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My self-summary
Many people seek the meaning of life, through religion or personal enlightenment. However, the world is too obsessed with the answer to discern the importance of "how". How you choose to live your life is the meaning of life itself. Wisdom is the ultimate solace. It is more precious than knowledge itself, fortifying your mind, body and soul. This is not about good morals, helping a friend or even giving back to mother earth. It's about understanding the mechanics of this universe and its grand homeostasis. It is a selfish view, but the word selfish has been soiled by those who refused to grasp its place in the circle of life. To take care of yourself is the most important, and therefore greatest task you will ever undertake. It consumes every second of every minute in this life you seek to understand. After all, how can you help others if you can't help yourself?

It's not as scary and overwhelming as you might think. Wisdom is everywhere for us to find. All we have to do is learn how to observe, listen and feel this life that carries our souls in a never ending river of happenstance. Just remember to be true to yourself. Do not feel ashamed of any bad thoughts that might cogitate within your mind, nor should you deny any of your flaws. This is part of discovering yourself, to observe this darker side of you. Whether you like it or not, it will always be there. You can choose whether this dark side will haunt you, or become part of the good. We are all prosaic shades of gray in the end. The black and white are simply mythical colours, created by the simplistic mind.

So you see, there is no meaning of life, life is the meaning of yourself. It defines you.

I am observant, philosophical, and imaginatif
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working on becoming a novelist. My first novel is still under production though. I wrote a play recently for the Montreal's Festival of Theater in the summer 2008. My sister is directed and played the lead female role. We received a lot of positive feedback. We are also working on a movie script project.

What I do for fun? I like to watch movies, play pool, drink, act like an ass, play board games with lots of funny people, play video games, chat online, go for late night walks with friends, hanging out in general, occasionally some dancing at a club, but that fits into the *act like an ass* category.

I recently moved to Edmonton so I am looking for some new friends to do all those great things with, so if you like any of them, message me. BTW I have a girlfriend, I love her, and I am not looking to cheat on her. So friends only please.

I also do AMV for fun. If you have no idea what an AMV is, it stand for Anime Music Video and its a fun little geek-trend that I picked up as a hobby. Here is an example for curious people: (copy paste, HTML doesn;t seem to work here.)
Bottom line, I like to slack off, but I keep myself busy.
I’m really good at
Writing stories, and verbal communication. I could talk my way out of any situation. Also...sometimes I talk my way --INTO-- a situation, my honest opinion is not always understood. Luckily it rarely becomes a problem because of the skill I mentioned prior.
The first things people usually notice about me
They notice the FIRE IN MY EYES!! Sometimes though they only notice the particularly odd tapestry on the wall right behind me... can't blame them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(BOOKS) My favorite book is still so far A storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin, although A Feast for Crows was not as disappointing as most forums indicate. Now I am dying to read A Dance With The Dragon, the next installment in the series. Since it is not released yet, I am reading his novelized collection of short stories called "Dreamsongs Volume 1". Although any book with Drizzt in it is also pretty damn good. The Starlight and Shadows series by Elaine Cunningham was interesting. As you may have noticed, I read mostly fantasy novels. All those books they force-fed me in school like "Catcher in the Rye" or "Bonheur D'Occasion" etc., those books bored me. I graduated High School with a low opinion of books. One of these days I picked up a book which was suggested by a friend called A Game of Thrones, and not only was I re-introduced to the pleasures of reading, but now I even write. The adventures, the imagination poored into each page, the unforgetable characters; these all brought solace to my heart like no other genre ever did. However, science fiction is a close second to Fantasy for me, since they so often walk hand in hand, like Star Wars.

(MOVIES) My favorite movie is whatever I feel like watching at the moment, though I am very partial to The Big Lebowski and Serenity. Most of the time, while lingering in the video store, I end up more interested in the comedy section. My favorite super-hero movie of all time is between Batman Begins, The Punisher, or Ironman. I did think Transformers was highly entertaining. I love most of Michael Bay's movies, like Bad Boys 1 and 2. I should probably mention I am a Will Smith fan. Some people seem to hate him for some reason.

