31 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
I am hella genderqueer, generally flamboyant, sometimes snarky, rather femme, and often mistaken for a gay male. I usually don't even bother to try flirting with heterosexual women (in person or on OkCupid) because they often just end up confused. If you're straight and interested in me, don't be shy about writing though.

I prefer neutral pronouns be used in reference to myself. Any neutral pronouns are fine -- them, zi, sie; they all fly with me. If this concept is too strange for you, then we are not meant to be together. If you get it but think that using neutral pronouns will be a challenge for you, don't worry because I have an immense amount of patience.

Spend just ten minutes talking to me, and my feminine side will likely be glaringly obvious to you. Despite my gender identity, I often pass as a white cis-male to strangers on the street, and I get a lot of privilege among the general public.

I realize that my ethnicity will be a nonstarter for a lot of the awesome people around here. I understand and am empathetic to the abuse that has caused them to make their bias, and I accept their choice to not date white people. But if this describes you, and you're still reading, I hope that we might become friends.

I'm very pragmatic, but not without a weird playful side. I'm a cuddler, a writer, a painter, an agnostic Unitarian Universalist, liberal on most political subjects, extroverted in the Summer, and introverted in the Winter.

I ride my bicycle everywhere, and I do all my own bike maintenance. I like to keep in shape, and the biking is definitely a part of that, but I'm otherwise not much into sports. In fact, I find most professional sporting events to be an outright bore.

I'm a total sucker for selfless do-gooders. I swoon over people who volunteer and work for non-profits. I volunteer most summers, working with gender-variant youth, but I'd like to find something additional.

When I want to be social, I often like to go out dancing or to karaoke at a bar, but nothing beats a chill house party. When I don't want to be particularly social, you can find me either reading a book, playing on my computer, or binging on a TV series.

I once set my OkC account to "include me in searches for women," and left it that way overnight. When I woke up in the morning, I had over forty quickmatch alerts, all from straight men who very obviously just clicked the star-button without glancing at so much as my photos, let alone my profile. It baffles me that any women take this site seriously.

I am 420-friendly, but not 420-mandatory. Nicotine is not my friend.

I'm a Hufflepuff, with Gryffindor tendencies. Also, probably human. Yeah... probably.

I'm a fan of non-monogamy, although I'm not currently in any sort of committed relationship. I think I could handle monogamy if it was for true love, but a monogamous relationship isn't something I'm actively seeking.

I'm allergic to hiking, traveling, and adventures, but I endure them anyway. ;-)

I've been known to get kinky, from time to time. I'm very switchy, and can be equally happy as a domme or sub. Ask me about my kinks, if you're curious.

If you do not agree with the following statement, we're not going to be friends: Black lives matter.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently, I'm recovering from an abusive relationship. Friends, both new and old, help with this.

I want to go back to school (I'm half-way through my undergrad), and become a teacher. I feel that I should first get my psyche in better shape though. Part of the shaping up is that I'm currently awaiting therapy approval from insurance.

It ain't pretty, but it's my life. I'm working on making it better, it's just slow going.

For surviving in capitalist society, I am a bicycle courier. It's certainly not what I want to do forever, and I don't fit in with the culture, but the exercise is great, the pay is modest, and I get to set my own hours.
I’m really good at
... Bicycle maintenance and repair, as well as working with my hands in a variety of other ways.

... Detail cleaning.

... Mimicking accents. Give me a week in someplace new, and I'll start to fool the locals into thinking I'm one of them without even really meaning to.

... Saving money by being thrifty, which is rather ironic considering how much I hate our monetary system.

... Explaining fun facts about sex which you may have been unaware of. Unless you're as much of a sex geek as I am, what you don't know may surprise you.

I love to sing and dance. I'm pretty good at both, or so they tell me. I really enjoy going out to dance at clubs, especially the East Bay queer ones. I've also recently discovered the joys of social dances, like contra.

I'm really good at starting conversations, and at breathing new life in to group discussions once they get stale. I'm kind of bad at participating in group discussions though, although I try. I'm strange like this. Relatedly, I'm also rather fearless when it comes to talking to strangers, especially if they're cute.

I enjoy paying attention to politics and occasionally getting pissed off at our government. I read (and very occasionally watch) the news habitually, on a near daily basis. My goto sources for news are RT, Al Jazeera, Reporters Without Borders, Ben Swann, and lately The Guardian.

I have NEVER lost a best two-out-of-three thumb wrestling match. I used to challenge everyone I met, but winning got boring (this was back in my teens). If you think you can beat me, I'll welcome your contest, but I am totally, 100% serious about never having lost before. Relatedly: I have very flexible thumbs.

People tell me that my handwriting is gorgeous. I'm not sure that beautiful handwriting is any more a practical skill than thumb wrestling is, but it's something I do.

