41Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
"why if you want the pleasure of concentrating on the final simplicity of excessive complication would you want any artificial aid to bring about that simplicity."
--gertrude stein

"...the signifieds butt heads with the signifiers,
and we all fall down, slack-jawed, to marvel at words,
while across the sky sheet the impossible birds,
with their steady, illiterate movement homewards."
--joanna newsom

"I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that." --cameron crowe via lloyd dobler

"when i see an adult on a bicycle, i do not despair for the human race."
--h.g. wells
What I’m doing with my life
just just just moved back to philadelphia from austin. so for now i'm plotting and planning and thinking and waiting and missing and making and grabbing and stabbing at what's next.
what's next? srsly...whats next?

meanwhile/in addition, here are some things i do sometimes and sometimes for some of them get paid some and sometimes also do not:

speaking aloud and moving about and making meaning of it.
teaching others same.
fixing things and building stuff and helping folks.
reading reading reading writing writing writing.
velocipeding, perambulating, confabulating.
nom nom nommy nom, nom nom nomming.
spending quality time with quality humans.
deploying gerunds.
I’m really good at
parsing, expositing, relating.
laughing, listening, seeing.
hugging, kissing, and cetera-ing.
exclamatory gibberish and creative mis-hearing.
gregarious misanthropy.
The first things people usually notice about me
eyes, laugh, phraseology.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
infinite jest and a supposedly fun thing i'll never do again and consider the lobster by david foster wallace; novels and plays and novellas and essays by samuel beckett; franny & zooey and raise high the roof beam, carpenters by jd salinger; plays by william shakespeare; nine lectures and some poetry and plays by gertrude stein, three sisters and the seagull by anton chekhov; de profundis and the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde; plays and essays by stanislaw ignacy witkiewitcz; extremely loud and incredibly close and everything is illuminated by jonathan safran foer; teaching as a subversive activity by neil postman and charles weingartner; sexing the cherry by jeanette winterson; essays and poems by william carlos williams; the wind-up bird chronicles by haruki murakami.
recent joys include siddhartha by herman hesse, the lone surfer of montana, kansas by davy rothbart and the street of crocodiles by bruno shulz, the designated mourner by wallace shawn, and i finally waded through the swamps to read 100 years of solitude.
currently reading ya basta!!, bell hooks, and chekhov's short stories.
more. please more.

tulpan, you the living, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, dancer in the dark, elephant, the piano, punch drunk love, the triplets of belleville, say anything, une femme est une femme, an american astronaut, the fox and the hound, paris, tx, a room with a view, superbad, you and me and everyone we know, the lover, impromptu, mulholland drive, the life aquatic with steve zissou and the royal tenenbaums, truly, madly, deeply, the crying game, tristram shandy, a cock and bull story, T2, judgement day, vincent and theo, adaptation, being john malkovich, synecdoche, ny, there will be blood, powaqqatsi.

smog, joanna newsom, cat power, yo la tengo, iron & wine, leonard cohen, man man, neutral milk hotel, silver jews, the cure, the smiths, wilco, davids byrne and bowie are long-time happy-makers. but trying to expand, and just now starting to get into funk, soul, blues. so recent favorites include betty davis, mandrill, buddy miles, big maybelle, percy mayfield, soul children, nina simone, and forgive my prior ignorance but holy shit have you listened to any james brown that isn't his greatest hits? because holy fucking shit the payback, grits and soul, the popcorn, say it loud, i'm black and i'm proud. jeez louise. and if austin taught me only one thing, it's junior brown.
please what's next please.

food is the best thing going. anywhere. cooking it and eating it. nom nom nommers. cook it. eat it. NNNNNNNNNNNOM. especially in good company. favorites seems a silly game to play with something so necessary yet so varied and sensual and fun, so nom nom nommy. have i nommed too much? nom nom.

**update: okay and so but to diffuse the expressed outrage over my evasive response re food, here be some of my favorite ingredients: blackberries, barley, black wild rice, blood oranges, bulleit bourbon, and grade B maple syrup; eggs and arugula and andouille sausage, ice cream and heirloom tomatoes; toasted almonds and toasted bread, yams and yukon golds; dark chocolate, coffee, cayenne, coconut oil; sage, cinnamon, salt. and paprika. and pumpkin. fuck yah pumpkin. yes please pumpkin.

