23Filipstad, Sweden
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My self-summary
Fun facts about me:
I am aware of four rude ways to say 'shut up' in greek.
The closest related natural blonde is my grandfathers cousins grandchild.
I have a hamburgian dialect when speaking german despite having lived in Sweden all my life.
My family has had cats until I moved out and soon after I did, I managed to become allergic to cats.
My first theological conclusion was that Adam and Eve would not have had bellybuttons.

Furthermore I am:
a religious fanatic
a political idealist
an amateur bassplayer
a professional youth leader
a strategic gamer
a carnivorous gourmand
a paleo-conservative market liberal

I really despise waste, fraud, abuse and manipulation. If thats something you're into, move along.

For those of you interested in psycology, I'll put it in terms of the big five: I'm really low in neuroticism, high in openness and and conscientiousness and slightly lower than average in extraversion and agreeableness. Written in the order of magnitude.
What I’m doing with my life
This summer I'll be working in the security buissness. If I like it, Ill keep working there for some time. (I have some insider information about where I'll find more work.)

In my free time I enjoy playing bass, sailing and not showeling huge amounts of snow.
I’m really good at
not getting sea sick.

I enjoy storming oceans and sitting in a boat in the middle of it. Sometimes I even feel like playing some guitar and keeping the spirits high amoungst my fellow travellers.

Do you have trouble enjoying a beautiful storm at sea? Try some hard bread. Trust me, it helps.
The first things people usually notice about me
is probably my hight, beard and friendly attitude. First impressions are important but I'll write some more on that in the next segment.

People who only meet me in person during the summer sometimes believe that I don't use shoes at all. Well I'd love that to be true but, though we have the gulf stream and global warming has been going on since the last ice age, it still gets a bit colder during the winter and then I occasionally prefer my toes not to get black and fall off. Shoes help with that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like music. I listen to Andi Weiss, a german guy who's good with the piano and better with connecting words. I also find internal equilibrium and guidance by listening to Moonraisers and Akosia. Torfrock is the band I grew up listening to. In times of solitude I prefere the Canadian solo band Lights. In more dire times I cling to hope through the music of Silverstein, Story of the Year and Yellowcard. For fun I listen to the german duo Icke und Er and the norweigan Leo Moraccioli. That's some of my musical intrests. The rest you will have to find out for yourself.

Of course there's music in all genres that I don't appreciate but if nothing's ugly then the same goes for beauty. Sometimes the first encounter's not appealing to you but when you linger you might see something worthwhile through the facade. I'm not saying that the first impression isn't important. It is after all the very first merit with which all our later discoveries are compared by. This might be true for more than just music though.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to successfully operate in the world.

There is a near infinite number of ways to conduct oneself. However, I am restrained by almost the same number of cicumstances that keep me from doing what would lead to misfortune or be straight up impossible. There is in comparrison to all the ways to conduct oneself very few ways that would be beneficial for me and everyone and everything around me now and in the future.

Finding principles to guide me towards this narrow path is what I truely want. If that is something you're interested to talk about, please message me.
You should message me if
you are a troll or want to talk politics. You could even message me if you have no interest in deep web trading and just want to talk about something related to the beaver apocalypse that is sweeping over Argentina, Canada and Chernobyl.
The two of us