35 San Mateo, United States
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My self-summary
Hey, I'm Kali! Trust'll pronounce my name wrong! lol! With that said, let's see what can I blabber on about? Hmmm... Maybe all my secrets, if your a deaf man;-)!Ok so... I'm full time mother of 2 children, a Son that's 12 and a Daughter that's 10. I love spending time with my little gremlins! Family means everything to me! What can I say about myself? I work and wear my mommy badge throughout the week and every other weekend and play when I can. I'm attending school now working towards a nursing degree! I am currently in a EMT training program I'm planning to go on to paramedic school and eventually RN...I want to serve and experience emergency and trauma situations to prepare my self for when I become an ER nurse! I love to cook and bake...What's your favorite home cooked dish?I love the outdoors, I don't get out there much but I will eventually! I like to workout as often as I can a week in between work school and mommyhood it's rough but...I'm on a mission :)! Can't expect someone to be satisfied with me if I'm not satisfied with myself! What else??? Oh, my profession consists of being a medical vampire! yeah, it's exciting };) lol! I LOVE to laugh!!! It is so important to have in daily and nightly doses!!! Don't you agree?! LOL I wonder who's really reading my profile!!! Hahaha... we'll see! I've been in the dating seen for a while now and honestly it really is starting to suck! I can't believe how many douche bags there are! well, I guess I can believe it. But I know there are good men out there somewhere! I have faith my prince charming will find me someday to make me his queen! I am totally not good with fact I think it makes me break into hives or rash or something!!! Drama is Soooo Bad News Bears!!! lol so I really try to steer clear of it! I'd love to meet MAN that is honest and upfront about what he wants and is after!"don't make a girl fall for you if you don't intend to catch her"!!! he should be goal oriented, responsible with choices and decisions he makes, a man that has a game plan for his future! Loves kids and will accept mine! A man that is not judgmental, my past isn't perfect and I don't expect yours to be! A man that is handsome and attractive to me, healthy and fit. It's important to me that he is in touch with his spirituality, a man that is passionate...I myself am a very passionate person and most important I wanna meet someone that can make me laugh! I truly believe that laughter is such an important key to a healthy relationship and a healthy life. Don't be shy send me a message...Ya neva know :)
The first things people usually notice about me
Well...I've been told I have beautiful eyes quite a I assume that's it. But hmmm...who really knows what they notice first! Lol
The six things I could never do without
My children...that's 2
Extra sharp cheddar!!!
You should message me if
Hey if I don't respond to you please don't repeatedly message me...I'm simply not interested and I do strongly believe in physical attraction as well as mental attraction. It's not's realistic! I wish you well on your fishing endeavors :-)