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My self-summary
If you're not unique, you're redundant.

Planetary scientist by day, sitcom writer by night.
What I’m doing with my life
Believe it or not, I actually have OKCupid to thank for my second career...

When I first signed up for OKCupid in 2011, one of the questions I answered was "Who do you think was smartest on this list?" As a scientist, my initial response was Einstein, but after I thought about it, I realized that Shakespeare should be my actual answer. That's because another scientist would have eventually derived the laws of relativity, but who knows if anyone else would have ever written something like Hamlet?

So that helped me to realize that I should stop putting off my own writing aspirations, and I started writing whenever I could, specializing in TV sitcom pilot scripts. Ironically, I did well enough in contests (such as that about a year later I stopped using OKCupid because I needed to focus all my free time on becoming a better writer so that I could land an agent.

Which, this past January, I finally did! And a pretty powerful agent at that! (He's sold four shows that are now in syndication, including Will & Grace.)

All because of how I answered a match question on OKCupid...
I’m really good at
Studying Mars. I know so much about Martian ice that if I ever go there and get Watney-ed then, well, I may not be able to figure out how to get back to Earth, but I could definitely make some mean Marsgaritas.
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't mind looking like a fool when I'm having fun. I love making people laugh, which I can usually do in normal conversation. But when necessary I won't hesitate to: (1) be the first one out on the dance floor-- or, if there's a live band, on the stage; (2) loudly heckle opposing players at Clipper or Laker games (gotta support the team!); (3) sing hip hop karaoke ballads in spite of my terrible voice; or (4) dress up in drag for the sake of a joke-- as you can see for yourself in my very last picture.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite sitcom right now? Fresh Off the Boat. The one I like least? Dr. Ken. So basically, Dr. Ken is to Fresh Off the Boat as Ben Carson is to Barack Obama...

Most of the movies that I love are more modern, but my absolute favorite is Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Either one.

(You can find mentions of other TV shows and films that I like on my twitter feed @Queue_Tips)

The two podcasts that I listen to the most are "Scriptnotes" and "I Seem Fun: The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast."

Some of my favorite albums are Stankonia, American Idiot, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Achtung Baby, and INXS' Kick. Yes, I know, they're all pretty mainstream. Morning may become eclectic, but I am so not a morning person.
The six things I could never do without
Since I don't consider people "things", let's go with: (1) my computer, which I'm in front of all day and all night, for both my careers; (2) my iPhone / iPad (3) Netflix / Amazon Prime; (4) Spotify / podcasts; (5) basketball (playing and watching); and (6) my stationary bike.

By the way, I've been on a real health kick for the last two months, exercising on average 2+ hours a day so that I can remove the "little extra" body type label and go back to "average"-- I'm about halfway there.

Most of that exercise is on the bike, though I do play full-court basketball once or twice a week. I would love to add another regular activity to my exercise mix, so it would be great to find someone interested in tennis or volleyball (both of which I haven't played in years, but would love to start up again).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the most efficient way to spend a lot of time. It's a vicious cycle.
On a typical Friday night I am
Actually, since I have such a flexible schedule (I do both my science and writing work at home), I'm just as likely to go out during the week when there's much less traffic as I am on the weekends.

One of the things I didn't quite appreciate before I started pursuing a comedy writing career is how much networking I would need to do.

So typically I'll go out at least 2-3 times a week to (1) attend a Writers Guild panel or alumni group entertainment mixer; (2) see a friend's play/sketch show/improv group/standup act; or (3) watch current movies (even dramas, which as a comedy writer I have to keep up on in order to make fun of). Not to mention the multiple writers groups I'm in...
You should message me if
More likely than not, if you're thinking about messaging me, it's because I've already messaged you and you're deciding whether to reply. So to help aid your decision, I've compiled a list of reasons why you might NOT like me, based on actual quotes from OKCupid users:

(1) Apparently, I am "kind of a braggart"-- clearly, I need to work much harder on the art of the humblebrag. (2) My comments are sometimes "presumptuous." That's because I often find it more interesting to talk about the least "objectively" cool item on someone's list of favorites when I message them. The tone I'm aiming for is "playful teasing," but that doesn't always come across. (3) My writing style is a little impersonal because of my proclivity for "writing a numbered list." Yeah, that's pretty much spot on.

So if none of the above are deal-breakers, and if you can forgive their possible usage in any message I may have already sent you, then by all means you should message me back!