25 Silver Spring, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a huge culture buff. My present infatuations have been museums and galleries in DC. I try to keep up regularly with the changing exhibits. I was recently accepted to grad school near DC, but keep up with a few other fields beyond what I'm going to school for. I was heavily considering minoring in linguistics at one point.

I've been reading the classics for a few months and I really like to paint (but I'm not too good); I was an art student my first year of college. If I go hiking or something outdoorsy, I end up getting interested in the biology of the place. I prefer to listen to people talk, than talk myself. I play games as a last resort.

Yeah. I'm a nerd.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a part-time social scientist, "IT guy," and writer. Used to translate and design websites.

Not too long ago I volunteered at an elementary school; I taught gifted first graders and loved it. I often think about going back to working with kids in some capacity.
I’m really good at
Really good at: nothing. I don't think I've locked-in mastery of anything at this point. But I like art. I used to be good-like with a sketchpad and camera. I've been painting recently. I love me some science and have an eye for details -- necessary for my jobs.

I take it back. I'm really good at not being a space dinosaur. Yeah.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I like all sorts. I really go into Malcom Gladwell's works. I like anything by Oscar Wilde. Name of the Wind. Song of Ice and Fire are good fiction pieces. I started reading Paul Ekman's psych stuff work work, but I actually enjoyed most of his books. I'm reading Herodotus' Inquiry and Lovecraft's short stories right now.

My movie and show list are too many to count. If it's thought provoking, dramatic, funny, violent, fiction, or historically accurate, I'll probably like it.

Food: I love Italian. Though, I can't say that I dislike anything really. Something weird is that I don't really like mashed potatoes.

Music: Breaking Benjamin, Cage the Elephant, Jimmy Eat World, 3 Doors Down... Love those guys. Banks. MSMR. Misterwives... lots of things.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I know the word doesn't have any meaning in today's world, but I like the idea of being an 'honorable' person. I sometimes think I was a born a few centuries too late, and maybe it's naive of me, but really appreciate people who keep their word and act with some nobility. Courtesy and kindness are never out of style.
On a typical Friday night I am
One or a combination of:
Reading/gaming after getting takeout.
Drinks with coworkers if we're angry enough.
Binge on TV.
Shooting some shit.
If it's spring/summer, going to for run or hike.