40Tepoztlán, Mexico
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My self-summary
Update: I have relocated to central mexico for good and left Tulum and its many caribbean and jungle wonders for the quiet focus of the land and I am loving the country side. I love the green, the flowers, lakes and rivers!
I am here to begin the desing of a little home and organic farm I desire to create here on land I inherited from my grandfather.

Ok now my story,
I am of mexican back ground so that means my ancestry is: indigenous mexican from north-west/central mexico, spanish from andalusia, arab, french and jewish. I was raised in Mexico by hippie-spiritual parents that later turned into yuppie-ville after my parents divorced when I was nine.

I lived mostly on the beach with periods in mexico city until I was sixteen, and then on Vancouver island, Vancouver and the Kootenays, BC, Canada on and off until I was twenty five. At this time a total stranger over heard me giving someone a mayan reading and he said that I needed to move to Tulum. His words struck something within me and three months later I had my plane ticket back to Mexico. Leaving family and friends and embarking on an amazing, wonderful, powerful, sometimes lonely, fanasticly rewarding adventure. I've since been mostly in Tulum, Mexico with intermittent periods of residence in London, Berlin, Catalunya-Spain, Morocco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Boston and Puerto Vallarta.

Needless to say I have spent my whole life traveling and I am now enjoying staying in the country side with my travel being reserved exclusively for short work trips. This is important to me now because my priority is to create a home to live within the garden of divine delights. I also have two lovely chihuahua girls to love and care for.
It feels amazing to have left Tulum and the ocean for now and be moving towards life with direct contact with the land.

I LOVE my work!!! I am a conscious jewelry designer and a mayan astrologer (this means I use the mayan calendar to map out the life-path, purpose and cycles of an individual. I am self taught and have developed my own take on doing this by following guidance I received in dreams).
I love music and dance!!! I am currently learning to tango and it is amazing!

Nature is an integral aspect of my life!!!
I love permaculture and look forward to creating a dream garden/home!
I love cooking, juicing and preparing raw food magic.
I also do aerial silks and yoga.
I feel life is a magical, sensual journey full of beauty, joy and wonder.
I've had my perfect share of drama and I love and enjoy every experience deeply. I am deeply grateful for my life and I am showered with blessings every moment.
What I’m doing with my life
I am moving to central Mexico in the state of Morelos to create a living altar. Tulum is not home anymore, I want be surrounded by the trees, rivers and birds in that region. Plus the storms there are amazing. What lightning!

On going:
I'm working on becoming the most open, loving, radiant woman that I was born to be. This includes everything and underlines all my decisions.
I am choosing to be in cooperation and relationship with deeply loving, fun, creative individuals of deep integrity and consciousness to dance, love, live and create a wondrous life in the garden of delights.
I am opening in vulnerable sensual ways to the love that permeates everything.
I am honouring and loving the glorious deep presence of masculine integrity within every man.
I am deepening my spiritual gifts through my feminine essence.
I am in service to the men in my life who are making this a more amazing world.
I’m really good at
Doing what feels right for me even if it takes me down unexpected paths.
Loving and teaching children.
Sticking to what I want (I'm a Taurus so some would call it stubborn).
Jumping into the unknown. Facing my fears. Manifesting my dreams.
Supporting men of integrity.
Speaking eloquently.
Teaching what I am passionate about to others.
Learning new things.
Road trips.
Reading maps.
Dancing as prayer.
Mayan Astrology.
Giving and receiving massage.
Having plants growing everywhere.
Telling stories.
Being silly.
Taking care of someone who's sick.
Protecting those I love.
Making a home.
Sneaking into out-of-bounds places.
Going on an adventure.
Dressing up and going out.
Creating a romantic dinner.
Seeing magic everywhere.
The first things people usually notice about me
My dogs! Hahaha! They are very cute.
Not sure but people mention how I laugh, they say I sound like a witch.
My big curly hair most likely, just by looking at me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fiction: Lord of the rings, One, The expected one, The book of love, Women who run with the wolves and many more.
Non- Fiction: Anastasia's Ringing Cedar series, The continuum concept, The way of the superior man, Dear lover, Healing with Whole Foods, All Carlos Castaneda except the first, Autobiography of a yogi and many more...
Movies: Dark crystal, never ending story, the black stallion trilogy, Renegade, indiana jones, superman, original starwars, the Life documentaries and Earth.
Comics: Elf quest
Music: I'm super picky but I like tons of stuff.
Arabic, Indian, African, Celtic, Techno, Deep house, tech house, IDM, Dub, World fusion, swing, 20'-30's jazz, Cumbia, Salsa, new wave, pixies, Ludovico Einaudi, beats antique, ali farka, hip hop, I usually have no idea about the name of most bands.
Food: Healthy and delicious! Indian, thai, moroccan, greek, middle eastern, japanese, mexican, raw, vegetarian, vegan. Chocolate!!! Superfoods!!!
Six things I could never do without
Love, Nature, Dancing, laughing, creating, freedom.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The design of my future home.
More ways for me to develop my feminine sensibilities.
Designs for my jewelry.
Creating more art.
The people I love.
Awesome food creations.
The needs of children & animals.
Amazing adventures in nature.
On a typical Friday night I am
Creating something, having friends over for dinner, cuddling with my dogs, watching a movie, sometimes dancing, walking under the stars. Listening to music.
Wishing I had someone to go dancing or do partner yoga with.
Tulum is a small town and there aren't many awesome dancers who want just stay in and dance in the living room or under the stars.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am learning to be a true woman so I can inspire a world of beauty, gratitude, love and integrity.
You should message me if
You see my love.
You want to create a world of beauty and wonder.
If you love life and this earth deeply.
If you are a divine creator with a deep purpose and you are willing to walk in flow with your heart and dreams.
If you radiate prosperity, love, gratitude and joy.
If you will stand in full integrity for divine truth in the face of anything or anyone and remain open, loving & strong.
If you love to dance or do acro yoga and take my breath away.
The two of us