56 Honolulu, United States
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My self-summary
Asian/Hawaiian 5'7" 160lbs. Divorced a long time ago. Kids are all grown. Active, Happy, Mature, Respectful, Gentleman. Seeking a real relationship and if not more friends doesn't hurt. I'm very happy and content with my life and would like to share with like person ... of the opposite sex of course LOL
What I’m doing with my life
I love my work and continue to learn and expand. It affords me time and enough money to travel 2 to 3 times a year. Love it! Always an adventure! Just came back from a trip that ventured 3 different islands for scuba, snorkeling and island hoping during the day and party with locals and tourist at night.
Life truly is, ones "perspective"! Through experience and knowledge I continue to expand my prespective of life and every living thing in this world. Makes life simpler and stress free.....Balance.
I’m really good at
Understanding different types of people and their personalities. I'm not trying to judge or change them, just try to understand and learn the good and bad, then apply it to myself to make my own self-adjustments. It helps in many ways good and bad.....prevent possible drama, improve his/hers/or my life..etc.
Also good at making people laugh and feel better about themselves.
(Can fix allot of things with my hands too, lol)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Next destination for travel!!!
Mostly Asia (been allot of places East of Hawaii )
You should message me if
If your mature-minded enough to look for the inside of a person more then the outside...and/or material things.
People cannot control Ethnicity (color), Height and sometimes, how much money they make. (They can,if they really want to, control their weight.) If these things like Race, color or height are the first thing you look for, then move on.
It's called superficial! I've read 5'3" women wanting 6' plus men. I can understand some women wanting their height or a little taller BUT? or looking for white or black men.....It's hard enough finding love, let alone, true love. Superficial people just make it way harder for themselves.