64 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
*# FALL 2015 - My boat is on the Manatee River at Palmetto. My three sons and their families are in Washington State. I am completing my third cycle between the coasts (they say the open road helps you think, about where you've been and where you're going) and looking forward to achieving a balance of sorts but with the majority of time on "the left coast" ... global warming is making it a better option. ;-) I have reset my location to Portland, OR, as I will be returning and remaining there at least through the coming winter. Really, where I am is less important than who I'm with! #*

I have known great love, great loss, and ill-timed great potential. I am looking for my second, and last, great love.

Fit and active, even allowing for a strong lazy streak. Some baggage but it fits under the seat in front - and if we didn't have some baggage we would have been standing still all of our lives, wouldn't we? Financially stable. Clever enough to pass for mature most of the time. Honest. Monogamous. Loyal. Devoted. Smart but not always wise - more trusting than might be wise. Sometimes oblivious.

Getting to a partnership is the goal. Touch and the journey rather than the ending are the reward. Very easy to talk with and I will be your biggest fan and supporter, without question or reserve. Talk is the best aphrodisiac. Candles and massage and exploration, devotion and always the quiet reassurance of absolute, unquestioned, and unquestioning love.

Yes, I like to hold hands, walk in the moonlight, ride a bike in the daylight, play golf, tennis, billiards, even bowl, or watch a black-and-white movie just to sit side-by-side and toss popcorn at each other's mouth, take hot showers alone or better together, just because it's fun. I have a low sense of modesty and touch is very, very important along with everything it leads to.

I don't hunt and never learned to fish. I love the magnitude and peace of the water. Really, the key isn't what it is that you are doing with your special person, your partner, it is that you are still making and protecting the time to be together even in the face of the numbing crush of just everyday life. I lean toward traditional family roles though I have no trouble taking a more dominant role to honor, protect, and guide if that fits the dynamics of the relationship.

A real partnership should be interdependent, not dependent nor independent. Traditional partner roles are a starting point. A woman to treasure and protect should be modestly proud of feeling that she is attractive, in all ways, should speak her mind without being cruelly honest, and know when nurturing and compassion are the only medicine necessary. She must believe, and act, that love can endure. She understands that "the finer things" in life don't require an American Express card. She is smart, with her own life, and yet has a gap that I can fill, just as she will fill mine.

And, I am four years older than my public-facing age - at least chronologically if not behaviorally. The brief introductions we have here are all about marketing so I hope you will forgive the nudge to you to stop by and read a bit. Really, this text is just backdrop - meeting is the key.

Stay well.
What I’m doing with my life
At the beginning and at the end of the day it's all about people and how we know and interact with and enjoy them.

I am transitioned away from full time work (open to some part-time contract work in my field), jettisoning a house, and deciding not where I want to spend my next years but searching for the person with whom those years should be spent.
I’m really good at
Some stuff; okay at other stuff; not so good at what remains. Lets explore our fit.
The first things people usually notice about me
The easy smile and the empathy in my eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Les Miserables - we should agree right now that Victor Hugo's novel is the greatest work of literature in recorded history! The Bourne series; the books are better than the movies. Casablanca is the greatest movie ever filmed. Phantom of the Opera. Good Night and Good Luck. The Notebook (I know.) The Tappet Brothers; Prairie Home Companion. NCIS. Most music forms. The Beatles; Dave Mathews; Simon and Garfunkel; Michael Buble; Beyoncé; Keith Urban; Blake Shelton; Taylor Swift; Rascal Flats. Pretty basic and boring American food; seafood - lobster and shrimp, always better are the places where the locals go to eat without fanfare or publicity.
The six things I could never do without
Adaption is what life is all about. Things I'd like to have around. Internet access (1) and a computer (2); for my solace, though I don't play more than once every couple of months, golf equipment and a demanding course - though I'd trade for the right partner (3) and (4) ; someone whose smiles neither of us wants to live without (5); the respect of my three grown sons (6); and, something else I'm not thinking of right now - I'm not that good with rules and I like to keep options open (7). :-) But really, "things" can be done without. The only requisite I could not give up is my curiosity.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Way, WAY too eclectic to list. I am either a raging concrete-random or marginally recovering ADD. And, I like it that way. I am currently trying to reason whether there is anything really (!) more intimate that two people can do...than kissing. And, I wonder why SO many people need to say here that they "love to laugh" - does anyone hate to laugh?
On a typical Friday night I am
It's hard to note a pattern lately.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
What I'll admit to here (which is all that the question really asks people) is that I usually - but not always! - straighten the corners on the bills in my wallet...and why so many more either can't read this question or are somehow terrified to reveal anything?
You should message me if
Given that you've read the text, more than one thing in the text resonates, and somewhere in your spirit you feel that you'd like to...