31Sheffield, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Creativity is what I thrive on. Whether it's acting, film-making or writing, fighting with swords or hugging my friends, I do it with gusto. I just like to get the best out of things, and you get out what you put in. I am perhaps a variety pack of passions whirling around an enthusiastic wrapper.

I have an ever-changing array of beards and I love each one as much as the last, though I am occasionally bald-faced.

I laugh like a dick at odd things that tickle me for some reason. I like to build absurd stories out of tangents. I also like living absurd stories. I climbed up the side of Osaka Castle and The Great Pyramid because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I'm rarely if ever self-conscious.

About once every four months I might fancy a Burger King. This is apparently the length of time it takes to forget what sadness tastes like.

Right now I aim to end up something like Christopher Lee, having a career that earns me a lifetime achievement award and recording cheesy symphonic metal concept albums in my 80's. That is the pinnacle.

I work irregular hours and I have a reputation for saving the day. I get around the world when I can. Despite all this I am not a secret agent. I'd make a good one, were it not for my love of silliness.

Words. Actions. Frisson.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently teaching on the Youth Shakespeare Festival doing Hamlet with over a hundred 6-11 year olds. It's absolute madness in the best possible way.

I'm playing Eros in a production of Psyche & Eros, which is a physical theatre adaptation of the Greek myth.

I have a short film in pre-production and two in post, having recently released four made last year.

I haven't found any time for my novel in nearly six months, but there's one last big push to do on the fourth draft before I start canvassing literary agents.

I've always had a love of travel- I've visited some amazing places, mostly those whose history or culture I find interesting, and I've usually made great memories while I'm there. Despite this, I'm terrible with languages. Most recently, I went to Languedoc to hike up mountains and look at medieval castles (and climb one a bit, I couldn't help it).

I also love Cinema and HBO television. BBC's Hollow Crown and associated Shakespeare programming was ace, too. And now, Netflix!
I’m really good at
I've been called a ninja before without any irony, probably because I spent a year teaching English, training in martial arts and learning to sword fight in Japan, and have an innate enthusiasm for exploring hard to reach places.

Skiing! After four years out, I got back on the ski-lift and thankfully when I got off, I could ski, and didn't fall flat on my face or do the splits. It's like riding a bike! Who knew!

Enthusiasm in the field of Karaoke.

Productivity I suppose, which is really useful. I get shit done.

I really enjoy hyperbole.
The first things people usually notice about me
According to a recent colleague it's my 'inexhaustible reservoir of energy'. I'm less convinced, as I love sleep.

"You're not from 'round 'ere?" I am a Yorkshireman, but my accent is weird.

I am pretty silly for a 'smart' person.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: "Don Quixote" Miguel de Cervantes; "The Picture of Dorian Gray" Oscar Wilde; "American Psycho" Bret Easton Ellis; "Ecce Homo" Friedrich Nietzsche; "River God" Wilbur Smith; "Murder In The Cathedral" T.S. Eliot; "Meditations" Marcus Aurelius; "Art of War" Sun Tzu; "Mirror Of Ink" Jorge Luis Borges are some of my favourite books. I also love Shakespeare and though I'm new to reading contemporary theatre, I'm diving in with both feet.

MOVIES: Inception; Garden State; Walk The Line; Children of Men; Ratatouille; Memento; 2046; Crank I+II; Oldboy; Yojimbo; Brokeback Mountain; Kill Bill Vol. 2; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; The Dark Knight; Closer; Pans Labyrinth; The Prestige; Hot Fuzz; Match Point; Love In The Afternoon; The Adventures Of Robin Hood; Star Wars (IV-V); There Will Be Blood; Letters From Iwo Jima; Vicky Cristina Barcelona; Hellboy I+II; Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring; Rocky Balboa; MANY more. I have quite a DVD collection and I love the cinema and discussing films.

MUSIC: Mishaped Pearls; Trifonic; Film Scores; Pink Floyd; Opeth; Justin Timberlake; Mastodon; Mozart; Ween; Lady GaGa; Goldfish; Skrillex; MeWithoutYou; Kodo; Scroobius Pip; Daft Punk; The Beatles; Dillinger Escape Plan; Murder By Death; Saint Saens; Christopher Lee; Korpiklaani; Brontide; Chino XL; Mos Def; Bob Dylan; Niyaz; Vas; Tom Waits; Johnny Cash; Killswitch Engage; Boris to name a few. I don't actually listen to enough good music, but I enjoy a bit of cheese when out and about.

FOOD: I love a chicken katsu-kare in a good Japanese restaurant, and I love sesame seed dressing on salads to a seemingly unfeasible degree. It's like catnip. Also chilli. Mmm...
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Stories, narratives and characters- real and imagined.

Tea, in all its many glories.

TED Talks.

Philosophical quandaries.

Who I need to catch up with. I have friends tucked away all over the place.

Innocuous words that sound humorous, like globule and narwhal, superbly, and parp.
On a typical Friday night I am
Puttin' on The Ritz. Or you know, with friends or online, performing or in an audience.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I rock out to the acting of Nicolas Cage, and I'm not sorry.

Latest Caper: My car battery was flat so I had to take the train to rehearsal. By the time I got back it was gonna cost me a tenner to get a taxi the five miles to my house. So I ran it instead in jeans and a leather jacket, wailing Judas Priest on every out breath to keep myself motivated while terrifying/amusing the locals. Made it home in 40 minutes high on endorphins and regretted NOTHING.
You should message me if
Any of these:

You like your life.
You seize the day.
You enjoy something enough to rock out about it.
You have an infectious laugh.
You want to climb or walk up things.
You can teach me Chess. Or Violin. Or Surfing. Etc.
You want to rant.
You like a beard.
You think Karaoke is A-OK.
You want a book to read.
You will do YES! Cartwheels with me.
You know an awesome place you want to share.
You want to chat about everything ever over tea in the afternoon.
You want to dance like an idiot and not care.
You really want to see a film your friends won't go to.
You think costume parties should be all the parties.
The two of us