37Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
I seem to have done a bunch of weird things in the last few years -
and that seems to be the primary recent constant. I take impromptu trips around the world where I have done things like dog sledded near the Arctic Circle and sand-boarded near Lima, Peru. I have cuddled with lions near Buenos Aires and was felt up by a wife while her husband was taking pictures in a Singaporean aquarium. I seem to be well loved by children across the world - being approached by Vietnamese children in Lenin Square in Hanoi, Korean girls in Seoul and Japanese girls in Kyoto - where they ask to take pictures with you. I just bought an impromptu ticket to Zurich at 2am on 5/18/17. I am unsure what I want to see there (or why Zurich)- so feel free to send me suggestions.

I am a formerly divorced pharmacist, lawyer, teacher and entrepreneur who is trying to volunteer at the blind library.

I value my personal life above all else and believe that in the work life balance - my work enables my life, and while work is important - it doesn't define me, my interests or how I relax!!

Reading the ladies profiles on here, I seem to have learned that the following are mandatory - and I dont have most of them:

A) I apologize that I don't have the required shirtless, 6-pack pic in my profile. It partly has to do with the lack of a camera that can take pictures of non existent six packs. I blame technology

B) I also deleted my apparently required - "cuddling with tiger/lion" photo. If this is necessary - please let me know, the appropriate pictures may be produced on request.

C) I also don't have a picture with my car. I am told that this is a standard "must have" in male profiles - so my fervent apologies. Admittedly, I don't check out male profiles, so I cant confirm.
What I’m doing with my life
1. I have had multiple book chapters in multiple books and and am currently actively writing a book on bioethics.

2. Discovering that people give their heights with shoes on (I just saw some basketball player do that)... so does that makes me 6'4"? (Yeah, I am that elusive guy who actually is over 6 feet tall)

3. Wondering whether Walt Whitman was thinking of online dating when he wrote "Are you the new person drawn toward me?"

4. Wondering why all the OKC women are trying to learn how to play the guitar!

5. Getting quoted in the Boston Globe and other national/international magazines for my expertise.

6. I saw all 3 original star wars for the first time on 5/2/16. I get it - its a tad campy (as was Star Trek) but its a totally different feel on the genre. I like it.

7. Preferring Captain Janeway over Picard AND Kirk. Yes, you read that right!!
I’m really good at
---- admitting my incredibly bad voice. (I have had multiple singing teachers disappear on me)
The first things people usually notice about me
Apparently I have "deep eyes" (No idea what that means)
Also -- my boobs -- wait... (if you hang out with me, this is the sort of terrible sense of humor that awaits you)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
1. Movies: Lord of the Rings, Matrix, most superhero movies (though both, the Superman movie and the Superman v Batman movies were disappointments - Deadpool was fun, and they did a lot more with it than I thought they could - but it got far more praise than it deserved.);
2. "New Classic" Comedies - Office Space, Ted;
3. TV Shows: Brooklyn 99, Archer, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black; Venture Brothers; the League
4. Book reading was off the table for a while. Luckily, audiobooks are helping. Recent books have included the Rosie Project, Bourne Betrayal (who knew there were more Bournes) and Ready Player One. I tried working through "The Emperor of All Maladies" since I want to write a book myself but reading about the history of Cancer is simply not my idea of a good time.
Six things I could never do without
A. My annual backpacking trip though a new part of the world. Every year, I allege that I dont need it - and then about 6 months in - I itch to leave the country.

B. Hearing people speak words I understand. South America was amazing to travel through, but I don't understand spanish -- so I really need to hear English often enough.

C. Hearing and understanding all sides of a discussion. Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I am right - I could simply value things differently and I think it's paramount that I understand why we disagree.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Intersectional metaphysics --- nah --- I am not that deep ;) I usually wonder why people think farts are funny.
On a typical Friday night I am
Being an entrepreneur. Turns out - that job never stops!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dont like watching sports. I like "playing" sports. I was a national medallist in a combat sport (in 2 countries) -- feel free to ask which one. On the plus side - I discovered that I can still win in fights with people fighting at the national level.
You should message me if
1. You like watching superhero movies - if you do too, tell me which movies you are excited about. (I am looking forward to Wonder Woman - but Justice League worries me)

2. I am not one of the people who understands art by looking at it. So, it would be great if you like going to museums and can explain why the art I am looking at is significant.

3. You have an opinion on either of the following:
(i) Which of the following best accompanies an evil laugh:
A. Minions
B. Unusually bad acting
C. A persian cat with unusually long hair
D. A horrible childhood resulting in you having super powers that you use to lash out against the world
E. A weird scar over most of your face
F. A ballgown
G. Nothing, I expect you to die Mr. Bond

(ii) . You can answer the following correctly:
Which of these shows is the natural successor to Seinfeld: (and why):
A. Its always Sunny in Philadelphia
B. The League
D. Arrested Development
E. The Big Bang Theory

4. You like texting and getting to know each other and then actually meeting.

5. Someone who responds to questions, then asks questions herself - you know - like an interesting/interested person who wants to have a conversation.
The two of us