40Bryan, United States
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My self-summary
(This page is now being maintained by his girlfriend. Frost passed away on March 1st 2014. He was an amazing man and this page is maintained purely for me to remember his wonderful sense of humour and spirit that he was able to radiate even in text.)

I'm a dork. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Silly humor cracks me up. I'm also a goof, which means that I am likely doing the silly things that will inevitably crack me up... and hopefully my audience, which is generally composed of my son and army of nephews, who are also all dorks.. no, seriously, I mean c'mon, they actually think I am a pirate!

Arrrr! Matey!
What I’m doing with my life
Living. That seems to be a key component to this life thing. That is the part that really matters. Waking up with a smile and going to sleep with one. Maybe not actually having a smile WHILE you sleep.. because that looks a bit creepy sometimes.. but you get the idea!
I’m really good at
Making the boys (son and nephews) laugh. Video games... but not as good as my oldest nephew.. he was born with an inate video game ability.. like a super hero. Just about anything else I put my mind to.. save for things requiring any sort of mechanical inclination. Don't get me wrong, I can break stuff as well as the next guy.. thing of it is.. I can't put it back together again. Good thing I wasn't there for humpty dumpty!
The first things people usually notice about me
My dorkiness. Yes, it is that severe. Oh, that, and my awesome chops.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love mystery novels... especialy with really cool villians.
I will watch nearly all movies: Comedy and Action are my preference.. I am a boy afterall. Oh, and Sci-Fi. No dork is complete without a love of science fiction. ;) More importantly, STAR WARS and Firefly/Serenity! Music? I'm a metalhead at heart. However, just about everything else, so long as it has a good beat, I can get jiggy to. Annnnd finally, food. I am not the world's most diverse eater. Seafood and I don't see eye to eye. Mostly because you can still SEE the eyes in a lot of seafood. Creeps me out. ;)
Six things I could never do without
1. My son and nephews.
2. My family
3. Pirate stuff
4. Make-believe words
5. Bandanas
6. My computer
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we have dolphin safe tuna, but not dolphin safe dolphin?

Ok, maybe not a LOT of time thinking about it.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing whatever catches my fancy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Everyone burps and farts. SERIOUSLY! Hide it as you may, it's true. Someone had to say it!
You should message me if
It's monday through sunday. You happen to need a First Mate on an old 17th century Galleon. You know who Greedo is AND you know who REALLY shot first! You just read this whole thing. Your first name starts with a letter. You're also a dork. Seriously, we need to stick together, maybe start a club. :)
..and for those of you that don't think I have a serious side, I am going to take a moment to address some things, as these things have come up.

You probably shouldn't message me if:

-The fact there is a kiddo with me in all the photos bothers you. Kids, in general, like cameras. My kiddos (son and nephews) love them), and being as I nearly always have some of the aforementioned children around me, they are going to end up in the photos. ALSO, you don't need to message me to express your distaste in said kid-filled photos. If you're trolling for 'shirtless-muscley abs photos in a bathroom of an apartment with pants/boxers down so low you can damn near see the crotchal region' you'll not find them here. However, they are abundant on pages of other gentleman, I suggest you check those out.

-If you are unable to stand the thought of a man with a female best-friend.. I am also not your boy. Much like the children, my best-friend isn't going anywhere.

-I am a gamer. That is to say, I game. Not like hip-hop 'game'. I video-game. I do plenty of other things as well, but I enjoy to veg out with a good computer game when life allows. If this is an issue, continue on to the next fella.

-..and last, but CERTAINLY not least. I don't need to know why my profile didn't interest you. It is a solid representation of who I am, so I am certainly NOT going to change it so that I can get more 'hits' or interest. While I enjoy reading a self-important message from a self-absorbed individual as much as the next guy, I'll likely not respond, or maybe I will... but not to show my appreciation of said person's advice on how to 'better attract the opposite sex. Afterall, 'person with the great advice', you're on the same site as me.. which leads me to believe you're hardly a master casanova yourself.

WOO! Ok, that turned out longer then I expected. I assure you, I am not bitter, I am just trying to save us both some time.

...I now return you to your regularly scheduled internet dating.

Update: Currently, I have found someone amazing, with the assistance of OKCUPID. If I do not respond, it is nothing personal, I am simply enjoying the individual I have found.
The two of us