And cooking! I know my way around a spice rack pretty darn well, or at least I like to think so. Usually when I cook, it's a soup or sauce.
The first things people usually notice about me
If my hair is down, I receive frequent remarks about how long and beautiful it is.

More than a couple of people have been quick to comment on my shapely legs.

Sometimes, I wear femme makeup. But half the time when I do, I go for the subtle "natural" look, so it's not all that noticeable.

Lots of people initially tend to assume that I'm a gay male. Sometimes I correct them, sometimes I just roll with it.

Besides the physical, people also notice that I have a lot of courage, often peculiarly accompanied by a difficulty in speaking up. I find it incredibly easy to get on stage, or to just walk up to strangers and attempt to start conversations, but I don't always have the easiest time chiming in on ongoing conversations. Just one of the many ways in which I am an oddball.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I feel that I should tell you that even though I'm cooperating, and making these lists, this is the one section that I always skip over when I first read somebody's profile, and I'm likely to not update this part of my own profile very often. I'm 100% confident that I can be friends, or even lovers, with somebody who has different tastes in entertainment, sources of knowledge, and cuisine than I do.

(Books) The Hitchhiker's Guide "Trilogy," The Celestine Prophecy, The Mysterious Stranger, Brave New World, The Windup Girl

(Movies) Black Dynamite, Moulin Rouge, The Matrix, Harold and Maude, Benny and Joone, Fantastic Planet, Headwig and the Angry Inch, anything directed by Danny Boyle or Steven Spielberg, and I'm always down for a documentary

(Music) Atmosphere, All Good Funk Alliance, The Handsome Boy Modeling School, Hilltop Hoods, MGMT, Gnarls Barkley, Ronald Jenkees, Ratatat, a lot of 90's pop-rock, and my favorite album of all time is Gordon by the Barenaked Ladies (way better than their later stuff)

(Food) Pesto, pizza, golden delicious apples, most things Indian/Pakistani, cheese, and an assortment of hot sauces.

(Radio/Podcast) This American Life, A Prairie Home Companion, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, Car Talk

(TV) The Newsroom, MASH, 30 Rock, Futurama, South Park, This American Life (TAL was short lived on TV, but episode one of season two is my favorite episode of anything, ever. It's on Netflix, but I must warn you that you might cry tears of saddness, and laugh for joy at the same time. It's a real emotional rollercoaster.), The Daily Show, NOVA, Steven Universe

(All Media) Pretty much anything superhero related.
The six things I could never do without
• First and foremost: Good friends
• Nature (as in going out and experiencing it)
• A thesaurus (A dictionary almost made the list, but I use a thesaurus far more often.)
• Love (platonic, romantic, or both)
• Learning
• A bicycle
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm pretty open; you can ask me anything. Here are some strange and/or embarrassing things about me:

I have a lot of trouble relating to cis-males. The kinder, gentler, less sporty ones make this easier though.

I'm horrible at snapping my fingers. I've kind of learned how to do it with my right hand, but not very loudly, and never with my left hand.

I've been living with chronic clinical depression since my early teens. I mostly keep it under control by medicating with 5-HTP supplements and a lamp for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but it still makes my life miserable sometimes.

I fantasize about being a housespouse (i.e. a housewife) and raising a family, but have serious doubts that my dream will ever come to fruition because of several factors.

Yes, I'm always this weird, even when there's nobody around to see it.
You should message me if
... if the thought of messaging me gives you butterflies.

... if you're looking for an interdependent relationship, in which we nourish each other to succeed.

... if you think there's a possibility of us becoming BFF's.

... if you are passionate advocate of feminism and anti-racism.

... if you are enticed by the idea of reading quietly with each other. (Not as a first date - the quiet isn't conducive to getting to know each other.)

... if you are looking for a friend to make art along side. (Potentially a first date.)

... if you'd like me to cook you dinner. (Also a potential first date.)

... if you feel that your purpose on this Earth is to make it a better place, and not just to hedonistically enjoy as much as possible. It is important to embrace a certain level of pleasure in your everyday life, but I'm not interested in befriending people who view it as their only or primary goal.

... if you will let me be the little/inside spoon, despite the fact that I'm six feet tall.

... if you are new in The Bay, and want suggestions for things to do in the queer or kinky communities. I have gained a lot of insight into both since I've been here. We don't even have to hang out; I will willingly volunteer this information to you over email because I sympathize with being new in town.

... if you want to attempt the list of thirty-six questions with me, which supposedly all but guarantee that two strangers asking them of each other will fall in love. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/open-gently/201310/36-questions-bring-you-closer-together

... if you have the courage to write me instead of just hitting the star button. Showing some courage is sexy.

I am most interested in meeting people who would rather go on a picnic, on a warm, sunny day with their best friend than receive the most expensive gift in the world. You cannot buy happiness.