33Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
My name is Bryan and I was born and raised in Grants Pass, OR (southwest corner). I came out to Minnesota for college at St. Olaf and have been here ever since. Even though I sometimes miss mountains and rivers (with moving water), I have a great group of friends here and have developed an appreciation for Minnesota's four seasons.

For now I think I can give you the best picture of my personality with a bunch of random facts:

* I frequently make random comments which make perfect sense but only if you make the same 4-6 connections I did. It's kind of like seeing the first and last page of someone's Wikipedia browsing history. My friends have started to make a game of seeing who can be the first to figure out the jumps I made.

* I prefer nature to cities, if I were free to plan a trip anywhere I would take a week hiking and camping around in Denali. Next up would be the Amazon, Yellowstone, New Zealand, and the Serengeti. I'm not really a huge traveler but I could definitely see taking one of these trips every couple of years.

* I'm an introvert. That's not to say I'm shy, lack social skills, or will run and hide if asked to speak in front of a group (the opposite actually). It just means I occasionally need time alone to recharge my batteries on occasion.

* I don't like beer. My friends have made a concerted effort to find one I don't dislike and haven't found one yet. So it's liquor, wine, or mixed drinks for me.

* I don't have any tattoos, but if I were to ever get one it would be "Made in the USA" on the bottom of my right foot. I'm not extremely patriotic or anything like that, I just think it would be funny.

* You may notice a few parentheses in my profile. I tend to use them a lot in writing and even more when speaking. Sometimes I wish writing was three dimensional so I could properly represent tangential thoughts and asides.

* I apparently have a very dry sense of humor, to the point where some people have a problem recognizing when I'm joking and when I'm serious. The key is a deadpan delivery. Sarcasm, (bad) puns, wordplay, and general randomness are frequent parts of my repertoire as well.

* The greatest thing the Midwest has given me? The discovery of lawn games. I don't think anyone on the west coast even knows of the existence of games like bags, washers, ladder golf, or boccie but I think they are a lot of fun. Many a summer afternoon has been spent in my backyard playing various lawn games with friends.

* I am one of the most introspective people you will ever have the joy (or bewilderment/vague annoyance) of meeting. I will most likely have an answer if you ask me things like "Why would you do that?", "What would happen/you do if?", or "How could you think that?".

That's all for now but I will continue to add more as I think of them.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a programmer... your eyes are glazing over already. It's okay, I'm used to it. I love what I do and I'm damn good at it. That's enough for me. I just quit my consulting job to start my own business writing my own apps which is both scary and exciting.

Other than work I fix up (somehow manage to keep up with) my house and yard, read quite a bit, try to stay on top of news and some of the movies coming out, and hang out with friends.
I’m really good at
Coming up with random funny and/or satirical stories on a moment's notice.

Moving large and/or heavy objects.

Herding cats, aka getting opinionated, stubborn, and easily distracted people to do what I want/need. This applies equally well to other programmers and drunk people.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well I'm 6'4" and built like the football player I was so it's usually my petite frame...

Quite a few strangers have commented that I seem really calm.. I just don't see a reason to get upset about things I don't have the ability to change or get upset at people that are doing the best they can. That said, there are quite a few things that get me riled up, you just won't see them until I know you fairly well.

I know my habit of taking a random tangent and then jumping back to the conversation from a half hour ago as if the tangent never happened is pretty high up there too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I tend to read to escape from the real world or to further my career, so it's usually either technical/programming books or Science Fiction/Fantasy/YA. My (recent) favorites are Harry Potter, The Inheritance Cycle, the Hunger Games trilogy, His Dark Materials, or anything by Arthur C. Clarke or Issac Asimov. I loved 1984, Brave New World and a few others in that vein but I read those mostly so I know the things I should not do when I take over the world.

Movies: I have favorites in most genres but I tend to lean toward campy horror (Evil Dead), epic action (Gladiator), goofball comedies (Dodgeball), summer blockbusters, and occasionally a drama (The Green Mile) or romantic comedy (Arthur [the original, mostly because Hobson is hilarious]).

TV: I don't watch TV much but there are some shows I love - Dead Like Me, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, The Big Bang Theory, Firefly, Futurama, Chuck.

Music: I listen to most kinds of music. If it has a radio station devoted to it I probably listen to it. My playlists contain everything from rock to country to hip hop to pop with quite a few songs from other genres sprinkled in there as well. http://www.last.fm/user/SolaAesir if you're really curious.

Food: If they're made with real cheese nachos are the best food ever created. Mediterranean, most Asian, sushi, Italian, barbecue, and Cajun are all good too. I'll try most anything once.
Six things I could never do without
1. The internet
2. My strong group of friends
3. Background music
4. Something to chew on while I'm thinking. Straws, tall grass, toothpicks, or those disposable floss things usually work.
5. My phone (unfortunately, I couldn't manage to stay organized without it)
6. My hammock, because happiness is spending a half hour on a warm spring afternoon swinging gently in a hammock
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How can I possibly get everything done that I want to do without somehow copying myself? Note to self: Find a way to copy myself after my 5 other current projects are done.

What I would do if I ever got super powers? Would I use them for good, evil, or awesome? Right now the consensus (between me, my shoulder angel, and my shoulder devil) seems to be awesome with a small sprinkling of good. My shoulder devil is working on his one-handed handstands so he can put together a better argument.

Is it possible to build a system of ethics such that, given two (or n) courses of action, a person could determine which is the most ethical? Utilitarianism makes a decent attempt but there are too many situations where the utilitarian choice doesn't fit with what most people would feel to be the correct choice. The implications for government alone make it worth thinking about.

Would I take over the world if given the opportunity? How would I structure the resulting government to maintain the rights and freedoms I believe every person should have while still keeping the peace and security people need to thrive? How would I deal with regional and ethnic conflicts? Could we apply some of the solutions we get by starting from a clean slate to the current state of affairs to improve things in the real world?
On a typical Friday night I am
I'll usually have Friday night be fairly low key and have some friends over for drinks and cards/games/conversation/movies/etc. Then Saturday is the night I'll go out dancing, to a bar, a concert, or something like that. It's really more of a tendency though and there aren't usually any set plans.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
* Without modern medicine I probably would have died twice already.

* My beard grows in calico. On a related note, you won't be seeing me with a beard.
You should message me if
You should message me if you are intelligent (say, honor roll in high school), confident, and honest. You also shouldn't be a smoker (and never have been although an occasional cigar or pot is acceptable if you don't expect it to be a partner activity).

Or if you like to swing dance and would like a partner. I'm not great but I do enjoy it quite a bit. Ballroom dancing in general is fun but swing comes with excellent and fun music too.

Bonus points (definitely not required):
* Your match questions are public and some even have comments. (I've noticed the comments seem to show more of a person's personality than their frequently generic profiles).
* You're nearing 6 feet tall but really 5'6" is fine too. Much shorter than that starts to be a pain in the neck, literally.
* There's at least one XKCD comic where you've said "that's me!". #150 doesn't count because who wouldn't want to make an entire room into a ball pit?
* No matter what your beliefs are (religious, political, etc.), you have actually taken the time to figure out why you believe what you do.
The two of us