33İzmir, Turkey
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My self-summary
I respond to polite people, however I try not to take myself too seriously and love making jokes out of everything. I love intelligent people, I proud to be one, but I am challenger of the onesided approach.
I click best with smart, creative but yet somewhat silly/goofy personalities :)
What I’m doing with my life
I prefer conversing about it instead of just saying it outright.

However and in resume I just started my private practice and I love every second of it.
Never thought that I'd do children's therapy, but I just loved it.

Of course that's not all I am and do, but I'm also pretty egocentric person, so I love talking about myself and will be more than happy to share lol
That being said I encourage you to ask ;)
I’m really good at

- Being ridiculous and/or silly
- Sarcasm
- Reading people
- Talking
- Cooking
- Pointing out everything I'm good at

and obviously: GRAMMAR (lol)
The first things people usually notice about me
My facial expression.
Yes. Singular. lol

And my badonkadonk! IKR!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: Sword of the Truth - by Terry Goodkind
I like to read lot's of scientific literature also. Mostly psychology and physilogy, and physics.

Movies: well that's hard. I enjoy David Lynch's movies - it really makes you think and try to see from a different angle... if i have to pick my favorite that will be Man on the Moon with Jim Kerry.

I prefer series though... it takes less time... Homeland, Burn Notice, Game of thrones, House M.D. /wanna be like him when I grow up. No! Not a doctor. I want to be an insolent prick/. Certain sitcoms... Whitney, The Big Bang Theory, The League, New Girl, Go on, etc.

Music: I love the sound of the acoustic guitars - no matter in what genre is it - it always sounds great. My favoriteband for all times is Nickelback ... I also like Poets of the Fall , Damien Rice, James Blunt, 3 Doors Down, etc. ... you get the drift

Foods: I'm a guy. Therefore I can eat pretty much everything.
However lately /due to my research on emotions I came upon a lot of related data to emotional awareness with animals... and as every pet owner knows, emotions are never straight forward even with a canary... freakin flies seems to be emotional and they don't even have a brain parse/ I am very reluctant eating red meat.

Some of my colleagues turns into cynical jerks about things like that (lol and life in general), some of them turn into softies... I guess I'm from the latter :)
Six things I could never do without
- Books
- Gym
- Healthy food
- Smart companion
- Humour
and yeah occasionally computer games. What did you expect? I'm a guy :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Notice the number of I's in the sections? lol

It's under control though :)
On a typical Friday night I am
I know. I have nothing against bars and all, but since I work with kids all day I prefer to socialize with sober person than with a babbling drunk.

(cultural tip: most Bulgarians drink a lot)

I'd go for visiting friends or have them come visit me and/or watch a good movie.

If not any of the above, I usually work... It seems as if I do it all the time. I get picked on it even by the people I work with lol jerks
It doesn't count as work if one loves doing it, does it?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That my name means "blond and beautiful"...
It's kinda on the nose, but still good, isn't it lol

I'm a decent cook, but I don't cook meals that aren't healthy, wholegrain, lowfat and/or organic. The "decent" part is, that they don't taste like feet as most fear lol
You should message me if
You :
- are well mannered
- are well meaning
- have a sense of humour (sarcastic or ironic works the best and capable tounderstand that I mock arrogance, by acting as if I am extremely-over-the-top arrogant. Gosh, it's so obvious!)
- are actually intelligent (not just claiming so)
- know what you want
- know who you are
- know how to take care of yourself
The two of us