55Rockville, United States
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My self-summary
Here's the basic pitch: Philosopher, counselor, designer, teacher, inventor, martial artist (that would be me), seeks Shield Maiden / Valkyrie (a confident warrior in her own right - that would be you) to share Grail quest (that would be life - either right now or for longer term). Must believe in the healing power of Chocolate, Monty Python, Scottish Highlands, Lao Tzu, Massage, and Motorcycles.

Less metaphorically - I'm looking for someone who is confident, active, challenging, intense, capable, and connected to something larger than themselves. Someone who can look me in the eye figuratively if not literally. Someone who can surprise me, who knows stuff I don't, and who can hold her own in conversations with, well, anybody.

On a strictly practical level - part of the point of all this is that I'd like to meet someone with whom, eventually, to do the raise-a-family thing. I don't mind if you already have a kid or two, but I'm pretty sure I'd like one or two for whom I get to be dad from the beginning. I'd like to find someone who could teach our kids the things I can't (gardening and music come to mind, though the list is obviously longer than that). I'm secure enough in my "manliness" (fourth degree black belts can do that) so I don't care if you make more money than I do, or don't want to put your career on hold to stay home with the kids full-time. Assuming we inspire each other enough to have kids in the first place - I'd probably want to have your back in any case.
What I’m doing with my life
My "real job" is to design and market aerospace manufacturing equipment for a tech startup. I also run a nonprofit, help run a sports camp each summer, and teach a college course in political aikido each January.
I’m really good at
seeing the potential in people, particularly kids.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The last great book I read: A friend's not-yet-published manuscript.

My most humbling moment: Every time I encounter majesty (a grove of redwoods, a mountain lake, a medieval castle) or mastery (authors, artists, musicians, teachers, etc. of great accomplishment and understanding)

Favorite on-screen sex scene: Sir Galahad facing the peril at Castle Anthrax. Gene Wilder's response to 'So what did you get from the monster?' in Young Frankenstein. For actually erotic - Leeloo in
5th Element not being ready to talk to the president.

The celebrity I resemble the most: Robin Williams, but taller, and without the manic intensity. (my intensity is much quieter). I'm also, sadly unlike Robin, still alive.

The best or worst lie I've ever told: The truth has never been so bad that lying seemed like a good idea.

If I could be anywhere right now: on a mossy bank, under the stars, deep in the sort of soul-to-soul conversation one has by firelight after the gymnastics.

In my bedroom one will find...
comfort and intensity, peace and passion, quality cuddling.

physical stuff - japanese tatami, tapestries, and training
weapons, radiator stereo shelves, jackets hung on gas
pipes, filing cabinets full of clothes and music, and a
sleeping loft almost, but not quite, too close to the ceiling.
Six things I could never do without
good tools (sharp chisels, quality omelet pan, multi-screen mac), good narrative (stories to inhabit, stories to tell, stories to read),
good space (high ceilings, natural light),
good company (friends who know me, strangers worth knowing), good work (something to do that makes a difference)
and the laughter of children.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out with some of my students, watching samurai movies and eating pizza
You should message me if
Why get to know me? Because you desire a partner strong enough to survive intensity, smart enough to provide an insightful audience, and confident enough not to need to change you. Because you want someone who wants to make the world a better place as much as you do. Because you seek to be both inspired and inspiring. Because i have a good massage table, and a good kitchen, and know how to use both. Because I can laugh, and I can cry. Because I actually prefer that you get the credit. Because I love children and like the idea of raising them well.
The two of us