37Waltham, United States
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My self-summary
I don't really fit into a "box".
I'm impulsive, shy, sometimes outgoing.
I am short, zaney, and gentle.
I can often have a one-track mind when I get passionate about something.
I have been told I am very funny. Personally I think my humor is sometimes corny and out there but that's me lol.
I LOVE the woods.
I'm passionate about things that matter to me.
Love going to powwows on the powwow curcuit.
I love talking/doing Genealogy Research; it facinates me to no end; and in turn am really into History in general.
I Am: Irish. Scottish. Mi'kMaq. Acadian French. Métis. English Wampanoag. Cannot prove all by paper trail but am a Proud "mutt' nonetheless.
Love my flutes-Music is an extention of my soul.
I am loyal to those I care about and love and have given the shirt off my back more than once.
I feel I live and learn; good bad and indifferent-life IS the Lesson.
Nature is our world and we should stop using it like a litter box.

You can usually find me:
At a Powwow dancing my Crow Hop, playing my Native American Flutes, trading @ trade blanket. Laughing with Elders. hugs with my friends. Talking to trees. *Listening* to animals.
Feeling the 'vibe' of energy from ppl places and things.
Playing video games.
Walking/sitting in the woods playing my flutes. Talking with total strangers lol-I am shy but it varies:)
Gazing at the moon/and or stars.
Doing Genealogy research..
If not out and about, I am hanging with friends watching movies, or playing video games-pokemon among them lol
At home; reading( science fiction fantasy ), writing, dreaming. Playing video games, watching movies, and or documentaries, while drinking coffee or tea, trying to learn how to cook lol:)
What I’m doing with my life
Trying to focus on what I need for me, and what I want for my future. Always game for more friends too:) I will be attending College this fall, which I am very excited about.
I write, sing, play flutes constantly (Seriously it is a huge part of my life in general and my spiritual life).
I Game alot on my xbox :)
Spend as much time with my Fiancee as I can :)
We're getting ready to move near the cape because of Job changes, and I am very excited about our new apartment!
I give my dog, Malachi lots of snuggles and play time.
I’m really good at
playing native american flutes. Singing. Making friends. Dancing. Making a fool of myself and not really caring as long as there is laughter;)
J'aime dancer, et chanter...
Opening my mouth and inserting my foot lol
being oblivious
video games
being absent minded
Genealogy/Family Tree Research.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and that they change color;-frequently- according to mood, clothes, surroundings, energy, during certain 'activities';) and sometimes for no reason...pick a hue any hue- has freaked ppl out in the past lol. That I will sometimes laugh at the weirdest things lol including myself:)
I love Nature. I am easily moved.
That I am often very absent minded with the occasional flareup of clarity to being mindful of things and people around me.
That I can be VERY polite when first meeting me; it was ingrained in me since birth lol :) I have just gotten the hang of not asking for a glass of water or to use a friend's bathroom when visiting-and these are friends I have had for nearly 10 years lol.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: Imagine Me And You, Underworld movies, most romantic comedies, animated movies, (Monsters Inc., Ice Age etc) Blood and Chocolate. LOTR series (books and movies)
Books: Nora Roberts series, Anne McGafferey Series...god I've lost track:) lol American Gods (thank you kat for introducing me)
I love most music-new and old-not too into country-grew up with some older standards-Reba-Willy, Kenny etc.
Carlos Nakai
Robert Tree Cody
Mary Philbrook
Will listen to nearly anything once.
To sum up my love of music; I have over 3,000 hours of music on my computer-all different types and genres. :)
Art some of My all time faves are:
Susan Sheddon Boullet
Leonardo DaVinci

I LOVE Korean Food - Yaki Mandu, Bi Bim Bap...
Some Thai Food
Healthy food:)
Six things I could never do without
My Fiancee
My Music
my smudgebowl(it's a similar thing to burning insense just different:)
my family and my friends.
My Dog Malachi :)
Mother Nature; Trees-animals-wildlife:)
A cool breeze on a haunting morning:)
Sex (yeahyeah-I think it is a perk in life:P)
Love Cuddles, affection.
Yeah and that was way more than six-oh well...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Friends, and my family, and people who are special in my life:)Playing flutes. Life's big mysteries...what is it that Owls are actually saying?
Will I ever figure out what I want to be (aside from me haha) when I 'Grow up'?
Where could I be in 6 years and how do I get there?
What do squirels actually think of cats?...
If deer have made 'being in the headlights' a new type of 'chicken game' to raise awareness to nature...(yeah I'm odd lol)
If I will be happy and fulfilled when I am old and silvered.
What neat and obscure ancestor will I find today on my Tree? lol
My Dreams and how to fullfill them.
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing flutes out in the woods.
Playing Halo: Reach with friends at thier house on xbox live. Watching the stars.
Watching movies with my Fiancee :)
Thinking about the what ifs and whys of the world around me- I probably think way to much:)
At home curled up with a book and my dreams, or curled up with my love.
At home on my computer doing genealogy research.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I thank the powers that be for the friends I have in my life-they have helped me stay standing when all I wanted to do was crumble and give up...

I am ADHD.
I am happily engaged :) Getting married next summer; Looking for friends only.
I have Liver Disease-so I don't work-if all you are really interested in is my income level then PLEASE move on...I am 'poor' (NOT looking for a 'sugar-whatever') and generally get by...again-not interested because I am poor or 'low income'? then good luck with your search :)
(and yes I understand the need for good financial stability in this hectic economy but in the end; money is overated and there are more meaningful things in life-plus you can't take it with you in the end lol ;) )
You should message me if
*you're interested in being friends. You never know what adventures are coming around the corner...
*you're cool with cats & dogs :)
*you like philosophical walks late at night.
*you like stargazing.
* you don't mind ppl who frequently break into accents for fun or are rusty in other languages;)
*you won't freak or call me an animal murderer when I sometimes dress in my full or partial Leather Regalia for powwows...Seriously.
*can accept my hyperness/my thoughts odd as they sometimes are
*think we could really rock a conversation
*you think we can laugh together
**any of the Above:)
*you want to know more.
*you don't mind someone who has a bad memory lol-I am very forgetfull.
*your cool with someone who has her phases between anal organization and complete slob.
The two of us