31Portland, United States
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My self-summary
I am a married woman mainly looking for friends, preferably female or non cis male friends. I just started taking some classes and that is absorbing a large part of my time and energy.

I suppose I am poly of some sort? My husband is on here looking for someone and I am fully supportive and happy about it.

INTP if you care. I don't very much. I only remember what the I or E means.

Putting this at the top too: I am a feminist. If you are pro gamergate you can seriously fuck right off.

I have voluntarily read under five non fiction books in my life. I don't know how to ride a bike and have zero interest in learning. Also don't really swim, same interest level. I love the outdoors and fucking hate bugs. I hate food trucks. Going to new places severely stresses me out on bad days. I don't really like drinking alcohol anymore, I like pot a lot but hate smoking. I hate movie theaters. I don't think "bitter" is a flavor that food should ever be. Mountain climbing is dumb as hell. Basically I am an opinionated and negative person. It's not going to change. There's a ton of shit I love as much as I hate the previous stuff, those are just some things I hate that seem to throw people off. Also things people like to try to talk me out of. Don't do that.

The other large part of my life is my cats. I have two, and I will regale you with stories about them. I am not a crazy cat lady. I just adore animals. If you have a bias against women who like cats, leave now.

petting kitties
finding pretty rocks
reading up on archeology
reading up on WWI
prolly some other stuff
What I’m doing with my life
Just started school again for the first time in 7 years or so, I am not sure if or what degree I want, I am just taking two art classes. I am definitely going to be taking more, I am really looking to improve and expand my art.
I’m really good at
Being inexplicably hostile and giggling to myself about it.

I am extremely good at talking un-sober people out of really stupid ideas, and I hope I have as few chances to practice that skill as possible. City builders. Convincing kitties to love me. Finding agates, jasper, other quartz-y stuff and petrified wood. I dunno, other things?
The first things people usually notice about me
My...face? Humans usually look at faces first.

Right now my hair is mostly blue, and soon to be other colors as well.

people have said I look like I walked out of a silent film. I think that's them telling me it's ok to be homely. (this is an old statement, I just googled Norma Shearer and yeah I would have killed it as a silent film star.)

I am at any point a little too much green eyeshadow and a nose zit away from being accused of witch craft.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Voice of the Fire by Alan Moore is absolutely the best novel i have ever read. Drownging Girl by Caitlin Kiernan is also extremely good. I usually read sci-fi, fantasy, or horror and I have read a fair amount of all of those genres.

I dont like movies very much but as a general rule, but I love horror. Lake Mungo might be my favorite. The Babadook was very very good, and super triggering for me. I liked it a lot and will never watch it again. I have lots of thoughts and opinions about horror, feel free to ask. But if you ask a stupid question I will ignore you.

I like game of thrones, agents of shield, Silicon Valley, better call saul, broad city, Bob's Burgers, true detective, Orphan Black, walking dead, etc. Genre tv almost always. Carnivale is my favorite show ever, I would love to watch it again with someone who hasn't seen it.

I like music probably.

I live on snacks and pita bread and hummus.
Six things I could never do without
cats to pet

There's very very few things I couldn't manage without. This is a stupid category.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why I like the things I like. Why I hate the things I hate. Where exactly one of my cats came from and how did she get her pelvis broken in three places. (she showed up on my dads porch broken, she's all healed now) Why people do what they do. Whether there are any good horror/genre tv shows out there I haven't seen yet. How to do an art.
On a typical Friday night I am
Staying the fuck home. I am in class mon-thurs and I need a day at home before interacting with anyone.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My teenage years were rough, let's leave it at that.

I also have a sleep disorder that I finally got diagnosed this year. it is a circadian sleep disorder, some sub type or another I don't remember which. google it if you want, or I can explain it. It is a sleep disorder that affects 75% of all blind people. I am not blind. I am pretty well treated right now, which means I am sleeping at night every night. It's super exciting.

I just rewrote this profile from a year ago or so, and I am amazed at how different I sounded then.

I am a feminist. If you are pro gamergate, fuck right off.
You should message me if
Lemme just get this out of the way: No, I don't want to meet, you 44 year old man with a blank profile I have not spoken to at all. (you fucking creep) I do not want to be in your podcast. I don't have sex with cis men.

If I visited your page and we have an under 60% match, I am probably just curious as to how awful you are. I really wish we could see how long people spend on your page, that would be really helpful.

I'm actually pretty nice if you're not awful. You want an internet friend, go ahead. I won't meet physically with anyone unless I've had a good solid convo with them. and then a few days to procrastinate.
The two of us