35 Ann Arbor, United States
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My self-summary
(I'm keeping this up, but I will be honest when I say I am moving soon, and don't have the emotional or logistical space to start anything new. I hope to see you on the flip side, wherever I might land.)

My profile is very long. It will somewhat pre-select for the person that would rather know more than less, even casually. Best settle in ^_^

I-am-me, and I can be no other. I am a scientist. I experiment, I test, I follow theories and intuition that has become more finely tuned as I progress. I look at data, hesitate to make definitive conclusions, and always doubt.

I have just defended a hard-earned PhD that has taken me thirteen years. I started at Berkeley in 2003, tech'd at UCSF, and worked in biotech, for NASA, tutored, rocked the bike shop, and taken hooligans into the woods. Today I calculated that if I had instead averaged my typical 60 miles per day biking for my time at Michigan school career, I would have biked over 100,000 miles. If I had done it for my entire grad school career, I would have biked over 275,000 miles, or about 11 times around the circumference of the earth, or just shy of 7 times through the longest N/S America (~19,000 mi) + longest Asia-Europe-Africa leg (21,000 miles). I'm trying to figure out which I rather would have done more.

I'm a bit of a freak. I run with the Burning Man weirdos, the queers, the sexual deviants, the poly crews, the absurd art Makers, the kinksters. Gender is a big fun glittery swimming pool to play in.

I am me, and I apply these principles to life. The experiments often take me the long way around. Sometimes that way is hard. Sometimes I fuck it up, which is a violation of rule number one: don't fuck it up, the rule from which all other rules flow. But the lessons get learned and I always end up where I need to be.

My time on this planet is short, and there are many mountains to climb. I desire to experience it all.

DE --> CT --> NY --> SF --> CO --> OAK --> A2 --> ??
What I’m doing with my life
I work in a lab, and my lab is the world.

But currently I'm freaking about what I do after I graduate.

Any suggestions?
I’m really good at
Riding my bike, alone, for thousands of miles. I have done a 1250 and a 3200 mile ride at this point, with the plan to do a 3500-4500 mile ride this summer through the Canadian and American Rockies, through Burning Man, hitting up as many national parks as possible. My current proposed route has me going 4376 miles with a gross total elevation change of 176,608 feet, or 33.45 miles of straight climbing, 58.8 times up El Capitan.

I've lead/co-lead two Burning Man regional Effigies and I'm submitting an application to lead a third. These have been 16-25' tall sculptures that have taken months to build, totaling hundreds of human-hours. An entire event centers around this, cumulating in igniting it, as we ignite our dreams and the things we leave behind. I'm proud of what I've helped create. Also, I love fire, and I'm very good at burning things.

Having people question my sexuality. If they're good they question my gender alignment too (I go with chaotic neutral). I'm a straight-leaning-queer and a cis-presenting genderqueer. To me, queer means: I like who I like when I like them and gender queer means: I am who I am when I want to be that person. Vagaries abound. (Disambiguation: you can be anyone to catch my fancy, but you have to be ok with me in skirts...don't worry, I rock it)

Being a switch on several other axes too. Might as well get this out o the way: I'm a kinky bitch, but it's not a necessary component of any relationship.

On related noted: being sex-positive. Negotiating by this principle: "you may ask for whatever you want. wait for the answer. if the answer is yes, accept with grace. if the answer is no, accept with grace." I have wants, I work hard to not have needs.

I want to experience everything from every angle that this body can know. It's a big world out there, and I am a many-faced dice.

Thus: being a chameleon. Fitting in everywhere and no where. Matching needs, energies, expectations. Even accents. I'm so sorry if you have an accent and I start talking in it after five minutes. I'm not making fun of you, I swear.

General outdoorsing. Sargent survival. Lieutenant camping.



Managing my mental health, mostly.

Sometimes not.

Communication and conflict resolution.

Being terrible at secrets. Getting secret presents is the worst. I can't hold it in.

Being earnest. I can be sarcastic, and I'm not offended by sarcasm, but I prefer to just be me (obviously, look at all this shit I'm writing)

Having fun as an extrovert, recharging as an introvert.

Being younger than I am. I'm a young soul, whatever that means.

Entheogens and the mind's expanse. Ayahuasca journey, phenethylamine reverie, ergot hypnosis.

Massage, cuddling, and touch, my favorite sense. Past partners have commented on this; I just idly run my hands and explore the texture and contour. For me, it's like gazing off into a painting or a landscape, or listening to a song out of my ear. Other people taste, smell, hear, or see as their favorite. Touch is what I do.

I really don't take myself as seriously as all of this. And really, I swear I can write with brevity.
The first things people usually notice about me
Sometimes that I'm a wallflower. Sometimes that I'm at the center of it all.

Sometimes I'm just a dude. Sometimes I swirl in a skirt.

