23 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
i use any pronouns

i should be bugfeast but im not fuckin payin okcupid for a NAME CHANGE

some people have told me i have an intimidating personality. well fuck you no i don't, i look like a 14 year old with jungle legs and a napoleon complex

just show me why you're weird and make it count

self-hating/trans-excluding queers need not apply, take your "str8-acting" "masc" "normal" bullshit elsewhere

(fair warning i will respond to you if i am interested but i will also respond if you seem like a chill person who i am maybe not interested in dating but interested in bein chill buds with!!!!)

fuck myers-briggs and fuck astrology

(i like to think i am actually p nice and approachable in person tbh!!!! hopefully this is true)

i don't do monogamy and i reject the notion of "bae" so for all intents and purposes you may ignore "open relationship" unless you want me to be exclusive in which case you're barkin up the wrong tree cause no one gets to own this creature
What I’m doing with my life
singing very loudly when no one asked for it

playing pinball

going to shows on shows on shows

taking care of animals and teaching kids weird animal facts

just kinda figurin shit out, whateva
I’m really good at
scaring people without realizing it

being very angry about social justice (mostly the lack thereof)

sleep deprivation

recently, nervous cluttered speech

weird voices

smoochin' ;*

reckless spending

getting angry about politics on the internet

bein a filthy anarcho-socialist

perpetuating the war on gender

making excuses for myself

The first things people usually notice about me
i'm literally a gremlin

i'm a lot less serious than i look in my pictures probably

i'm needlessly verbose

you could cut yourself on my shoulderblades

i have a fucked up sleeping schedule

i can't stop riffing
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
in no particular order, i rly rly like dandelion wine, his dark materials, the hitchhiker's trilogy, china mountain zhang, spirited away, rocky horror picture show, the girl who leapt through time, harold and maude, pee-wee's big adventure, thelma and louise, FLCL, parks and recreation, neon genesis evangelion, twin peaks, buffy, game of thrones, pwr bttm, childbirth, chastity belt, mommy long legs, wimps, sleater-kinney, awesome snakes, slothrust, chastity belt, childbirth, all dogs, hunx & his punx, the b-52's, noisettes, dogbreth, potty mouth, priests, aye nako, charly bliss, diet cig, mitski, downtown boys, all dogs, wimps courtney barnett, speedy ortiz, palehound, shopping, screaming females, st. vincent, kimbra, japandroids, the go! team, basement jaxx, carina round, radiator hospital phox, plumtree, hop along, perfect pussy, vienna teng, mother mother, jenny owen youngs, the white stripes, company of thieves, lady lamb, deerhoof, cakes da killa, fugazi, marina + the diamonds, burritos, noodles, indian food, food in general holy shit, earthbound, chrono trigger, shadow of the colossus, shin megami tensei, wind waker, bit.trip, zero escape, mass effect, dragon age, fire emblem, ace attorney, life is strange, ffxiv, generic jrpgs, left 4 dead, borderlands with the voices turned off, and weird indie games like gone home, transistor, kentucky route zero

also pretty much anything with a well-written gay storyline in it tbh

and a ton of other shit i forgot/got into after writing this
The six things I could never do without
nature, adventurous friends, blood sport, queercore & other punk shit, pups, universal love, video gamez, FOOD, screaming, singing, scream-singing, science, beer, sex, the ability to climb things, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen
I spend a lot of time thinking about
moving across the country

what color my hair should be next

also probably the lack of effort i put into things i tell myself are my passions but HEY THATS LIFE EH

social issues and how angry i am all the time about them??

whether or not i should just cut off all my hair

song lyrics and songs to write, but always in the shower or the car, and then i forget them and get too bleh to sit down and solidify them when i have time!!!!!! hahaha i love it!!
On a typical Friday night I am
lurking at a show alone bc i just moved here and suddenly don't have friends lol
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
- i haven't written a single god damn song to speak of, just shitty teen angst level "lyrics" that you must earn the right to read and subsequently laugh at

- oh also i have really hairy arms and legs

- and i genuinely liked final fantasy xiii

- blue isnt my natural color

- i would pity fuck martin o'malley

buy the new fre$$$h secret content dlc pack to experience more fresh secret content from ur fav characters!!
You should message me if
you wanna be the cyborg to my beast boy if you know what im talkin bout

you're trying to get a group together for some weird narrative-based tabletop rpg because i am so fuckin down (misspent youth pls)

you want a hiking buddy who will squeeze you really tight whenever he feels like he's living in some stupid pretentious indie romcom

you wanna listen to me sing or maybe write music with me or maybe try and get a crazy gay punk garage rock band thing goin on

you have multiple pictures that aren't selfies

you like being open about your weird emotions and don't get freaked out by someone not holding back theirs

your flirting strategy doesn't include trying to impress me or sucking up to me, god damn

you're into queer issues and their intersectionality with the issues of other marginalized groups and like to YELL ABOUT IT

you have a dog, holy shit if you have a dog (or a reptile!!!!)

you wanna play borderlands or s/t because i got that humble bundle and everyone is too busy

you like doing fun things on a whim without much planning

you're gonna say something other than just "Hi, how are you?" or anything like that

you just wanna chat about literally anything