55Boise, United States
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My self-summary
I used to get in trouble for digging into the unopened cereal boxes to get at the 'prize' so, if you're ever buried in a pile of Wheaties, don't worry, I'll get you out!

I'm studying with a Dr. in San Francisco who has her PHD in Positive Psychology. She developed a program called The Happiness Makeover/Positive Leadership Program. Working with her was a game changer for me and I look forward to adding teaching this program and helping people lead happier more positive lives to my repertoir.
What I’m doing with my life
Living it. Making real friends. Thinking real ideas. Learning. Living. Loving. Going places where only mother nature can hear you scream. Dreaming of the spiral arms of the milky way. Wading in the silver reaches of the estuary. Letting it all hang out. Wearing my heart on my sleeve. Spelunking the dark corners of just about anything. Reinventing the wheel. Reinventing myself. Claiming flotsam and jetsam. Experiencing everything in moderation -including excess. Seeking truth in advertising. Playing truth or dare. Searching for the next no holds barred off the map crazy down and dirty drinking out of the bottle stomping in puddles taking corners too fast hundred degrees in the shade kinda love.

I'm an artist and a healer and a little bit of a poet. I build stuff. I am experientially motivated and materially inspired.
I’m really good at
A lot of things. Really bad at others. I tend toward a high degree of commitment to whatever project I undertake. Once I've done it, i've done it... next. Part of my dyed in the wool Aquarian nature. I don't define myself by what I do yet what I do sometimes defines me.
The first things people usually notice about me
After the really long eyelashes... that I'm raw and genuine.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books... hmm the ones with words in them. Unless poor syntax and uninspired prose renders them unreadable. A few faves on the fiction front include Jeff Noon, Douglas Coupland, Margaret Atwood, Jeanette Winterson and MattRuff. Lately I've had less time for fiction. It's been a steady diet of evolving quantum philosophy. Try 'The Spiritual Universe' by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. Other books on my coffee table, Beyond the Breath', 'Whipping Girl', 'Rent Girl'. Cruddy I read years ago but I'd still recommend it to anyone.

Movies... I go by the motto: Any science fiction is good science fiction. other than that...Directors- Peter Greenaway, Jean Pierre Jeunet, the Cohen's, Katherine Bigelow, that aussie guy... specific films... that come to mind just now, Pumpkin, Northfork, Fifth Element, That cute one a couple years ago that was just the girls name but it was a double entendre....? Almost Famous, Kissing Jessica Stein, Serendipity, Tomb Raider, Underworld.... recently really enjoyed 'Insurrection'. Oh, and remember 'Vanilla Sky'? That was good. Most recently.. have you seen 'Sucker Punch'? Wow.

Music: Gothiccowpunkindustrialelectronicashoegazerariatoccattafolk-y. If you've never heard it on the radio, I'm probably listening to it. More beats than not lately. Trip hop, glitch hop, psyphy and melodic dubstep. Still love falling asleep to Mazzy Star or Cocteau Twins and Cat Power. But to get fired up gimme Revco or Bassnecter or Jantsen's glitchy breaks. Beats Antique covers all the basses of grooviness and Fever Ray takes me places. TIPPER!!! and really the whole bay area music scene is, well, just really really good! Also... I am a sucker for covers.

I love well prepared food and so many people do it so well in so many styles, but you really should come over for my o-toro tartare pillars with thai basil and lemongrass topped with caviar and flash pickled ginger served with a miso sake sauce. I make a mean pig in a blanket too. I endeavor to be more raw than not yet for a really comforting bowl of winter yumminess you can't go wrong with some dahl, squash and coconut milk. Though there is little that can compare to a piece of perfectly ripe fruit.
Six things I could never do without
Happiness, Compassion, Love, Wisdom, stuff like that.
Friends who love you even when you're a junk show.
Expressions like 'junk show'.
People who inspire me to be amazed by them, what they do, or both. I love everybody so you don't have to do nuthin 4 that
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The nature of things. How to work words like solipsism into mundane conversations. Alternate realities. Staying the (right?) course in this one. Past lives. How to become the best version of me in any situation. Seriously though, thinking will only get you in trouble... live in the moment and thought perishes. Thinking is overrated.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no 'typical' night for me. (nor am I in any way typical, although I do have certain tendencies which could group me into some larger definable demographic which kinda irks me because I really do like to think I'm one of a kind. Don't you!?! Horoscopes and enneagrams particularly bum me out on this level.) Back to the Fri. night thang-I could be rocking out at home or in a nightclub or reading or working or having dinner with friends or creating or meditating or conducting a Reiki session, procrastinating on one or all of the above.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was three my mom was sewing some trim on the bottom of my jeans to make them longer and she told me the fabric I wanted was 'girls' fabric. In response I sighed with petulant exasperation and said "But Mo-om, I was SUposed to be a GIRL!". Not much has changed since then and the upshot is I'm really fun to go shopping with. Well, there's more upshots but that's just one of them.
You should message me if
-You're a work in progress.
-You appreciate the austere beauty of deserts.
-You appreciate the opulent beauty of desserts.
-You understand that life is fluid.
-You're friends with a lot of your x's.
-The phrase 'ridden hard and put away wet' kind of excites you. And not because you're a horse person.
-You like to drive fast.
-You used to think that 'die young, stay pretty' was a pretty good philosophy, but now that you're a little older....not so much.
-you can read between the lines
-you are similarly non judgmental, open, loving, accepting and more than just generally happy.
The two of us