35 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
i am a fun-loving, passionate person with creative ambitions and lofty dreams but few real accomplishments (maybe because I love fun so much). i care deeply about people and, possibly because of that, people can really piss me off. we can be so great and so horrible to each other, so insightful and so full of shit. i love nature, art of all kinds (although phony art really irritates me), sports, and games. i like to laugh. i really enjoy eating out and watching movies in the theater. I like long walks in the woods, live music, meaningful and unpretentious conversation, bike rides, bar-hopping (although i'm starting to drink less as i age), sailing on boats of any kind. i love road trips and travel in general.

UPDATE 4/17: I just quit drinking two weeks ago. This was a long time coming for me and I can sense that it's an important decision for my future. I am not at all morally opposed to drinking and in fact love doing it a little too much. So I don't mind if you do and I am around people who are drinking often, so that's not a big deal for me. Just thought i'd let you know.
What I’m doing with my life
Just finished putting together a travel zine featuring stories and photos from around the world. Procrastinating setting up the release party on the 21st. Not good at self-marketing. I write songs in my head and once in a while I sing one out loud.

Enjoying people. Trying to understand social and economic problems on personal and larger scales.

I am a poker dealer and a decent player who requires more discipline.

4/17: this profile is a little outdated. We did have that release party, but i still didn't follow through on the magazine project as completely as I should have. That is one of my goals for this transition i am experiencing: follow through on shit. Like Big Boi said: "Ya gotta be the finisha"
I’m really good at
writing about the things i care about. music. drawing. problem solving. understanding people. appreciating food. having a good time.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
everything is illuminated, the ground beneath her feet, the god of small things, hardboiled wonderland and the end of the world. one flew over the cuckoo's nest, to kill a mockingbird, goodbye chunky rice

tarrantino, the coen brothers, wes anderson, scorcese, charlie kaufman, hayao miyazaki. the dark knight, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, apocalypse now, pirates of the caribbean, waking life, the big lebowski, oldboy, the lord of the rings, star wars 4-6.

the wire, game of thrones, adventure time, the sopranos, weeds, curb your enthusiasm, arrested development, parks and recreation, lonesome dove. breaking bad. the first three seasons of community.

outkast, radiohead, arcade fire, modest mouse, typhoon, menomena, nurses, the pixies, the replacements, the white stripes, the xx. emancipator, david starfire. kanye, even if he says some really dumb shit. I like taylor swift, too. wiz khalifa, j. cole, kendrick lamar, childish gambino. Anything that has soul. Anything that is honest and feels the heartbeat of everything.

thai, mexican, peruvian, middle eastern. i need to find some good sushi places. i need to find more places. i like korean burritos. would be cool to find someone I could try out restaurants with.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to make myself better. the universal problems: love and money. how people could make the world better with just a few small shifts in perspective and action. neuroplasticity. synergy. synesthesia. pretty colors.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing poker or nerdy board games, watching sports, karaoke. I secretly like to dance.

4/17: as a vestige of my sprawling drunken masterpiece of a shitshow, i have no ID. so i can't get into most bars at the moment, which is fine unless you want to meet at a bar and it isn't one of the handful where everyone knows me.

I'm open to atypical Fridays, too. I kind of want one. I kind of need one.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Oh whatever. If we become tight you will know all my shit. Otherwise, we are just not tight like that.
You should message me if
you want to have a good time. i've been in a few serious relationships, and although that is what i deeply want and am ultimately looking for, right now i'm not ready for that or seeking it. just want some good company to do fun things with and enjoy some of those awesome shining moments.

4/17: eh, the real shit is starting to sound better and better. even if i'm busy trying to evolve from "hot mess" to "now that's a man who has his shit together."