49 Wichita, United States
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My self-summary
it's dark right now in the living room and the rolling stones are playing. i've always wanted to listen to them, but never seemed to get around to it until recently. i love the beatles, but the stones have always just been at the edge of my awareness. i was working on some web design today at the vagabond coffeehouse, and the cool bartender who kinda looks like chubby elvis was rocking some old stones, and i was totally digging it. i'm reading "life" by keith richards, too, so i guess this is the year i finally discover the rolling stones. better late than never? it's dark in my living room, and my cats aretha and thelonious are chilling on the couch curled up in my freshly-laundered clothes, the wee fuckers. i love them so. i could just pop them in my mouth and keep them warm. i got them both from a shelter to help me get over a girl. it worked. they've been mah bebes for fourteen years. god, i love them. i'm in the dark in the living room because i was just watching a movie on my laptop. it was "ruby sparks," which, wow, was amazing, and just before that i was checking out "moonrise kingdom," and that... dang... that was freakin' brilliant. it's friday night in wichita, and this is my date night, just me and kitties and some good music and good movies after a full day of web design. i'm tired but happy. this is a really random self-summary, i suppose, but hey... there's a lot of me in there somewhere.
What I’m doing with my life
i write stuff, and then i perform it on stage in front of audiences. it's kinda like poetry, but it's kinda like stand-up comedy, but it's kinda like dramatic monologue, but it's kinda like storytelling, but it's kinda like spoken word. i don't know what to call it, really, but it allows me to do a lot of traveling while meeting truly wonderful and warm people who have made the conscious decision to build their lives around art and music and writing and theatre. i just did my second gig in honolulu about a month ago as i write this, and there was a point where i was in a huge pool at the base of a waterfall after having hiked two hours across the side of a volcano, and i remember smiling so huge and real and honest and thinking, "well, shit... look at me, being all up in some hawaii for my writing. ain't too shabby." i feel extraordinarily lucky to be able to express myself in a way that other people can feel. i have no idea where it comes from, but i sure am glad it's a part of my life. so, yeah, that's what i do, i write, and then i book gigs at colleges and high schools and art spaces and bars and coffeehouses and bookstores all over the country and go on tour and get so freakin' inspired that i just swell up and glow sometimes. life... yeah... it's hard. but sometimes? it's fucking awesome.
I’m really good at
you know, besides writing and performing, i am mad decent at crafting mixtapes. i have a voracious appetite for music, and i listen to it constantly as i write or do web design, so i am constantly snapping up something i heard in some cafe or on spotify or pandora or pitchfork or daytrotter or hype machine or bandcamp or soundcloud or any of a bzillion places, and i can't possibly listen to all of it at the same time, so i make mixtapes that ebb and flow, rise and fall, expand and contract, like dolphins swimming in the waves because that's what they're supposed to do, that's what they were born to do. i can break your fucking heart with one mixtape, one, and then i can give you another that teaches you to sew it back up again. that sounds so arrogant, and maybe i'm just flexing and flossing, but making mixtapes is one of the few things about which i have complete confidence. everything else makes me an awkward mess sometimes, but my swag comes out with i've got my headphones on and i'm brewing up some wickedness.