Sometimes something very close to me is on fire. It could be thermite. It probably should be thermite.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
If you think you have a broad taste in books, movies, shows, music, and/or food, then yours is probably broader than mine. It doesn't bother me if you're a vegetarian, or a foodie, or not. I recently switched back to being veggie. I like a lot of movies (Ink, I <3 Huckabees, Sunshine, Moon, everything Marvel, Dark City). I try to read more than I do (Siddhartha, Into Thin Air, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Name of the Wind, Kushiel's series, The Invisibles, World War Z). I would rather climb a mountain than see a show, but I do love music (Bright Eyes, Regina Spector, The Killers, Sufjan, Pretty Lights, Underworld, M83, Glitch Mob, Explosions in the Sky, Bran Van 3K, Dr. Toast, OK Go). I am a flavor junkie, I like strong coffee, spicy food, kimchi and hops. Most of the time I am a culinary utilitarian, but when I encounter it I love good food. Simply put, I'm not going to credit or discredit anyone based on these criteria. My solo interests lie elsewhere, though I really like those media and I am usually quite happy to have someone to experience them with.

Better descriptors:

My cat's name is Totoro. He is my spirit animal. My email signature is: leete latu polito ulos a'riolos baru n'tori, which roughly translated means "save me, and revive the eternal light," if that tells you the centrality of Miyazaki in my life.

Rockclimbing is vertical meditation, enlightenment on a rope, all the somatic puzzle solving and finally, a reason to stretch. I would love to get better at fire-spinning. I recently flew and based in acroyoga for the first time and that was amazing. I want to learn arial silks, and partners dancing.

My favorite body of water is the alpine river, between the Tuolumne in California or the Lochsa in northern Idaho. My favorite large tree is the giant redwood, with a subset being the diminutive albino redwood. My favorite smelling flower is a tossup between jasmine and datura, each equally intoxicating in completely different ways. My favorite feeling is standing atop the tallest hill around while the sun sets and the full moon rises, each celestial body on opposite sides of the planet, and experiencing the vertigo of the earth turn under me. My favorite class of chemical compounds are the phenethylamines. My favorite element is fluorine for the many wonders it can pull off, favorite amino acid cysteine. I was anointed the Deity of Transformation this year, and my sacred geometry is, obviously, the hexagon.

My scientific hero is Sasha Shulgin. My literary crush is Vonnegut, and I would cuddle his chameleon face if I could. My dream-team is Bernie-Warren.

I have six small tattoos. I am planning one large one of the history of a river, and two little ones from Miyazkai films. My ears are gauged to 0.5 mL Eppendorf tubes. My tongue has been pierced 3 times, but it is no longer. My eyebrow piercing got ripped out in a brawl during the Bush v. Gore in the 2000 election debacle.

I guess you could say I am passionate about politics but I don't follow it well enough to get into the nitty gritty of policy.

I once played a weekly, three-year long game of D&D in Westeros. Would love to have the time to geek out again.

I spent four years trying to get the words 'relationship status' and 'sexual expression' into the non-discrimination policy of UMich, trying to take a step forward protecting sexual and relationship minorities. I made it all the way to the lawyers of the administration.

I just planned a trip that I'll take by Amtrak that will take me all the way from Chicago to SF, then up to Portland, and over the norther tier back to Chicago. It's over a hundred hours of travel, but I love sitting on the observation car, watching the world go by. Thus I'll write some of my thesis

Despite my openness regarding most pass-times, I despise the culture of spectator sports and will not participate.

How many pages of us unfold.
The six things I could never do without
A cargo bike, climbing harness and shoes, flip flops, >70L internal-frame backpack, a burning man camp that is family, and a chemistry lab.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Since given my career and lifestyle, it's more likely than not I will die in some completely boring way like cancer; therefore I would like to improve my odds of dying by some other more satisfying way. Bike crash in the middle of an epic journey. Run over by an art car at Burning Man. Parachute doesn't open on a naked dive. Eaten by wolves while stranded in some expansive mountain country. Shot while standing up for something I believe in. A land war in Asia - or perhaps a battle of wits with a Sicilian while death is on the line. The end does not bother me, except a slow end.

Planning my the next big thing. Postdoc, bike-ride, Burning Man project, co-founding a company, tiny house. Adventure, it just keeps coming and chasing at my heels, getting on to the next one.

I can sit still, but not for long.
On a typical Friday night I am
These days, more often than not I'm in lab, but that's silly.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My workspace looks like the cross between a meth lab and a heroin den. Heisenberg would be proud.

I have Bipolar I. I manage this with medication and therapy, and mostly it comes out now in sleep habits, which grad school does absolutely nothing to help.

I really like the person that Miley Cyrus is becoming.

And, I've been through some hard times recently, though it's getting better. And in picking up the pieces and gluing them back as I see fit, I really like the person that I am becoming as well.
You should message me if
Since coming to A2 from SF, I've met some of my best friends on OKC. I'm going into all of this just looking for friendship. If something else evolves organically, cool. If we remain just friends, double cool, because friends are rad. I retain the goal of no expectations.

So message me if you like doing things. Message me if there's a show in the area. Message me if you want to go on long bike rides in the spring. Message me if you want to sit over coffee and geek out about the world. Message me if you're a grad student and want to geek out about your research to someone outside of your field. Or if you want to explore the Arb in great detail. Or if you have an adventure or art project. Or enjoy discussions of entheogens and the places we've been. Or if you want to spank me.

Or, you know, for whatever reason.