28 Scarborough Township, Canada
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My self-summary
Job opening

Job Position: Personal Companion
Status: Part time
Start Date: Immediately
Duration: Renewable short term contract
Hours: Shifts. Negotiable hours
Salary: Negotiable. Multiple forms of currency available
Experience level: Any

Job Requirements:
- Applicant must have no aversions to chocolate or cheesecake
- Should be fluent in both geek and nerd
- Applicant should be equally comfortable with verbal and virtual communication
- Teamwork and effective communication skills will be key
- Must be willing to have flexible hours and extended shifts as needed
- Food preparation skills are recommended but not required
- Creative problem solving skills are highly encouraged
- Self-motivation to increase team efficiency
- Experience with the Steam and Xbox systems is recommended
- Prior training with following an asset:
--- high speed driving
--- firearms
--- naval space combat
--- large scale tactical combat
--- world domination
- Applicant must be willing to travel
- Willingness to provide unsolicited affection to increase morale
- Additional training can be negotiated and/or provided

Job Activities:
- Retrieval and/or consumption of food with team
- Investigation and analysis of various cinematic productions in various locations
- Organizing team building exercises
- Participating in team building exercises
- Program based tasks using various digital systems
- Indulging idiosyncratic tendencies
- Providing team encouragement

To apply:
Submit an abbreviated resume highlighting your skills and why you think you are the person for this job. In your cover letter answer the following questions.
1. How well cooked should a AAA strip-loin be?
2. Who shot first?
3. What colour would a watermelon tree be?
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