32 Indianapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I draw her in close I can feel what she's thinking, hold her so close to me I can feel her heart beating, is it me that she's seeing? Cause I see lust in her eyes, and I never kiss and not even to my closest guys yeah I bet that your surprised well baby girl don't be I'm a great lover good friend and a number one homie, the way my life is going I need me a female like the the ground needs grass or like the stars need the sky at night, a soul mate is what I'm mentioning with samsura's sea glissining one day when you hear of music greats I know the'll mention me...

Terry D McElvene J.R. A.K.A. A.O.K.
What I’m doing with my life
What I'm doing with my life waiting on something that feels right, am I a child of light or a creature of the night, here's my plight on first sight I seem quite withdrawn cause I'm a man who refuses to be even the universes pawn how do I become a king among men without lose'n presious friends if I'm gone for a while worry not ill come back again, I seem to roam aimless threw life I almost never think twice I'm a water sign I just flow threw life, I train my body to keep it strong I grow my hair to see it long if it becomes too important ill say fuck it and just cut it, what am I try'n to say it beats me anyway to fill in a slot on a sight ill tell what I'm doing with my life....

A.O.K. 12/15/11
I’m really good at
I'm good at knowing the truth even thow I haven't been told I'm good at acting timid even thow I am quite bold, I good at acting dumb over the phone I didn't want to spoil it but did you know that I'm a clervoyent, I didn't want to spiol it but its the curse of a genuis I have to prove most things because people don't belive it, I write all the poems that your reading I saw a girl on this site and my heart stoped beating I keep my head up because I'm a hood cat oh yeah I'm sopposed to be talking about what I'm good at... hehe that was fun...
By Terry D Mcelvene J.R. a.k.a. A.O.K.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first thing people notice aout me is my cool demener and I'm a good singer and when in my presense its hard to put a finger on what it is about me my smile my eyes sometimes I look somber and I don't walk I flot like steem in a sana, I'm sweet like a pama but hard like granet, get past my tough skin and ill be your pamagranet.
The six things I could never do without
Thing number one is I like to sit down and meditate because my mind is what I seek to elavate, two is singing a great voice is what I demenstraight,three is beer if I'm drinking you can hear from very far away its something I had to say moving on anyway, four is the game I play, I've cut down in a major way, but I still find myself play'n whole days away, five is my celly and six is the telly, I really think that ties with the food that goes in my belly

Lol god I'm bored

Tmac a.k.a. A.O.K.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about love and how its so alouf and what I sound like when I'm in the booth, or why I can't spell very well unless I type on my phone, or if I am an angle why won't god call me home, why do I see positive when people just kick me, why am I alone when I should be pimp'n, my body is great but my soul just quit limp'n, I'm not try'n to brag but I taste better than liptin, why I haven't left this town yet I don't know I'm just trip'n, find'n a woman that I can't do without that's what I spend my time think'n about...

This has been a TMAC revamp...
On a typical Friday night I am
Lately I've been recording music at a buddy of mines house if anyone wants to hear it holla at me my friends and I make killer music and its not always the gangsta shit we rap about enlightenment and meditation most of the time...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I hate my Life....
You should message me if
You should message if you think that I'm handsome or if your intersted in talking to a cancer, we can just talk about the weather or things to do together it don't matter to me I like to make you feel special, I can bring sunshine in the form of a letter, I'm just try'n to say I'm down for whatever, In conversation I'm a guy who can be quite clever, but when it comes to dating I'm really quite flexable, so just send me a message an we'll decide where next to go...

TMAC aka A.O.K