42Bristol, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
A nerd, trying to be a cool guy, who is a geek.
I am kind of normal, in a sensible and sane sort of way, just not ordinary. l am perfectly happy being properly single.
l am not going to lie, and pretend l go sky-diving, mountain-biking or rock-climbing (my life isn't a bodyform commercial), I don't, never have, never will, go to a gym, and I've never been snowboarding. l used to skateboard, but my knees can't take it anymore. And believe it or not I have never DJed once and doubt I ever will (OK, so I used to play guitar in a band a long time ago, I'm allowed one or two cliches right?) I'm not into travelling. Some people think it's shocking to others that they don't own a TV, well, I don't own a passport. I have diabetes and I really need to know what is in what I'm eating which means I very very rarely eat out. When it comes to tattoos, I have none, and have no real opinion of them. I know, that's everything that everyone does. I also don't take photos of myself naked, or with drugged up animals or dead fish. Never voted Tory. And finally, being called, or calling someone else "Babe" makes my skin crawl. So there's that in my favour, right?
At the moment l like to have my friends around (hopefully for the company and not just the awesome cups of tea and top-class entertainment) and watch tv, a movie, play a game, listen to the radio (radio 4-6), read comics, drink coffee, cook a meal, look out of the window and sleep.
House parties are great but night clubs are hell on earth. l don't like snobs (so if you think you're better than other people because you shop at M&S, you're not) double standards and hypocrites.
I like to make small things and l like conversions where l can quote movies. I have my political opinions, and I'm more of a satirist than an activist.
You know, like l said, normal (for a fully grown up adult man who loves Star Wars, comics and old video games) in a non-mental way.
Ready for a list? I laugh at; Stewart Lee, Steve Coogan, Josie Long, Rich Hall, Rich Herring, Spinal Tap, Arrested Development (I like that band too), Archer, South Park, Seinfeld, the Bugle, Curb, the Trip (to Italy),Parks and Rec,Legit, Rev, and you get the idea. More lists later.
What I’m doing with my life
whatever l want, whenever l want (money and distance permitting).
Mostly Netflix
Bought myself a lovely new guitar recently, and I'm spending s bit a time getting the hang of it again.
Although my life is fine and comfortable, I've become restless and bored with it, so, time to change shit up.
I’m really good at
Listening, and then remembering what was said (something non of my friends can do) knowing useless things on pointless subjects, self deprecation, Mario Kart and guitar hero. Turns out I'm pretty good at baking, cakes and cookies I've discovered are my specialty. l am pretty entertaining to have around, l think.
The first things people usually notice about me
My mancunian accent, my sweet style, and my sense of irony. Or, just how damn chilled l am / appear to be. l think it is much more important what you leave people thinking of you, than first impresions. l leave my friends with a big smile on their faces
My best friend said I smell like cake, a few days ago. It's the nicest things anyone has ever said to me!!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have been a geek way longer than it's been cool, so l like all the quality geeky stuff (not Lord of the thrones, new transformers etc). The films l like are: Star Wars OT, Serenity, Eagle vs Shark, Scott Pilgrim, Hunting the Wilderpeople, Kick-Ass (the comic is awesome too), District 9, Mirrormask, every film from Marvel studios, What We Do in the Shadows, Evil Dead, REC 1 and 2, Devils Rejects, almost anything with zombies. And grown ups films too like; the Skin l Live in (in which l live), Submarine, Saftey not Guaranteed, Robot and Frank, almost any Coen bros (Intolerable Cruelty is dog turd "Am l wrong?") Shane Meadows. Just saw Nebraska which is wonderful, and also saw John Dies At The End (which is now on Netflix) and that's like a Christopher.Nolan film with a sense of humour. I recommend you watch them both, when you're done reading all this waffle. .

