60Houston, United States
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My self-summary
Sooo...seeking and open to meeting and connecting...!

Let's job stuff...certainly rewarding, managing a large environmental staff for an aviation/space concern. No two days let alone two hours alike, lots of challenges & interesting issues to work & some fascinating complex projects with a fair bit of travel...and lots of personal time to take off to enjoy time away...!

Grew up as an "airforce brat" travelling the world, never lost the travel bug and happy to travel for fun (taking side-trips whenever possible) & oh yes...for work to scope out travel for fun ! Have loved being an expat multiple times...and bi-coastal in this country for 9 years...(gulf & big blue (pacific)). Enjoy and love my work, fulfilling & rewarding.
Lived in & love n.&s. Calif...Napa, S.Fran, Pt Lobos-Monterrey/Carmel, SLO, S.Barb., Laguna, La Jolla, Dana Pt; Houston restaurants-festivals & Kemah landing; living in Los Alamos-SantaFe, NM...& the Albq balloon fiesta, snow skiing Pajarito & Taos...and growing up living in London & Europe...

I have a very large streak of integrity, very affectionate & a romantic and seeking an intelligent, passionate, attractive, playful mate on many levels; whether local or when travelling enjoy trying new things off the beaten path that the masses dont flock to or know about, love music-live preferred, enjoy & appreciate the arts in most all forms,...inquire within for more...!
What I’m doing with my life europe, canada, mexico & snow skiing colorado, and then Tx & the southwest (SantaFe-Taos) For long wweekends.

Love music...especially guitar and stringed instruments..anything from Euro-trance, rock, acoustic, blues...classical & rennaisance if it's on a mandolin, lute, or wooden recorders (flutes...up to 6 ft long !)...inquire within, ta.
Returned in June from London's Royal Albert Hall (RAH) to see EricClapton & SteveWinwood...(BlindFaith reunion...) one nite, and from a Royal Box another saw Donovan & friends which included guest guitarist Sir Jimmy Page...RAH rafters rocked that nite! ; also enjoy local Tx musicians, preferably "live"...Steve Earle and guitarist Eric Johnson, many others, including classical guitarists Christopher Parkening...

Work wise, working on expanding knowledge, awareness and engaging a large multi-state work force towards more involvement contributing to solving issues of sustainability, climate change, energy reduction & independence & restoration of remaining legacy sites.

Support Houston & Galveston food banks thru work & personal initiatives and the Houston Restaurant month in August ; and hope to soon get back to kiln fired artwork, guitar & piano, and on baclburner for now finishing up a private pilot's and glider license & start looking at things with wings.
I’m really good at
Hmmm...ok boys & girls...Once upon a time in a strange, strange land, far, far a posh lil' neighborhood called Notting Hill Gate, near the NW corner of London's Hyde a very special and magical place called Portobello High Street, where yes even today, remnants of the old tribes, a gathering of verrry unique group of eclectic fascinating souls gather, one time each and every sixth day of the week,
called...Saturday, where a festival of visual & auditory delights abound...and a cornucopia of sweet, aromatic & delicious smells wafting thru the air...and beautiful acoustic & electric sounds emanate from up & down the street where both individuals & small bands play renditions of both the latest & the greatest olde tunes for the bystanders & passing crowds while still other free spirits dance to the tunes...

oops...that's all the time we have this week boys and girls...tune in again same time, same channel, next week.....when I & Patches, the one-eyed coyote, and his 3 legged brother, Tripod, trek off on yet another lil' episodic adventure to fabulous.....

For this and other sundry delights I may be really good at...inquire within posthaste, if perchance more than a wee spontaneous spark, impetuous itch, mischievous moment or rapturous revelation should occur...!
The first things people usually notice about me fiercely loyal, supportive and protective I am of those I care for;
...that I'm rather "native" about pics of me as dont want them capturing/stealing my soul...however, my good looks ( are better appreciated in person than those evil phone camera pics that never do anyone justice...;
...And that I actually dont look at all like Keith Richards...except at Halloween...(who would want to except at halloween...ok, maybe ole Keith himself...ha)..see atched pic;
...My wit, humor, & appreciation for timeless humor of... MontyPython, RedSkelton, Richard Pryor & George Carlin, Jonathan winters (hmmm...need to find some new ones...these guys are mostly all really dusty now); and
...My passion & inner glow when present or talking about/planning to go to...Southwest & Rockies, beaches, europe(London/Paris, Provence-Nice area), snowskiing, guitar music, appreciation of unique art...gorgeous women with beautiful fun-loving spirits and souls,
...And that I stay/am very fit & lean with an athletic snow skier/swimmer physique...and have a very full head of hair...and all my own Hopefully I can pass the audition...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My what a gob of questions...ahem...

Favorite books...Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts (excellent 1st person in the cockpit...sorry girls, it doesnt have "Tea Room" in the title...; intl-medical-political/religious intrique (RobinCook books, DanBrown's Digital Fortress, lament loss of Michael Crichton...devoured all his books,
Movies: Most Euro/French-Italian-Brit films..., enjoy key scenes from movies more so than entire ones,
Music: Guitar...acoustic, electric, pop-retro & current rock, R&B, jazz (live Clapton/EricJohnson, unique vocalists (e.g. Sting-Adele...acapella vocalists)
Food: Houston...too numerous to mention...suggest we try some of the Houston Restaurant Week (misnomer as has been a month long now for several years...!), and favs in London/Paris/Venice/Interlaken area/Beijing/Seoul/Vail-BeaverCreek/LA-SanDiego-Santa Barbara, San Fran, SantaFe,NM/Cabo...inquire within...
Six things I could never do without
Hmmm...just six ehh...?

- A fun-loving, witty, good-humored fit, active woman,
- Blank paper & writing tools,
- A variety of books or a loaded Kindle;
- Great food & drink, red/green salsas & blue corn tortilla chips;
- Live music-theater, art shows & museums...and movies;
- local Festivals & Events - Music (Montreal, Monterrey & other Jazz/music festivals), Airshows (RedBull AirRaces, Farnborough-UK, Paris Airshow, Reno AirRaces...etc...), Oktoberfest - Munich, Balloon Fiestas (Albq, NM; & ones in Colo/Calif...), Sailplaning,
- Travel...local, regional, & international
- long kisses, hugs, handholding, massages, affection & pleasing the one Im with...

Definitely need an exemption, exclusion, exception, variance or my carry-on luggage holds more than that...! And as friends, family & relatives, pets and other critters are not "things"...not listed here !
I spend a lot of time thinking about next vacation-sightseeing trip or ski mtn to visit...hoping there will be plenty of snow before the climate change/global warming melt-off,

...seeking more gorgeous sandy watch sunrise/sets from,
...getting another dog ( probably a pair...) and a tropical fish aquarium,

And...Ahem... and sharing a great glass of wine, enjoying some live, chasing & whacking lil' white balls around a resort course on the ocean, or sharing a visit to one or more "next" bucket list sites...with someone special, ???
On a typical Friday night I am
Psssst...since it didnt say it couldnt be typical future Friday nights...
'Out & about' as foodies whether to a new or fav restaurant and show, or socializing out or in, happy that we are beyond the last first date...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Zip, zero, nada, nil, zilch..Nope, not a thing, thank you ! Noooo....I dont think so...!

Must be drivel questions by comittee ???
You should message me if
You have a fun-loving/playful spirit, nurturing gentle soul, who knows and/or has experienced sparks & chemistry with another before and open, interested and available to enjoying it...again !
The two of us