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My self-summary
Well I ended up showing my profile to the ladies in my book group at our last meeting and it got me banned. One woman’s husband summed up the whole group’s feelings with a single line, ”Have you completely forgotten you’re a writer or did the zombie invasion hit just your neighborhood?” They’ve opted to ban me until I better express myself. That isn’t much motivation since the next two books aren’t ones I truly want to read. However, the gauntlet has been thrown down so I must respond.

So, who is Virginia?

I’m both incredibly strong, and sometimes very fragile. I am a weird mix of Midwest values and East Coast sensibilities that makes sense as you get to know me. A city girl to my very core I draw strength from the mountains and find peace surrounded by nature. I will watch entire movies just to see a particular scene (the wedding vows in Medea’s Family Reunion) or hear a favorite line (“You don’t need a man, you need a champion.” Eat, Pray, Love).

I’m extremely thankful for the adults in my life and their belief in the power of imagination. I refuse to believe I won’t one day meet a dragon or find fairies living in the corner of the garden. I also have a rock solid faith in God and believe he’s big enough, tough enough, and loves me enough that I can question him, yell at him when I’m angry, even defy him in stubborn moments and he will still be there waiting with open arms when I get over myself. That said, those beliefs are mine and I never try to persuade anyone else to make them their own.

I’m an artist/writer who frequently thinks through all the logical steps of a project in detail before diving in and losing myself to creative passion. Except for times like this weekend when I invested twenty-four hours of painting before doing any thinking resulting in a painting far to delicate to withstand the work needed to finish…now I have to do the thinking (and research) before beginning again. Twenty-four hours of work washed down the drain in less than a minute…ugh. When explaining the painting to a friend their response was, “You really don’t ever think inside the box do you?” After thinking about it a moment all I could do was laugh and say, “No, and if someone gave me a box I’d probably turn it into something else before planting myself in it.” Everyone around laughed and agreed.

I’m passionate; about my art, about writing, about fundraising, about life, but more than anything I am passionate about people. There are two quotes on the inside of my front door that I stop to read every time I leave the house.

“Do not be immune to the absolute wonder of the human person.”

“The meaning and purpose of a relationship is to help, challenge, encourage and inspire each other to become the very best version of yourselves.”
What I’m doing with my life
Conquering fears and meeting Alaska in a whole new way by learning to love hiking. So I've learned:

1) That a brain trained to endure marathons is a dangerous thing on a hike and I have to be constantly aware in a whole different way.

2) I've learned hiking with poles is far better than without.

3) Always make sure your shoes are snug BEFORE starting the steep downhill.

4) The view from the top is worth the moments that scare you enough that you want to cry.

5) if you can stomp out the voice in your head screaming "There's probably moose pee on those!!" Sun warmed blueberries taste amazing as a reward for facing your fears.
I’m really good at
giving hugs, baking bread, listening, inspiring people, painting, and above all else...writing. Despite the profile, these stump me I'm much better face to face with a soda in my hand.
The first things people usually notice about me
According to my best friend, “The peace and quiet strength you exude.” Oddly I was rather hoping for “How great your butt looks in jeans.” Or maybe,“Your eyes.” Although my very sarcastic little brother said,“Your bodacious ta-tas?” (Ignore him, I do.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books? Picking favorites just isn't possible. According to I currently own 1394 books, but since I rarely list erotica, or e-books that count is off by a bit. So favorite authors would be a little easier, those include:
Wilbur Smith, Steve Berry, Fern Michaels, Lynn Kurland, Chris Kuzneski, Douglas Adams, Bill Bryson, David Baldacci, Laurell K. Hamilton, James Rollins, Peter David, Rick Riordan, JK Rowling, Martin Buber, AW Towzer... Then there are poets Kahlil Gibran, Pablo Neruda, Solomon ibn Gabirol, Longfellow, Tennyson...

But what do I reach for when I need exactly the right book for a specific mood, or reread frequently?

Lawhead - Avalon
Bach - Illusions
Greeley - White Smoke
Gleick - Chaos
Raymo - The Soul of the Night
Konigsburg - From the Mixed-Up Case Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler (I STILL want to run away from home and live in a museum.)

I read close to 200 books each year. Best read so far this year has been Jeri Laber's The Courage of Strangers: Coming of Age With the Human Rights Movement.

Favorite movies? Bringing up Baby, PS I Love You, all the X-Men and Star Trek movies, the original three Star Wars movies,...

Shows? As in TV? I don't have TV in my home any more but catch Grey's Anatomy and Project Runway online.

Music? Pretty much anything except Country.

Food? :) I'm not picky. Allergic to shellfish though and have a sushi phobia so if you are passionate about either please skip to another profile. Someone sent a message asking both why my allergy to shellfish was a factor and what exactly a sushi phobia was, so here is the answer.

Shellfish – Literally deathly allergic so unless you’re willing to be excruciatingly careful about contact when we’re on a date you can’t even order it. Emergency rooms just are not great first date fodder.

Sushi Phobia – The paralyzing inability to get past the thought of salmonella, round worms, various other bacteria to actually consume anything. Accompanied by an intense desire to whip out a kitchen torch and cook everything.
Six things I could never do without
Never? As in never, ever have them again in this lifetime? Eek!

Hugs, I get cranky without frequent hugs.

Art/writing supplies. Me without either is frightening, you don't want to see it.


Music, both from others as well as myself and my flute.

My charm bracelet...when you know me well enough you'll understand.

I'll have to think about the 6th one.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
running shoes, sore feet and knees, KT Tape, ibupr...oh wait, that's just because a new season of marathon training has begun. Really what I think about most often is the way my life impacts others and making sure that's a positive thing.

The last few days, and I suspect many more to come, have found me contemplating a remark my best friend made when I shared that I'd put my profile here. She said, "I want you to find someone who will be an extraordinary friend, the way you are to me." Which has me contemplating just how I would define "extraordinary friend," how that would look, and... wow. It's a lot to think about.

Why so many people living in Alaska hate snow and winter.

Why blue M&Ms taste bitter and the other colors don't.

The fact that it's probably unwise to keep my grandfather's oil lamp full, because in the event of a fire I would try to save it (along with my 140 year old flute) and that could be hazardous.

I also constantly think about the appropriate location for an emergency survival pack. Short of creating a storage bunker for it outdoors nothing makes sense. Anywhere in the house and when a big earthquake hits and I need the thing it's going to be buried right along with the shovel. I'm not sure how that is useful. So why exactly do I own one?
On a typical Friday night I am
Prepping for early Saturday morning training runs, reading or watching a movie and wishing I had more single friends. Ones who wanted to go out and do things like dance!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I grit my teeth and try to be polite but I really hate it when people assume they can instantly give me a nickname or that they have the right to touch my hair. Both are, to me, very intimate things and you need to be invited to do them.
You should message me if
you truly want to get to know me. Start a conversation, I won't reply to messages that only say, "Hi", "Hey there" "You're cute" etc.

you are an old fashioned guy. When it comes to dating I am very old school, don't wait for me to ask you out because it wont happen. While I do have a strong personality the man has to make the first move.
The two of us