60Palm Desert, United States
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My self-summary
I am seeing someone right now.....

I hope u like energy, because, Here I come!! I love life and people. Everyone has a great story to tell, no matter where they are from and what they do.....I LOVE that! What an awesome book that would be!!

I have been in the nursing and X-ray profession most of my life and love it dearly. There is nothing more rewarding to be part of helping people in need. I have seen the worse and the best and it has made me appreciate life and health more than anything, including, material things, money or glorifying yourself. It is all about your outlook on life and the ones you adore.

Every new place I see, I am in awe...I want to meet new people and make good, great friendships and meet someone I could pamper and grow with.

I love to spoil my man! Cooking a great meal and watching him enjoy it to the fullest. I love cooking with him, too! Trying new recipes and a lot of times just making them up as we go, listening to music and dancing with a great glass of wine or whatever hits our fancy. Giving each other tastes of our new found food and hoping we can actually get to the point of sitting down and enjoying it!! Home is HOME,,,,work is work.

I want that someone, I cant wait to see when they are away from me and that will give me, 'butterflies', when I see him.

I love to joke around and have great conversations and laughing till it hurts. I can be, too silly, at times, but, hey, we all still have the kids in us. (I forever will!) and can find humor in everything, just about.....I am an extrovert....love going to new, out of the way places, art openings and shows, live performances and meet and interact with new people and different cultures. Book stores old or new, I could stay for hours at a time.

I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing (yes fishing and I will bait my own hook)! Gardening, walking for hours along the coast, with maybe a picnic, fresh flowers on the table and a beautiful garden in my yard.....I am a hopeless romantic!!!! I LOVE playing chase and running in the rain from one shelter to the another with someone I truly love to be with, a great friend or someone very special!! I cant pass a beautiful fountain without wishing on a coin!

I don't watch TV very much, as I want to fill me head, only, with joy and beautiful thoughts. Keep your mind healthy. I love board games, yes that too and BOO HOO to those who don't.
If there is anything I need to see in the news, it is the newspapers or the Internet and I choose to see it, on my own, on my laptop.

I am a total movie buff, hence, my son's future, he is my life. The sun rises and sets on him and my family. Life is about JOY, not the negative things in life. I am into REALITY in life! Reality shows are the, biggest, WASTE of our time. We must use, OUR TIME, to enhance and better our lives.....as it is SO short!

I am compassionate, loving, and outgoing! I must warn you sometimes if I start laughing it may be a chore to get me to stop!!!!
What I’m doing with my life
Focusing....Life is what u make it!

I am starting a new chapter in my life, independent, spontaneous and adventurous. I am getting grounded, as they say, but looking for adventure and seeing new places.

I am starting on a new path. I am in the process of writing a Children's book based on a true story and have a couple of scripts in the making, as I have been in the film industry along with my son who, now, lives in Venice Beach in the film Biz. It is very hard
I really loved Monterey and Pacific Grove, but it was time for a change after four years. I have moved to Palm Desert and 2day,
Sunday, is my first week here. I have sun everyday...all day and I am a Southern East coast transplant, I will love the heat. I can always jump in the pool to chill!!
I’m really good at
Kissing and cuddling. Loyalty and loving to the fullest. I am a very patient person, and take each day....day by day, as u never know who will come into your life. Things happen for a reason. I am good at being myself..no false fronts. I love taking care of people, helping them when I can. I am nurturing to a fault!!

Cooking! Laughing, joking and just being plain silly and of course dancing!!!

I am a touchy, feely person who loves hugs for no reason. I love long passionate kisses as that will be the first SPARK that has to be there before it will work. Chemistry is like a MAGNET and it will be hard to turn back. Loving and sharing it all. Giving to one another is a two way street, 100%/100%!!

Looking sexy going out and still looking good dressing down. I am, really, good at dancing, it releases tensions at the end of the day.... I have to say that is a major love in my life and will dance at home or out on the town, the rest of my life! It is all about getting, lost, in the music. It releases your inner beauty and lets you go with the flow. Everything turns gray around you except for the one you are with!!
The first things people usually notice about me
Usually, my eyes, hair and of course my size. I am 5'1" and weigh about 109#s. which, I Love.....it is great for cuddling and giving massages, etc! I love a guy who can, pick me up and throw me over his shoulder, piggy back rides and sitting on their shoulders so I can see the show!! (Dancing keeps u flexible)!!

One thing people wonder about me, when they see me, is my ethnic background and it keeps them guessing......!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I totally, love, most music, Coldplay, Dave Mathews, Dido, Snow Patrol, Band of Horses, White Lies, Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie, Radiohead, Gliss, John Mayer, Cranberries, Fatboy Slim, Strokes, White Stripes, Everlast, Artic Monkeys, Shane Meade and the Sound, Pink, Beck, Nelly Furtado, Shakira....the list goes on and on and can always squeeze in some 80's. Do not care for Rap or Heavy Metal

I love songs that can take you into your own heart. It is a healing process and you learn from it. I can cry over a song or movie in a minute.....as feelings, come from the heart.

I love fantasy books, that take you outside of the world that we do not see.....underground, in the sea, or space....things, that we do not know, about, but want to. I want to know what dogs, cats, horses, really talk about and would love to know how to get into their intellect, and what they are saying to each other....that is such a mystery!

If you are into the arts and short films (Indies), 'The Director Series', is a must, with Spike Jonz and Micheal Chondrey, etc....it is awesome!

One thing I have to admit, I am highly allergic to Dogs, Cats and cigarettes (which is a CURSE on me, as I love animals).
Sorry, Guys.

My favorite food is, seafood....the food of the, Gods!
Six things I could never do without
Breathing fresh air/nature
Making new Friends
Romance/passion/lasting love
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to make myself, my life better, my family, and what on earth would I do without them!
On a typical Friday night I am
It depends on my mood after a long week. If I do not go out on Fri night, I may have a friend over or just get ready for a great Sat and Sun!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The. 'operative', word here. is, 'private'.
You should message me if
You are, truly, yourself.....compassionate, a great conversationalist who has a great sense of humor
and passion. That includes PDA!!

Have beautiful days......as, every day is music....
The two of us