(ANIME) I like high quality stuff, so nevermind your Naruto or DBZ. Those things are made for marketing and hype. I like some of the old school stuff like Macross Plus, Ghost in the Shell (movies and series), Lodoss War, Berserk, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop. But I also love Myazaki's work, and newer series like: Ah! My Goddess, Ergo Proxy, Samurai 7, Mahou Sensei Negima, Desert Punk.

(GAMES) I have a pretty diverse choice. Whatever is fun to me I'll play it, even old school stuff. Here is a list: Mario Bros. (pretty much all their games, lol), Sonic the Hedgehog (classic genesis collection), Final Fantasy VI/VII/IX, Ninja Gaiden, Halo, Crysis, Soul Calibur, Gunbound, Gunz, Star Ocean. I will keep this list shorter. Ask me by messaging if you're curious to know more.

(MUSIC)I listen to music that others don't and some that others do, but it is all tasteful and original. The quality of the recording and how original is the composition is what attracts me the most. I'm also a sucker for anything epic and fantasy-like which means I listen to some bands you may have never heard of. For the sake of improving your research, here is an intense saturation of the bands I often put in my cd players: Firewind, Opeth, Wuthering Heights, Soilwork, Pendulum, Mushroomhead, Juno Reactor, Shinedown, Black Label Society, The Prodigy, Diedre, Soil, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Nightwish, Fear Factory, Within Temptation, Spineshank, NIN, Diecast, E-jekt, Mudvayne, Stream of Passion, Three Doors Down, Infected Mushroom, Kamelot, Robert Miles, Nuclear Ramjet, The Sword, Disturbed, Astrix, Godsmack, Dirty Vegas, Hoobastank, White Zombie, Stone Sour, Rhapsody, Lab4, Junkie XL, Nocturnal Rites, Fluke, Amorphis, Dream Evil, my awsome box set of re-mastered Final Fantasy music, Trance compilations, Metal compilations, Movie sountracks, Hans Zimmer. I could have put more..but I won't. I must also mention that overall, my favorite band, even if I am not always in the mood to listen to it, is and will always be Delerium. WHY? 1-Their quality of production is far superior 2-Unique and I say VERY UNIQUE sound 3-Absolutely beautiful compositions 4-A source of inspiration to almost all of my drawings and a lot of my writing 5-They are CANADIAN woot!!!

(FOOD) Fruit shakes, Ceasar Salad (or other kinds), Noodles, Meat, POTATOES!!!! I like food a lot... I`m French, I can`t help it.
Six things I could never do without
1-The sun and its cleansing flames (Plus all the juicy photosynthesis, it doesn't just work on plants believe me. My mood highly depends on how sunny it is outside.)

2-Interesting conversations

3-Fantasy Novels...killing someone with a gun is frowned upon, killing someone with a sword in a fair fight is EPIC AND ULTIMATELY AWESOME!!!

4-Tools to help me express my creativity (Drawing pad, writing materials...)

5-Rejected music that only I listen to.

6-My brain, because mine is better than yours. While bathing in my foetal stage I spent all my efforts into building this organic masterpiece.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everything? I over-think everything. My brain drives in 5th gear all the time.
On a typical Friday night I am
Rolling on to myself, curling like a ball and shedding water. Then bubble for about half an hour, but soon I become stable. Once stable, I cook for about 20-25mins turning once during process. Upon completion of the baking stage, I dress myself in flannel and practice being a moron for 45 mins. Once completely moronic I bath in milk for several hours until my skin is wrinkled, leaving the radio on between two good frequencies hence listening to two shows at once. Once wrinkled and phased, I take long tweasers and remove my brain by the left nostril and place the jello contents into a pink jar with dotted designs of several ancient Greek goddesses, all nude. When the brain is safely concealed in the jar, I dance around a fire to the beats of Yanni, carefully removing the batteries from my smoke detectors so not to annoy my neighbors. If I have time I also try to see if I can fit all the socks I own into my mouth without chocking. I really can't believe you're still reading this you stupid douchebag!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think I have ADD and that`s how I found out about dancing the night away pretty elephant king of the reciprocating dangers of Casa Mamba. What was I saying... oh right, I have a computer.
You should message me if
If you let me tell you what to do now, you're already screwed.
The two of us