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My self-summary
From the very first moment you saw him, you realized that he wasn't like other men. He strode through the party with a quiet confidence, a palpable energy flowing from him. The faces of his friends lit up when they spotted him, smiles and shrieks and hearty hugs. They were rapt with attention when he spoke... and you found your curiosity rising within you.

Who was this engaging man? You needed to find out more about him...
What I’m doing with my life
... so you sidled up next to him and his friends unnoticed and listened in on their conversation.

The facts of his life were puzzling... it seemed like he was a man unbounded by constraint or convention who could do whatever he wished. But the quality of his life was patently obvious: he was having fun. His quick wit and wry outlook amused his friends to no end... and attraction stirred within you. When he told an uproarious story you couldn't help but laugh out loud yourself.

He turned and you found yourself caught in his smiling gaze...
I’m really good at
... and with a fluid grace he brought you smoothly into the circle of his friends.

As you stood next to him listening it became clear that he was a master of conversation. His roguish charm was disarming, and you found yourself captivated by it. You leaned closer to him... and he put his arm around you as if it were the most natural thing in the world. A tingle secretly went through your body at his bold yet pleasing touch. As if sensing your inner feelings he gently stroked the small of your back while everyone chatted. You wanted to feel indignant at his presumption... but it felt so damn good.

And with another graceful move, he found you both a quiet spot at the party alone...
The first things people usually notice about me
... and you couldn't have been happier sitting alone with him.

You found yourself talking about things you hadn't thought of in years... childhood dreams, deep thoughts, and your private passions. He was an attentive listener with uncanny insight, never forgetting anything you said and moving inexorably to the heart of every story. You found yourself wanting to reveal yourself to him... all of you: good, bad, silly... everything. And while you spoke, his hand was still oh so sumptuously touching you... you felt a slow flush deep inside respond every time he stroked you.

God, you wanted this man...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
... but you hardly knew him!

You turned the conversation onto idle topics to get a breather. It became clear very quickly that he was well read, culturally savvy... and had many great appetites. He pleasantly went along with your diversion, and you knew he saw right through you. After you regained your composure, he threw you off balance again by asking a simple question about regret. Life is so short. Do you want to make harmless chitchat... or be genuinely touched? When you look back on this night, which would you regret not having done more?

You looked right into his eyes, shuddered, and said you wanted to be touched...
Six things I could never do without
... and then you discovered yet another side to this complex man.

He was intensely passionate. He was driven to explore, to understand, to succeed in everything he did. Life to him was a continual challenge, to be faced with equal parts humorous irreverence and serious dedication. He was fiercely loyal to his friends, like he was ardent with everything. And when he turned to you with those burning eyes you felt something within you light aflame. Just being near this man made you feel the excitement of life like it was brand new.

You looked up at him with moist eyes, and he bent his head slowly to kiss you...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
... you spent a lot of time thinking about that kiss.

It was a mixture of tenderness and passion. He started gently brushing his lips against yours... oh so gentle you knew this man would never hurt you. Your bodies melted into one another, arms enfolding and exploring, your very breathing in tune. His hand found your hair, tilted your head back, and your mouths fused in a slow, sensual rhythm. That first kiss just felt right, like you had been lovers for years and knew each other completely. He was primal, animal... yet at the same time, completely in control.

Heat burst in your chest and you knew what you wanted him to do next...
You should message me if
... but unexpectly he had to depart to a previous engagement.

You were left with more questions than answers about this provocative man. But one thing was certain: being around him was a grand adventure. In one brief encounter he had shaken you out of your predictable routine and touched you... more deeply than you cared to admit. What would it be like to become his friend... his lover? You felt an attraction to this stranger... and you needed to find out more about him.

That was when you decided to contact him...
The two of us