***update update: went back to vegetarianism this year. so that'd be *fake* andouille sausage. also really broke these days, so the menu is stacked with millet and lentils and collards.

tv is a VERY guilty pleasure. kind of an old addiction leftover from my latchkey-kid preteen years, when the boob-tube was my babysitter and i watched waaaaaaaay too many cartoons and sitcoms and reruns in the mid-eighties. ugh. brainrot city. so i don't own a television. but i must admit that hulu and netflix instant-watch are friends of mine whenever funds are low, and i've been on a serious tear lately. some favorites: that mitchell and webb look green wing, the office, UK and extras. freaks and geeks, home movies. i told you i was on a tear. arrested development and twin peaks, however, reign supreme.

radio isn't part of the okcupid algorithm? this american life cannot go unlauded here.

nor comedy? maria bamford!!!

no text field for the interwebz, either? marriedtothesea.com and toothpastefordinner.com and xkcd and thebrowser.com and ajourneyroundmyskull.blogspot.com deserve mentions as well. uggliesttattoos.com is a not-too-guilty pleasure.

yah and i guess just fuck the live arts, right? who gives a shit about dance and storytelling and theatre and all that boring pretentious hogwash? not me i can tell you what.
Six things I could never do without
yummy noms.

(mine and yours;
ours and theirs).


other places to go

real live physical and vocal and visual collisions with the real live human beingness of other real live human beings.

(in books
in songs
in conversation;
I spend a lot of time thinking about
individual human interactions and group dynamics.
things discreet oft conflated.
contradictions which stand.
inequity and equanimity.
what you say
and do
and mean.
On a typical Friday night I am
unaware that it is friday night. unaware that it is typical.
You should message me if
you are looking for prospective FRIENDS and ACTIVITY PARTNERS. for serious. i have a wonderful sweetheart/comrade and we're not swinging or polygamous or open (blessings upon those who are, but we are not). and though i have many flaws, cheating is not one of them. you may think it odd for me to be on okcupid given all that. i was single and looking when i joined, not anymore. i remain on here because i learn about stuff and meet people i would not otherwise encounter. plus, i've just moved back to philadelphia, and i'm hoping to be reintroduced to it in a different way.


if you are as scared and hungry for life as i am.

if ideas excite you as much as bodies, words as much as lips that speak them.

if this whole interweb friend-making thing makes you feel more than a little uneasy, like maybe the prospect of success here is as terrifying as the possibility of failure.

if you know there are shitloads of fascinating things to do in philadelphia, but rarely do them because you always just go to the same four places or watch AD all the way through on netflix again; or because the prospect of going alone is just too fucking depressing; or because they are too fucking expensive; or because whatever. maybe possibly probably you'll know something about philadelphia i dont, and vice-versa, so even just doing the same old things could be new, if we do one another's same old things together.

so let's go to that free lecture on ethics in anthropology or that documentary screening in the park, or let's play ping-pong or ride bikes, or let's drank on the stoop, or let's sneak into a fancy hotel to swim in the heated pool, or let's volunteer at FNB, or let's walk across the BFB. or better yet, let's do that thing you want to do that i would never even think of.

my miscellaneous jobs tend to be either manual labor, food-service, or art-making, and i tend to get along best with progressive (leaning toward radical) dorky atheist artist-intellectual females with some class-consciousness and toughness.

but part of the point of this is to engage beyond my default settings. so as long as you're willing to do the same, all are welcome! corporate execs, bros, suburban parents, retail assistant managers, law enforcement officers, beach-bums, scrap-metal reclaimers, evangelicals, retirees, ivy-leaguers. you can take me to a political fundraiser, and i can take you to books-through-bars. you can take me to a fliers game, and i can take you to some performance art. better yet, you can blow my mind and prove that the cheeky stereotypes i'm invoking are precisely why i need to hang out with more/different people, like you.

oh okay and also if you want to exchange words and nothing else. internet or even snailmail penpals could be grand.

1. in case you haven't noticed, i'm a prolix motherfucker. sorry in advance. i'm a good listener, though, which makes up for it a little.
2. check out the "income" box. i cannot pay my own way at the capital grille, even if there is something on the menu i can eat (i don't know, i've never been).
3. forealzyo i'm not looking to date or have sex with you. friends and activity partners only. i hope that's okay. it may even be a relief, yah?
The two of us