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My self-summary
I'm sorry, Morty. It's a bummer. In reality, you're as dumb as they come.

Okay so I wanted to just cut the whole profile and leave the speech up, but it has been suggested that was a bad idea, so i guess I'll leave some of it up.

Academic: Four years ago I traveled to Ecuador on my own and haven't stopped traveling since. I split my time between NYC and abroad. I lived in Costa Rica for a year studying and writing a paper on ethics and morality. Traveled around chunks of Latin America and was recently in Ecuador again to write about racism and racial subordination in Latin America. I wrote my thesis on The War on Drugs and U.S. policy, though I have spent a fair amount of time focused on counter-terror policy as well. I have a degree in International Criminal Justice and am in a gap period where I'm trying not to be broke, and dreading going back to school.
What I’m doing with my life
But I needed those seeds real bad and I had to give 'em up just to get your parents off my back. So now we're gonna have to go get more. And then we're gonna go on even more adventures after that, Morty.
I’m really good at
And you're gonna keep your mouth shut about 'em, Morty. Because the world is full of idiots that don't understand what's important.

"When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” - John Lennon
The first things people usually notice about me
And they'll tear us apart, Morty. But if you stick with me, I'm gonna accomplish great things, Morty. And you're gonna be a part of 'em.

Who cares.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
And together we're gonna run around, Morty, we're gonna do all kinds of wonderful things, Morty. Just you and me, Morty.

Last book read: Old Man and the Sea
Currently reading: About a fuckton of Gorsuch's opinions, spoiler, they suck.

Books: Cat's Cradle, The Dice Man, Paradise Lost, The Wind Up Girl, The Star's My Destination, The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Hamlet, Stranger in a Strange Land, Sputnik Sweetheart, Ender's Game, Lolita, The White Tiger, Kafka on the Shore, The Stranger, Heart of Darkness, any short story by Kafka, The Things they Carried, As I Lay Dying.

Poems: The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, The Wasteland, The Raven, Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, The Song of Myself, A Lesson In Vengeance.

Authors: Kurt Vonnegut, T.S. Eliot, Alfred Bester, Robert A. Heinlein, Walt Whitman, Haruki Murakami, Paolo Bacigalupi, Nabokov.

AVPM, AVPS, AVPSY , HMB, Me and My Dick, Starship, if you know what I'm talking about...
Oh man there are so many, Deer Hunter, Men in Black, Cool Runnings, Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, Princess Mononoke, How to Train Your Dragon, Fast and Furious (and I'm not afraid to admit it,) V for Vendetta, Starship Troopers, Lord of the Rings, Zombieland, Hot Fuzz, L.A. Confidential, Batman (the original with Jack Nicholson,) Fight Club, Blade Runner, Love Actually (what, it's a damn good movie don't hate,) The Shining, Silence of the Lambs, Mulhaul and Drive, Untouchables, Django Unchaind, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Starlet (seriously check this one out,) Fargo.

Shows: Doctor Who, Firefly, Dollhouse, The Wire, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Archer, Breaking Bad, Bobs Burgers, West Wing (huge fan of Sorkin in general) Futurama, Family Guy, Torchwood, Little White Lie, Blue Mountain State, Burn Notice, Psych and Sherlock. I feel like I'm forgetting one...

Directors: David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, Joss Whedon (okay but at times also disappointed), Wes Anderson, The Cohen Brothers.

Least Favorite Director: Zac Snyder with an HM to Christopher Nolan (we can discuss this if you disagree and I will show you why you're wrong.)

Music: this and so much more,

Johnny Cash is my muse (minus the pills and haircut.)

I usually hate musicals, but everything Starkid does is awesome. (And Dr. Horrible's)

Don Giovanni is my favorite Opera.

Bobby McFerrin (I spend many hours wishing I could do half the shit he does with his voice.)

Electronic (I've been on a huge kick): Royksopp (Sparks is like an eargasm, so is Running to the Sea, and all of Senior, and all of Junior, and a lot of Melody AM....), Metric, Daft Punk (Contact, fuck his popular shit, listen to Contact, that will put you in another world, also Motherboard), and many more but mostly ethereal.

Classical: John Luther Adams: Become Ocean. Satie was my favorite growing up, and I have recently had a serious re-kindling of Vivaldi.

Rap: Eminem, K'naan, Tupac, Damien Marley, Madvillian (or whichever alias) and Kendrick (but specificallly Rigamortis)

Rock (soft): Eric Clapton, Sonny Landreth, John Haitt, Foo Fighters, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Mckee (not really rock but I'm not sure where else to put it), Paul Simon, The Radiators, The Talking Heads, John Butler (Trio,) The Civil Wars, Willie Nelson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd (i wish 'wish you were here' was here more often.)

Reggae/Reggaton: Bob Marley, Damian Marley, Ziggy Marley, Yellowman, Michael Franti/Spearhead, Jimmy Cliff.

Country: John Denver, Old Crow Medicine Show, Johnny Cash, Lyle Lovett, Joe Elly, Guy Clark, Tom Russel

Jazz: Just found Romain Collin and he is incredible! I stumbled into a show of his at The Blue Note 100% by accident. Coltrane, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Dave Brubeck.

Blues/R&B/Soul: The fucking Alabama Shakes. Saw them at Panorama, one of the best shows I've seen. B.B. King, Albert King, Dr. John, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ben E King, Sam Cooke.


I love almost all types of food, except scallops... fuck scallops .... though bacon will always have a soft spot in my heart.... well, stomach, and its kinda crunchy, so scratch that.
Six things I could never do without
The outside world is our enemy, Morty. We're the only friend's we've got.

1) Music
2) A lack of time

oh and you know, like water, food, sex, and all that other stuff that I literally couldn't do without as opposed to 'would just be in a depressing Orwellian society without.' -- Wow, looking back at this profile, what a prophet.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Rick and Morty, forever and forever, a hundred years Rick and Morty, s... things. Me and Rick and Morty runnin' around and Rick and Morty time. Aaall day long forever. All, a hundred days Rick and Morty forever a hundred times. Over and over Rick and Morty adventures dot com WWW dot Rick and Morty dot com WWW Rick and Morty adventures all hundred years.

Morality vs Legality, and the perception of time in different cultures.

Cultural criminality

The Bystander Effect

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it
so." - William Shakespeare, Hamlet
"The mind is its own place and in itself can make a Heav'n of Hell a Hell of Heav'n." - John Milton, Paradise Lost
On a typical Friday night I am
Every minute Rick and Morty dot com W W W hundred times Rick and Morty dot com.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
What if I'm actually Morty and not Rick?
You should message me if
I cannot see "likes" so send me a message instead!

You feel like and are at least a little bit crazy... (in the not totally normal and boring way, not in the "I have crazy eyes and might kill you in your sleep way.")
You can say something interesting, not "whats up", or "hey"
Try a handful of sentences or bring up an interesting discussion point.

You realize Myers-Briggs personality test is total bullshit and only one of the 4 letters is relevant, I don't understand why everybody is so obsessed with it, is it because it sounds scientific? --- Added note 2/5/17 I think this thought about trust and science was a lot more relevant than I originally thought: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/big-data-cambridge-analytica-brexit-trump

Bonus points if you want to debate philosophy or even better if its criminal philosophy!
OR if you know what the game Go is, if you know how to play it I might be in love.
Also mad bonus points if you've seen A Very Potter Musical or know of starkid.

Please message me if you would have messaged me if I were to remove the entire profile and just left the Rick and Morty Speech.

Don't message me if:
You talk in all caps.
The two of us