31Thousand Oaks, United States
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My self-summary
Lets see how does one build themselves up to seem important and yet at the same time try not to sound like a self centered egotisticalass? Perhaps I can give you a little snapshot of me, but to be honest the best way to get to know me is by sending me a message and asking what you would like to know? Well I'm 28 6'1" with brown hair and blue eyes and have an average build. I would like to consider myself somewhat of an intellectual but at the same time a down to earth individual. Two things that i love are outdoor adventure and travel. Right now more than anything i would like the opportunity to travel around the world. (I really want to go travel
to Rome, Greece, Paris pretty much all around Europe)
What I’m doing with my life
Currently im taking one day at a time...I have a great job as a Project Scheduler/Project Controls that allows me to travel all around the country and pushes me to my limits. It's challenging but very rewarding and while I believe it's a job that is perfect for me right now I will always have my eyes open for new exciting challenges and opportunities. One day I want to move in the direction of opening my own microbrewery.
I’m really good at
Everything!....Wait I mean being modest :). Alright so I’m not good at everything but I usually excel at anything that I put my time and effort into. Let’s see I guess I can start with my Sarcastic humor, being a movie critic, Wind Surfing, Snowboarding, Paintballing, Listening, Being a friend, Massages (most people lucky enough to get one tell me i should do it professionally) Games (all types of games from analytical, video, board you name it) to just name a few as well as a few talents that you might get to find out about if you’re lucky
The first things people usually notice about me
I’m not afraid to do something crazy haha but if we’re talking about physically I would have to say most people comment on my baby blue eyes...but instead of telling me what others notice on first impressions why don't you tell me?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Honestly I don't read a whole lot of books for pleasure. Most books I read one time for information. While I definitely read more than most people do it’s just not preferred form of entertainment...however with that being said I do enjoy someone reading to me

I am a huge movie buff but what do you expect from a guy who worked as a manager at blockbuster for almost 5 years. If i didn't like movies then i would have never lasted. It was a descent job that put me through school

Boondock Saints Clockwork Orange 300 Fifth Element Super Troopers Clerks American Psycho Office Space Shaun of the Dead Nightmare before Christmas Casablanca Beerfest Grandmas Boy Pulp Ficion Sin City Godfather Kill Bill Labyrinth Wizard of Oz Blade Runner Star Wars Donnie Darko Requim For a DreamHeat Pie (its a symbol not spelled) Watchmen V for Vendetta Gladiator Notebook Reign of Fire Notebook (I know no comment) Pans Labyrinth Equilibrium Citizen Kane Gone with the wind This list is getting a little too extensive but you get the idea....

Also i don't watch Television but i love The big bang theory and Two and a half men

As far as music i also love a wide variety of music and i enjoy almost all spectrums of music (perhaps with the exception of country but i still have an appreciation for it) I can honestly say I’m the only guy i know that enjoys opera. Nirvana Pearl Jam System of a down AC/DC The Beatles Sublime ColdPlay Doors Elvis Eminem Godsmack Five Finger Death Punch Korn Frank Sinatra Michael Buble Linkin Park Iron Maiden Led Zepplin Lynyrd Skynyrd Metalica Bob Marley Slayer Van Halen I could probably go on all day listing music that i love (sadly I’m horrible with names so don't ask me to list specific songs)

When it comes to Food i love food. By no means am i picky and i can appreciate all types of good food. Thai Vietnamese Italian Greek Dim Sum Mexican Irish Sushi Mongolian Beef Indian Meditteranian Fondue
Six things I could never do without
Rainbows No its not because I'm determined to find that pot of
gold it's my sandals that i wear everywhere

In addition, my Cats Family and Games are things that I
would never want to do without.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The meaning of life? Why are we here and what is our purpose...haha alright so i don't spend too much of my life thinking about why i'm here rather more time on what i want to do with my life. I'm always looking for something new and exciting.
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't lock anything down to "typical" but if I can I try to find somewhere new to try that I haven't been to before or in awhile. If there's a brewery with good food then that's a pretty good bet or perhaps a fun Friday night event downtown? I'm up for just about anything!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Nothing :) Curiousity killed the cat so if you want to know my Secrets then send me a message.
You should message me if
Take a chance? What do you have to lose? i'm a nice guy and if you're looking for someone to connect with or just a good friend the only way to find out is by sending me a message. I love to have fun and am always looking for a new adventure. I'm open minded when it comes to food, music and movies and i think all three are a great outputs to share with good company.
The two of us