My TV is not connected to cable or an aerial, I watch the Internet and play games there. On that TV, l watch YouTube, WWE network, Netflix and Showbox for drama, comedy, documentaries and a lot of pro wrestling from all around the world.
To be specific, here's another list: Dr Who, Misfits, Horizon, Veep, Silicone Valley my new favourite show Atlanta, Scream Queens, Broad City, From Dusk till Dawn, Fargo, Orange is the new Black, Sons of Anarchy, Westworld, Ash vs Evil Dead, the Wire (should go without saying), the Shield, the Walking Dead (loosing my interest lately though), Luther, Only Connect, Troy and Ahbed in the Morning, Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Legit, Bravest Warriors, Adventure Time the Regular show, and on and on I could go.
Too much music for me to remember, let alone list. but if it helps, in no particular order, stuff like; Nick Drake, Smashing Pumpkins, blur, Curtis Mayfield, Stone Roses, Talking Heads, Primal Scream, AC/DC, Loreta Lynn, Beastie Boys, basicly the music played on bbc 6music and the comedy shows of radio 4 and 4 extra. See, it is possible to describe music tastes without using The word "eclectic"
l like to read comics, my favourite writers are Mark Millar, Robert Kirkman and Brian Michael Bendis, Alan Moore is over rated and Frank Miller can't write dialogue. Or non-fiction, Jon Ronson and pop science stuff (l used to work in the nonfiction section of a bookshop, so l know my books) l have never never read or watched any Harry Potter, because magic is cheating.
Six things I could never do without
Telly, - My favourite waste of time. There is alot of snobbery about tv. Which l feel is unjustified. With alot of very well made shows on the air now. Also, is reading a shit book any better than watching shit tv? I need a TV to play all my video games on
Kettle - Have you ever had a kettle break? Its then that you realise what gadgets are most used
Tobacco - because it's more-ish
Crisps - all the flavours. all the crisps. all the crisp flavours.....
Insulin - lve been diabetic since l was 6. So l won't be pinching any of your chocolate or cakes.
Decaffinated coffee - l drink coffee all day long, and used to wonder why l was shaking so much. l switched to decaff, and now l drink coffee all day long without my spine spasming.
l suppose l should put the standard family & friends answer, but l haven't seen any of my family for over nine years (bloody emigrants) and l have managed fine.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether people actually go for country walks, or if its just dating site bollocks. Why do people bother writing that they like having fun and laughing, everyone does, nobody doesn't. Whats thinking? Oh yeah, trying to remember what l was just thinking about. Why are fairycakes now called cupcakes? Who would win a fight, Superman or Wolverine? If moths like wool so much, do they hunt and eat sheep? Why are records now called vinyl?
What else has that guy been in before? Why am I still doing this? Are you still reading this? Where is that buzzing coming from? And whats on the other channles? Why did l come into this room again? How stupid, are people? When did spelling ability become a personality trait? What exactly, "romantic drug use" is?
On a typical Friday night I am
Staying in, with Netflix, being loud; it is the new going out. Whatever that means
Unless one of my friends asks me out, then I'll probably go out. But that hardly ever happens...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I chose to be single a long time ago and now I haven't got a clue how to flirt. It just sounds so condescending, and l feel like a total dick if l try. It's a very fine line between romantic and creepy, and I'm not entirely sure which side I fall. So l don't flirt anymore, and l am completely oblivious to it when (on the rare occasions) it happens to me. Go on try it.
It doesn't help that I have a naturally sarcastic sounding voice. No matters how sincere I'm being, it just always comes out sounding like I'm taking the piss.
You should message me if
If you have seven evil exs that l must defeat in combat before we can be together. Can you help me decide on what dog would be best to live with me and where to get one from.
Maybe you'd like to thank me for an awesome recommendation, or even better, you have one for me. Or you want a civilised, yet childish conversation about any of the stuff you just read, in person. You feel like some "romantic drug use", whatever that is.
You don't think personality is defined by holiday destinations, or height, I never knew that one was so important to so many of you (turns out science did, it's genetics, you can't help it, so that's alright) .
And finally, my obligatory grammatical qualifier: you must know the difference between, to, 2, too and two.(do I have to point out that I'm being ironic.... again)

In all seriousness, this whole profile is basically a message and invite to you, to message me with your thoughts. I suck at starting conversation, but give me a prod and I'll join in. I hope to hear from you soon!!

Thanks for making it all the way to the end (unless you skipped, like l do!!)
The two of us