The first things people usually notice about me
i'm rocking a big-assed beard. like, it snatches wigs off the heads of passing old ladies and rips halloween candy bags from little kids. birds build nest in my beard. if you bury your nose in my beard, you would be surrounded by the faint scent of sandalwood and amber and freshly mown grass and salty sea breeze. if you closed your eyes, you would see kites with long twisting tails. it's nice and soft though because i condition the hell out of it. it always smells good, is always soft, is always clean. i look at my beard and i think, "indie rock bassist." other people might look at it and think, "paul giamatti." i just like it because it's like burying your face in warm kitty bellies. oh, speaking of that, my cats smell so good. we sleep all spooned together, and sometimes i'll press my nose into their fur and breathe deep, and they are so warm and so mine, it's wonderful.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
when i was a kid, i was hella shy and awkward. i still kinda am, but i've figured out ways around it, figured out how to embrace and make it work for me. at least i don't let it hold me back as much as when i was a kid. i spent a lot of time alone with books, records, and movies because they were things you could do alone. that sounds sad, but i wasn't, i was perfectly happy on a saturday kicking back in my bedroom with my german shepherd listening to records and reading kurt vonnegut or stephen king or whatever conan books i had shoplifted from the mall. i was a little thief back then. nowadays, i read while i'm on tour a lot. here are some books i've read on greyhound buses recently: the brief wondrous life of oscar wao; the omnivore's dilemma; a graphic novel called "jerusalem" by one of my favourite comic artists guy delisle; and a collection of poetry by hafiz. i dig stuff like "the adventures of kavalier and clay," "a visit from the goon squad," "blankets" by comic artist craig thompson. stuff like that. whatever that means. i loves me some movies by the coen brothers, wes anderson, jean-pierre jeunet, gaspar noé, and this amazing swedish director i just discovered named roy andersson... his movie "you, the living," is madcap genius. oooh, and "13 tzameti" was great. oooh, and "kontroll" was really good, oh and "sound of noise" is my absolute favourite movie right now. you can check it out on netflix streaming. what else... oh, music... too much to mention. i'd be here all night. lately, i've been digging me some fleet foxes, avett brother, band of horses, the shins, anything involving danger mouse, joanna newsom, sufjan stevens, bat for lashes, andrew bird, the decemberists. i've also gone completely bat-shit crazy for a dubstep producer from canada named excision. so much better than skrillex. i dig me some electronic music, like mouse on mars, i am robot and proud, dam mantle. i know i am prattling on about these bands you've never heard of, so suffice it to say that i like music a lot. i am listening to it constantly. right now, i've got the latest from tame impala on spotify, and it's mad decent. that's the second time i've used the phrase "mad decent." i will use it exactly one more time before i am done with this profile. just sayin'.
The six things I could never do without
to be honest, there is not much i can really do without. i don't really put all that much effort into the gathering of material things, which, really, should put you on alert if that sort of thing means a lot to you. i live a pretty spartan life as far as possessions go. having said that, here are some of my favourite things:

1] using "u's" in words like favourite even though i don't have to;
2] my macbook pro, since it's how i get all my work done;
3] my cats aretha and thelonious;
4] moleskine notebooks and uniball vision elite pens with blue-black ink;
5] my bff, with whom i talk once or twice a day on the phone (she's my homie);
6] a bike, which, really, i don't have right now because some soulless fucker stole my 21-speed cruiser when i was still in austin, texas. man... that's some shit right there. how you gonna steal a brother's bike?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the sound of the wind in the leaves of the trees outside my window make such a lovely shushing sound. the crunch of gravel underfoot as i walk to the 24-hour walmart at 3 a.m. for a copy of wired magazine and some more almond milk. i love stories. i love sound. i love noticing what everyone else seems to ignore, the tiny lovelies all around us.
On a typical Friday night I am
shoot... lately? sitting in the dark in the living room with the windows open and the cool breeze ruffling the fur of mah bebes while watching movies or listening to music or writing or reading or popping some popcorn in olive oil and sprinkling it with mrs. dash and some tabasco. i've been sorta hermity while i've been putting together a book, but now that i'm pretty much done and am moving on to revamping my website, it's time to take my head out of this creative hole in the ground and be social again.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i pretty much don't know a soul in wichita, and i've lived here a year. granted, i've done a hell of a lot of traveling in that time, and i've put together a 566-page book, but still... what the hell? it's high time i actually explore this town, right?
You should message me if
if you felt these words and want to get to know the person who lives through them, float me a note and let's trade snarky remarks and thank the universe obama got re-elected. if that part about obama pisses you off, well, you and me, sister, are on the road to for-never, so just keep on walking.