38 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
I recently heard a solid explanation of why time seems to pass at an accelerating rate as you age. Simple math with time as a percentage of overall years-lived. When you're 10, a year is 10% of your total life experience. When you're 40, a year is 2.5% of your total life lived. Are you buying it? Is this feeling of time-reeling-by universal or do you experience the opposite?
What I’m doing with my life
What am I doing with my life indeed?!? At the moment I build custom bicycles and work as a mechanic at one of the oldest, most amazingly disfunctional shops in the Bay. Prepping for the Trumpocalypse hoarding canned goods, ammo, hugs, books, friends.
I’m really good at
working with my hands, eating, driving far, fixing things, plotting and planning, riding no handed, procrastination, amateur used carsalesmanship, spotting bullshit, haggling, research, napping, picking an outfit and really sticking with it day in day out, forgetting to relax, relaxing,
The first things people usually notice about me
Who knows. Some chance (30%?) they notice I'm unintentionally mean-mugging no one in particular (bitchy resting face or whatever). Probably smiling though. High likelyhood of fidgeting. Grey/blond hair blue eyes.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Looking around my currently pared down book collection probably 50/50 fiction and non. Non-fiction: cookbooks, field guides I always forget to deploy, technical car/motorcycle/bike material, long outdated travel guides that make you pine for the good ole days (Afghanistan, New Orleans, Africa by Road, People's Guide to Mexico), dark conspiratorial stuff like Gary Webb on the CIA and crack. Gardening/hydroponic food production. Fiction: James Welch "Fool's Crow", Asimov, re-read Burroughs to see if he held up after all these years, Cormac McCarthy, bunch of Best American Short Story 20XX, Sherman Alexie, Salman Rushdie. Special mention for James Baldwin's "Another Country" so on point and depressing.

Movies: almost never watch anything new + Hollywood. Pretty much hate computergraphicaction in films.

Music: if you dislike hip-hop I can't see how we'd spend a ton of time in the car if I was DJ. Unless you wanted to handle DJ duties and play absolutely anything (except maybe pop country, techno or Disney Oriented boy bands.) I'm up for jazz, blues, bluegrass, various metals, classical, or whatever weird shit you can come up with. Went on a multi-month D'Angelo binge recently.

Food: focused on pleasure here
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Injustice, survival, ACAB, my privilege, maintaining routines, cleaning my apt, adventure, slowing down when I'm feeling reactive, how to be more kind in my interactions, the odds of ending up in this time and place, how to turn a dollar into two, eating, sex, eating, sex, water, air, war
On a typical Friday night I am
Almost certainly not at a bar (I wish I had bar(s) where I felt as comfortable as a good coffee shop). Friday is my Thursday so probably laying pretty low.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Voted (by me) most likely to sleepwalk and make open-face peanut butter and honey sandwiches (with some garlic on the bread before the PB&H gets laid down). Like wake up in front of the fridge doing prepwork.

I like to dance around like this seal in my spare time and twerk around the house doing the techno seal. See video.


I don't wear much clothes around the house given half a chance.
You should message me if
You want to get some coffee, or go for a bike ride, or drive until we get lost, eat somewhere new; you're a curious person, maybe equal parts adventuress and homebody. I'm trying both to be less judgemental and not be around judgemental people. I fail sometimes, but I really value when people walk in others shoes as a routine.

You should message me if you're OK with a big dude. If you're looking for a skinny man, much of any part of the body toned, visible abs etc; you won't find them at my place. If I could choose "husky as fuck", "hairy like animal" or "big-boneded" as a body type on here, I would. (Was getting naked with someone for the first time recently and got this gem: "Hairy tits...that's sexy...come here!).

I have a partner (who lives with another partner and splits their time between them and I). I wouldn't label myself "poly" (or label myself anything) though as I don't really have a hard conception of what my romantic life will look like in the future. I never really "hookup" and not really wired for the one night stand. I'm much more interested in getting to know people, hear their stories and pain and fears and joys.

Definitely down for some adventure and picknic type bike riding. I have a bike dubbed the Snakvagen and I'm not scared to use it.