28 Oakland, United States
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My self-summary

- Send a message that shows me that you have reading comprehension skills by mentioning something I've written here that you connect with or want to know more about.
- Include more than a greeting (if you follow the previous guideline, this should be easy). Assessment of my physical traits is not necessary and in most cases not recommended.
- If you follow the above and I still don't reply, please do not take it too personally (or worse, verbally abuse me for it). I do reply pretty rarely and it's usually based on my mood as much as the content of the message. However, not following the above will guarantee that your message remains unreturned.
- I like texting. Gimme your digits if you do too.


"No, I'm not gay
No, I'm not straight,
And I'm sure as hell not bisexual, dammit,
I am whatever I am when I am it.
Loving whoever you are when the stars shine
And whatever you'll be when the sun rises.
Yes, I like girls,
Yes, I like boys,
Yes, I like boys who like boys
I like girls who like toys and girls who don't,
Girls who don't call themselves girls,
Crewcuts or curls, or that really bad hair phase in between.
I like steam, rising from the body of a one-night stand,
I like holding hands for three months before kissing."

-excerpt from Andrew by Andrea Gibson

I like to get naked a lot. Everyone should be naked more often. You should be naked right now.

I tend to be a quiet person, but only because I'm usually in my head thinking about 5 million things at once. But if you get me talking about something I'm interested in, I sometimes won't shut up.
I'm a Unitarian Universalist, an anarcha-feminist, an anti-nationalist, an anti-gender-essentialist, a polyamorist, a pianist, a vocalist, an INFP idealist, and a cuddle-ologist. Dance is my passion and my anti-depressant. I lounge in baggy jeans and t-shirts by day, then femme-gasm all over myself for going out by night. I tend to be a homebody, loving snuggling with a good book, movie, or project, but I'm always up for adventure. If I really like you, I'll cook you sushi, make you silly trinkets, and wait up all night for your texts. I might even write you a song if you're lucky.

I am only looking for  polyamorous relationships right now as I believe love to be an infinite resource and can't imagine myself being restricted to expressing that love only in certain ways to certain people. That said, I'm not really looking for casual hookups because I don't tend to experience sexual attraction without an emotional foundation in any relationship, and I also tend to gravitate toward hierarchical-style polyamory with significant focus on one primary partner but with room for other connections to develop. If you have a problem with polyamory or with me seeing other people, please do not bother to contact me. But friendship is welcome from everyone!

I tend to be most attracted to introvert-ish kinky queers on the masculine edge of androgyny. I'm also happy to be a third for poly couples, but if you start telling me about your relationship's one-penis-policy I'll give you the stinkeye.

What I’m doing with my life
Practicing massage therapy and preparing to go to grad school for a doctorate in physical therapy. Writing, singing, playing music whenever I can get my creative innards squishing. Dancing whenever I have the chance, from hip hop to ballet to ballroom. Studying hard and partying harder - at raves, in the woods, in the desert, in cafes, in underground tunnels, on rooftops (ill let you decide which locations apply to which activities). Learning what I have to give. Growing in quiet power.
I suppose I should mention that, while I have mostly exited the business, I occasionally dabble in a few kinds of sex work. Those who have a problem with that (I leave the type of work deliberately vague) should not proceed.
I’m really good at
making sushi, dancing, being awkward in social situations, shutting up for a moment and comfortably sharing silence, dying your hair, bending my body in ways a person shouldn't, standing on my head, giving you massages. I'm still self-conscious about my singing and piano-playing skills, but they're getting there too.
The first things people usually notice about me
That my hair is (usually) abnormally colored. And awesome. (I apply my personality in a paste.)
Also, the fact that I am, as I like to put it, fun-sized. This often manifests itself in people deciding that they have implicit permission to pick me up. This is not the case. I might hurt you.
The six things I could never do without
My lungs, my heart, my brain, my blood, my stomach.... and most of the rest of my organs. Ok, that's more than six things, but this question is fucking pointless.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
 Queer theory. Sex-positivity. Gender and sexual identity, and how little it is talked about/ understood/ healthily expressed in our society; moreover, how much the gender binary is an oppressive socially constructed lie. The Patriarchal Bargain and my interactions with it. Privilege, and its role in all my interactions with people. Kink culture, and exploring my expanding and developing kinks. When is the next time I get to eat, or dance, or play music.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either raving my ass off or curled up watching the latest netflix original series with my cat.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm talented but unambitious, passionate but not driven. I often obsess over new shiny projects and goals but never long enough to make something truly great out of it. It's something that rather frustrates me about myself, and a source of a lot of self-hatred and shame.
How's that for private? I hardly admit that level of self-consiousness to anyone.
You should message me if
you're lost in the woods and looking for someone to hold your hand while we look for the road together (even if we might never expect or want to find it)

you identify as queer, poly, and/or kinky
you understand, recognize, and appropriately respond to the phrase "check your privilege"
you want to share your passions with me.
you can teach me cool poi moves.
you want to destroy the status quo because the status is not quo.
you're wearing a stupid human suit.
you've made it this far. Congratulations! Have a gif!