guys on this site only looking for casual sex to stop contacting me.

ADD: Someone asked me to post some of that nonsense. Here's a recent one:

"ohhhhhmg I would straight smash your vagina. no foolin. like hard deep sex all night. anyways...so whassup"

Blocked! (Did he seriously expect me to respond to him? And I really wonder what he thought I would say back...)

too many ppl ask if the person who wrote that was black. He was WHITE!! and MOST of the guys that send me trash mail are WHITE. BLACK men are usually gentlemen, at least with me. If they say something sexual, it tends to be in a humorous or complimentary way, not in the typical white man's 'I plan to rape u' way. I think you all need to see things a little more clearly... White men are doing a whole lot of damage out there, they just do it when no other guys are looking so they can pretend they're not like that... Someone told me it just sounds like something a black guy would say... NOT AT ALL... It sounds like something 'white trash' would say (not implying that all white people are trash either, just guys like that)... You know, the kind of guy who feels no power in his own life and feels inferior to other men, so he tries to overpower women to pretend and convince himself he actually has some power...

ADD--> I'm not putting black men on a 'pedestal', as someone suggested. There are losers of every race, nationality, and color out there... I just happened to notice a difference in the way men misbehave... and I am definitely generalizing based on race, but these generalizations have come out of my own experiences; they have not been brainwashed into me... I have friends of all nationalities/races/sexual orientations, and my dating world has seen the same...it's not racism- it's culturally learned different approaches... (Some of which need to stop!)

Here's a brand new one I thought you might like to read:
"I just really want to suck your pussy til you squirt and drink it all up then take that pussy to pound with my 8" cock and make you beg for more"

Lol... I can't help but laugh... I mean it's so stupid... Kinda comes off as a desperate fool really... Don't you think?... Someone should start a parody/joke list... "What's the best trashy message you can come up with to send a girl?" He should totally get a job pretending to be a girl on a sex chat line- he'd make so much money with that dirty mouth.

Lol... Boys beware, and stop letting ur ego keep u naive... A guy told me a lotta girls ask for nude photos. Those aren't girls!! Those are fake profiles of gay men pretending to be women, and people collecting photos for gay porn sites! Don't give it up that easily boys- ur easy prey!!

(Lol...how many of you are now wondering where those naughty photos u sent are going to...uh-oh! Now u gotta cruise gay porn sites to see if u can recognise ur junk!!)

Another thing I'm thinking about... Why most guys profiles on here seem to be set up to impress other men, not women... You guys really don't know what women want, do you!?!? That's prolly the root of your whole problem of men and women... (stop listening to men who tell you what women want - they're messing with you!)

ADD --> Why guys wanna write you in a first message that they're worth millions...? So trashy and classless to approach a woman like that - insinuating we're gold-diggers that can be bought - it's offensive... Besides, if you're looking for a woman who's putting money as a priority, then there's another dating site for that... Yes, of course everyone likes money, but if that's the 'hook' it's weak as heck... If you do have millions, save that reveal for the third date.
On a typical Friday night I am
...asking men on this site to send me naughty pics so I can sell them to gay porn sites ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Lol... I think there's already too much in the OKCupid tests *blush*

I think the sexiest thing about men is the sound of their voice... And it's lovely because, no matter how old they get, it will always be beautiful.
You should message me if
... if you want to. I do welcome and appreciate any polite first messages, just as I'm not offended by a stranger saying hi or offering a compliment. I think its kind and outgoing, which I admire. (But, uh, if all you write is "hi"... I guarantee you that I will not write you back and likely not even look at your profile cuz... why would I?)

You should read this article about why women don't write you back first though... It's truthful...lol...I love the part about 'McSmartyPants' cuz that happens to me all the time and it drives me batty... ugh!...
(You might hafta copy-paste the links... the site seems to block direct linking sadly...)

...You're a GENTLEMAN and not just looking for a HOOKUP. I NEVER Exchange NUDE photos, do phone/internet SEX, or get involved with someone who's already MARRIED. Don't ask me what I'm looking for- I'll assume you're just looking for CASUAL SEX. I'm NOT, so no need to try to 'discreetly' figure that out. [Apologies, this paragraph is the direct result of some of the INAPPROPRIATE messages I've already wasted time reading. ]

... Now let me elaborate on that, cuz it has come to my attention that the previous paragraph is easily taken TOO literally...Lol... We're ALL human... EVERYONE is capable of anything under the right circumstances... I guess I'm not really looking or hoping for anything from this site... But in my real life, I don't restrict myself from getting physical when its the right person for me, but what I don't want is guys constantly writing me dirty hookup messages, like : "how hard do u like it", "what's ur favorite position", "my gf found ur profile and got wet, so she asked me to get u to join us"... yadda, yadda... I'm not a breathing SEX TOY, and I'm not a warm place you can ejaculate in and flush like a HUMAN TOILET... I'm much more interested in human CONNECTION that leads to intimacy... I can have a fling as easily as the next person, but I only choose to when it will be meaningful and memorable... This connection that is so important for me, just doesn't happen often. I wish it did... I'm envious, at times, of girls who go gaga over every guy that walks by... I feel like I'm missing out.. lol... It just doesn't work that way with me... It's only a rare bird that seems to catch my attention... and I can't even tell you what it is that gets me, other than one thing I fall in love with has something to do with the sound of his voice. Honestly, I only meet about one guy a year (if that) that I feel some genuine interest in getting to know on a dating level...

Anyway, on another note, if you do write... Please don't comment on the length of this profile. It's here for those who look for substance. It's kinda RUDE to insinuate that you DESERVE a response or some kind of special recognition for having read this. It was never obligatory... It was a GIFT... of me showing a side of myself publicly to strangers.. please RESPECT that.

... Plz don't write me in any other language than English, as the only language I'm concerned whether you speak fluently or not is ENGLISH... cool if you do speak other languages, it's just not that important for a personal relationship...

Omg... I can't believe you made it this far!? I would never have read this much until after a few messages back and forth! Lol ;-) I dunno though - maybe it makes you one of the good ones ;-)

Well, I have nothing of my own left to add for now, but here's a great article about how to keep yourself out of the "friendzone". You should read it. If you already know all this (which is unlikely for most of you), then surely you have a friend who could use the enlightenment...


ADD... Thought I'd add a link of the closest thing I could find to what women want cuz I recently read an article in a men's magazine about what women want... it was utter BS and clearly linked to the root of why men don't know... First, don't listen to other men... They don't know! And if they do know, they like to throw off the competition with more BS. Men's magazines... Lol... Just cuz they know how to sell a magazine to men does not mean they know ANYTHING about women... Here's some realistic, good advice from my point of view. (I agree with at least 80% of it.)


Another good article:

The only thing the first article misses out on is 'connection' or 'emotional intimacy'. If you have all the rest, you will be respected and cared about, but connection and emotional intimacy is the fuel that starts something special up...

Not that we don't want the things that men think we want, like money, toned muscles, confidence, success, athleticism, intelligence, looks, humor, etc... But, I think those are all pretty much "cherries on top" for experienced women. If u sell yourself purely on 'cherries', I think you'll attract immature, superficial, and crazy girls...