31Wrocław, Poland
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My self-summary
Hello, I'm a French person.

I make music software, I play the electric guitar, I live in Wrocław. Sometimes I sound more Irish than French, sometimes more... slavic... Seems like my face reached its final form about 8 years ago, now that I'm 29 I like to tell people my age just to see their reactions, some people look genuinely shocked.

I have my issues with English pronunciation, it has its quirks. While some go for a swim in the sea I go to the bitch, or so people hear me say. When there's a heatwave and people overheat I guess I just float a few inches above a dinner table and hovereat. Last year some girl borrowed bed linen from me and never returned it, I was upset for a while, now I wouldn't give a sheet anymore.

I'm pretty facetious, sadly too often some people take me seriously. I like making myself sound like a jackass (I'm holding back big time on this profile, you should see my profile on that other site...). I'm easily amused.
What I’m doing with my life
I live in Wrocław now. Before that I used to live in different places in Europe and even Lebanon. Ask me about it! Or don't.

I have my own business. I'm the boss!
I’m really good at
Doing my job. Writing too much. Grammer. Making myself laugh. Being refreshingly honest. Cross-synergizing revenue streams. Chilling AND relaxing all at once, or as I like to call it, relaxching (I'm still working on that).

I'm good at having my own way of doing everything, like for example using the software I've made to analyse the notes in a song, play them with my guitar (with my own tuning, AC#FAC#F) and write them down on a piece of paper using numbers from 0 to 11. Sometimes I play phone numbers with my guitar, it inspires me (I just realised how great an excuse this is to ask someone's phone number).
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall, French, smart. Yep that pretty much sums up any reason why anyone cares to talk with me in the first place haha. I've got a butt-chin, do people notice that? I'm sure they do.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like good food, I'm learning to make food, like endive salads or turkey with a sauce made with cooked Madeira wine, fresh cream and that sauce thickening thing, or escalope de veau panée au citron (breaded veal scallop with squeezed lemon?)! I think airplane food is quite good actually, no idea what everyone else is on about.

I love reading books, the last book I read was Miffy at the Zoo by Dick Bruna, a fascinating and enlightening allegory of multiculturalism and neo-colonial attitudes in European countries, highly recommended! I also enjoy reading post-structuralist philosophy: Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Jaden Smith.

Stop everything, I too like Breaking Bad! I know, what are the odds! You know what's not odd? Breaking Bad, haven't seen anything like it since The Wire. Breaking Bad is the best show I've ever seen, except maybe The Wire. I will never stop talking about Breaking Bad or The Wire.
Six things I could never do without
-Originality. Haha just kidding, I mean "Air and water"
-Equanimity (in the stoic sense). Too many people are utterly unequanimous and spend their life being vainly upset at things that are entirely beyond their control and can only cope by seeking an illusion of influence.
-Funky music
-Funny TV shows
-Wikipedia, I just love reading it ALL!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to underthink more.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't know, probably learning new interesting things. Like, did you know that if you have a tree you need to apply a new layer of bark on it every year? It's called barking up, apparently that's how they get these concentric circles inside. Some kinds of trees don't need that though, and you can even do a lot of damage if you're barking up the wrong tree. They don't teach you that in school, or anywhere really.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It bums me out that it seems that most people look for someone with certain traits instead of someone with whom you'd naturally have an outstanding relationship with regardless of individual traits. And since I have several traits desired by most I feel like many people like me because of those traits they see in me when sometimes they shouldn't even like me at all because we don't naturally get along so well, so I feel like those types of relations are forced and vacuous, and it gets in my way of having relationships that feel real.

It's like being the woman with the most irresistible physique in the world, all the guys who would talk to you would be too blinded by their desire for you that nothing could derail them in their quest to be with you, not even you having nothing to say or even being mean. So all your relations with men would be completely hollow and worse, devoid of any empathy for you (hunters don't empathise with their prey), and in the end you'd feel more alone than you would if you looked much less remarkable, plus you feel like you're interchangeable with someone who shares the same traits, so you don't even feel special. So I kind of feel that way (in a less extreme way of course) about most people who like me, I don't get why they like me so much since our relationship isn't naturally all that amazing, I get that there are things about me that they like but I don't think those are good reasons to actually like someone, and that gets in the way of me connecting with anyone. Not to mention how incomprehensible and erratic the behaviour of the people who like you for those types of reason can be, like when they don't get what they expect, or that their interest seemingly wanes after nothing happens/evolves for a while.

Oh, and Twilight was great!
You should message me if
you're racist and/or antisemitic or dislike specific nationalities. I'm tired of people who pretend they love everybody equally, it gets really tiring to see people not only pretend but even lie to themselves and censor their own thoughts to maintain their self-image of a good person. Only truly honest people can admit they're not fans of certain groups of people, so let's try that.

Also message me if you don't want to have a 9 to 5 job, want to make AT LEAST 3 children and don't want to clean the house (I have maids and I'm keeping them). Also if PiS isn't good enough for you you're not good enough for me.
The two of us