44Columbus, United States
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My self-summary
Hi my name is William most people call me 9 tails or Will. I guess the best way to describe me is booger from Revenge of the Nerds or booga from tank girl. a bit of a clutterbug, but I do try to keep this things as organized as clean as possible but sometimes it gets to be a hard job. I tend to be a little bit scruffy but I do clean up very well when I want to. You could ask most of my friends if the world was to end tomorrow I would survive. Some people call me a Doomsday Prepper I just call myself a ready for most thungs, that's kind of mindset that I have. Hey better to be prepared and not need it, than need it and not have it. Besides I'm always ready to go camping.

I'm a pan/poly/switch, if you don't understand though terms or know about B.D.S.M. i might not be the one for you. Basicly i am looking for my tankgirl who want a loyal ass fucker who will take down the world if need be. So yeah. bees do it....birds do it....even educated fleas do it....lets do it.... lets fall in love!

So what I am looking for is some who want to live the gypsy life style. Car living can be quite fun. Some who likes festivals, burns, reenactments, and the like. A crafty type really helps for makings things to sell. I have a small income that is steady and can help alot. Also from home work depending the type of job can help as well. I know alot about camping and car living but I don't drive I can get my driver license but I not a fan of driving for many reasons. But will if I need to. A van not minni van can be very easily turn into a very nice moble home. Mind you alot of the cost which is alot cheaper than a apartment is the gas. Even if your not into me message me if you want to know more. I do use this site to meet people even if for new friends.

These are just a few of my favorite things..........
Note: rule 7 is really reference to mundane things not violence. I really hate having to explain my intentions of what I say to prove I'm not a danger to anyone.

Rule 1: Never ever underestimate me.
Rule 2: Nothing is ever what it seems. See the world is what you make it, there are no limits, energy flows where attention goes, now ist the moment of power, love is to be happy with, all power come from within, and effectiveness is the measure of truth.
Rule 3: There is fact in fiction and fiction in fact.
Rule 4: Adapt improvise overcome.
Rule 5: Aways know what you are consuming.
Rule 6: When all else fails play dead.
Rule 7: Many problems can be fix with well placed BOOM BOOM figurative and real. Plus fireworks are fun.
Rule 8: Live life like it the last day you'll live
Rule 9: Your not really living till you think "man that was stupid hope I make it of this alive".
Rule 10: The school of hard knocks is the best learning place ever invented.
Rule 11: All relationships rely on trust, honesty, communication, and companionship. Failure to maintain these things and the relationship dies. Maintain these things well and love is the reward. Sex can aid or destroy a relationship.
Rule 12: All men are assholes all women are bitches the trick is whether the bitch wants to be with the asshole, and vice versa and this aplies to same sex partners as well.
Rule 13: You never truly know someone until you have either fucked them or fought them. A good argument counts as kinda a fight depends how bad it got. See the true nature of some one comes out in that moment to survive or win. Sex works a little different but the passion and drive will show you the nature of some one.
Rule 14: All you really need to know about me is Food, Fucking, and Fighting. This is both figurative and literal.
Rule 15: Ever one has the right to get fucked. Take that how ever you like. Exception is when it interfears with another's ability to get fucked.
Rule 16: When ills befall you seek a vet, as vets are trained to find what wrong with their patients with out the patient telling them anything. Plus they have more schooling than doctors.
Rule 17: Don't visualize although there are times that doing this is the better option. Do so at your own risk.
Rule 18: How can one learn if one listens with closed ears?
Rule 19: As sad as this might be it is true and unfortunately widely practiced covertly. What follows will piss you off and you can apply it to both sex's plus same sex partners. Understand I don't agree with this only pointing it out. Pretty people equal pretty lays, average people equal normal lays, and ugly people equal a lay when all else fails. It seems the prettier single people are the more likely they are to practice this.
Rule 20: The best way to win over some one is to raise your value through displays of higher value, while lowering their value to just under your value. This is tricky but when done right it will make you the bell of the ball, in a sense mind you. By the way this is also know as peacocking and is totaly normal, just some do it better than others because they understand the rules.
Rule 21: First reaction to most things is to DO NOTHING! Then put the F.L.A.M.E. to it. Figure out immediate needs like safety for your self and others. Then Learn obout the situation by listening, observing and asking question when needed, Analyse the information, then Mediate as needed to form a plan, Execute the plan and evaluate the results if needed. Flaming is not a 123 step proceess always, you can start anywhere or move to any part as needed. This will help a person to not be part of a problem because some times trying to be the solution will make a person part of the problem.There are no wrong choices only better ones. But hey some times the not so good choices are more fun. Muuuuhaaaahahahahahaha!
Rule 22: You break it you bought it. You always own up to your shit. Don't do it if you can handle the consequences.
Rule 23: Always double tap, as you never know if it will rise and bite again.

FUCK YOUR DAY is the new hi how are you. DRINK MORE WATER is the new fuck off. Words of a unnamed Burner.

Ok due to some good convo I decided to add some thoughts to think on.

I worship Christ, follow Eris, serve Inari, listen to cyote, learn from sky father and earth mother, walk with Buddha, and have a crush on Kali Mah.

See the answer to the great question is so simple we chose to not believe. The reason for existence is so there is a way. As long as you exist there is truly a way, we just don't always see the path.

I often ask people to finish this sentance......Don't become the problem, become the _______. Most reply "the solution" I tell them great answer, want to here mine? Sure is the responce so far. I tell them "dont become the problem, become not the problem, as sometimes trying to be the solution makes you the problem.There are no wrong answers just better ones.why rule 21 came to be.

Here one to spin the head.
Funny thing, a lie and a truth are both the same, equal in all ways. Which do you want to believe and which WILL you believe are the choices.

Come one, come all to the handy dandy nifty grifty swift machine, the only machine to go around in one ring of water, yes one ring of water. The only ride you get on some where and land your self nowhere, the only snake cure remedy for boredom......would you like to ride?
What I’m doing with my life
Not sure about my future, but for now working on not being so jaded at the world. I find volunteering is helping a lot with this.
I’m really good at
Talking a whole lot but I would say that's a good thing. I'm kinda a jack of all trades master of none kinda guy.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm big, tall, loud, and opinionated. The more you get to know me the more you'll find I'm a great guy. Even if I tend to be annoying at times.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Dark Wave, Dubstep, Industrial music
Books by author: Margaret Weis, Fiction Piers Anthony
Movies: Pi, Aeon Flux, Fight Club, Ultraviolet, V for Vendetta, Hot Fuzz, Evil Dead, Requiem for a Dream, Priest, Battle Beyond the Stars, Space Hunter, Ice Pirates, Equalibrium, Water World, Mad Max, The Postman, Mirror Mask, What Dreams May Come, The Grand Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Labrynth, Time Bandits, Legend, The Never Ending Story,
Television: Sg Antlantis, Sg1, Charmed, Nikita, Once Apon a Time, Bones,
Games: abstract and classic board games like Chess
Activities: RPGs And Treking
Interests: Adobe Fireworks, Wilderness Skills
Inspirational People: Abbie Hoffman
Six things I could never do without
My multi tool.

My lighter.

My paracord.

My steel water bottle.

My wool blanket.

My brain.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Camping, the out doors, survival skills, books, conventions, games, and yes sex.
On a typical Friday night I am
Not much but would love to be doing something.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well I'm up for almost anything so you would have to ask me if I'm in to or want to try something.
You should message me if
For talking, making a new friend, sex, or to find out more about me.
The two of us