28 Laurel, United States
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My self-summary
Hello the name is Chad! I'm a music addict, who grew up in the cities of Flint and Beulah Michigan. I listen to everything from Nine Inch Nails, Obituary, 7 Seconds, Ice Cube, DJ Shadow, to even Hasil Adkins. I promote a lot of underground music, write music reviews and host online radio shows. I did get to kick it with All That Remains, Twisted Insane, and help put out the song "Message To The Mainstream" (featuring Intrinzik and Daniel Jordan) on Underground Hustlin 24, hosted by Daisy Delahoya, but by no means am I famous. I love late nights, read Anne Rice, writing short stories, attending as many concerts as I can, swimming and Snowmobiling. I'm mostly mellow, but I have my hyper random side at times. You can usually catch me playing an OG Gameboy while eating Chinese, reading a book on Psychology with Geto Boys blaring in the background, camping with a few friends, or even kicking back during breakfast watching Nightmare On Elmstreet. Cuddling is the best!

Read my reviews here: thefnspot.com/site/main/archives/3833
Past Radio Show here: (I was really nervous for this one, Daniel Jordan is a personal favorite artist of mine, Skip to 4 Min Mark) www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6vT0DHEmrw
What I’m doing with my life
Forever promoting music, going back to college for Journalism, Music Recording, and Psychology. Helping set up the Halloween Hip-Hop Compilation devilz nite 2012, for it's 10 anniversary! Someday I want a fictional book published by Random House, a documentary for Sundance film festival, and my dream band project Drowning In The Static to gain a cult following.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Industrial:KMFDM, Ministry, Left Spine Down, Tim Skold.
Hip-Hop: Cage, A Tribe Called Quest, Insane Poetry, Eyedea.
Metal: Black Sabbath, Sigh, Megadeth, All That Remains, Morbid Angel, Septic Flesh, Converge.
Oldies/Classic Rock: The Cars, Tom Petty, Little Richard.
Punk: Sex Pistols, Refused, Black Flag, Strike Anywhere, MC5.
Electronic: Infected Mushroom, Bass Nectar, Goldie.
Alternative/Other:Nirvana, Blink 182, Yeah Yeah Yeah's,Soul Coughing, Does It Offend You, Yea.

Movies: Caddy Shack, Akira, Pink Floyd The Wall, Donnie Darko, Child's Play.
Childhood Favorite Books: Wayside School, Goosebumps, Frog and Toad.
Books: Anne Rice, Stephen King, Stan Lee, Jeff Lindsay, Clive Barker, Music History, Psychology.

Food: Pizza, Chinese, Spaghetti.
TV: Classic Cartoons or Documentaries.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes Partying, attending a concert, or taking a late night walk.