32Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Update: Back in Seattle for good now, finally! Also, an extremely random interlude, but I just bought a house in Montlake where I grew up and have just finished massively remodeling the whole place so it's gorgeous, quiet and right by the park + lake. My cousin Lisa and I are living together now which is really fun; we have 4 bedrooms open and (if I don't say so myself) we are super cool and easy to get along with and looking for roommates that value community and a happy, clean, social, co-oppy living environment. Will post to craigslist soon for $1000/month, but thought I might as well mention it here too, since it seems like a great way to find people who have lots in common with us! Read on if you think we might get along! :-)

My spirit animal is a super friendly Otterhawk. In real life I have superpowers. I can also tell you what yours are.

Presently on this site to meet superlative new friends and partners in crime for hiking/camping, exploring the bay area, skiing/boarding, soccer, running, diving, theatre-going, art projects, building things, geeking out, eating out, cooking in, dancing, kite boarding, hosting murder mystery parties, plotting, dueling wits, stargazing, scavenger hunts... Am I the only extrovert on this site?

Explore, inspire, love.

Folks I get along with best tend to be adventuresome, creative, curious, brilliant, funny, positive, extroverted, silly, compassionate, spirited, ambitious, fun, friendly, and exceedingly self aware.

Among many other things, I've found that great friends share awesome dreams and find time for them together, so here's my list of things still to do (my completed list looks equally peculiar, but a few orders of magnitude longer. :-)

The following appear in absolutely no particular order:

- Glacier hike in Svalbard (juuust knocked this one off)
- Hike the Andes
- Make the coolest backyard ever with a giant swingset, chickens, archery, hot-tub, firepit, fruit trees, hammocks, workshop and lots and lots of vegetables (this one is effectively complete, with workshop for welding, pottery, kiln, etc. just finished)
- Get a 3D printer and make cool stuff
- Build a live-in treehouse (made one as a kid, looking to upscale the design)
- Blow glass
- Free dive the Seychelles (check since I made this list)
- Jtree & Slab city (also recent double-check)
- Write an epic trilogy (in-progress)
- Learn to weld and make a neat metal tree sculpture covered in succulents
- Go cave scuba-diving
- Go squirrel suit flying
- Get good at hang gliding (in-progress)
- Record a youtube sensation
- Integrate a new word into my vocabulary every day (the English language is so much fun! I'm also a bit of a grammar nut thanks to Catholic school)
- Learn how to cut long hair (I can only do short)
- Record a hit single (I can't sing worth potatoes so we'll have to use some very creative instrumentation here)
- Ride in a fighter jet
- Find a way to get into space (I won a national NASA competition in highschool where I sent an experiment into space testing fluid dynamics but that’s the closest I’ve been, save maybe skydiving or flying commercial).
- Climb Mount Whitney this summer (check)
- Climb Mount Rainier next summer
- Climb Mount [highest by continent]
- Volunteer every month
- Build a working medieval crossbow
- Invent an awesome board game (I revamped the game 'Clue' once as a kid where everyone was an assassin hired to eliminate another player, using a certain weapon, in a certain room, and then drew up a whole slew of new cards and added an illustrated grounds to the map. but I digress, especially if you're not familiar with the mechanics of clue)
- Learn Python (in-progress)
- Learn SQL (check)
- Start a positive social movement
- Make and sleep in an igloo village (I rarely have things on this list more than once but I did this at Mt Baker one year and it’s way more fun than normal snow camping)
- Go dogsledding
- Organize a 200 person game of blob tag
- Be exactly the person I want to be, every moment.
- Try those nifty foot long skis
- Do a 360 on normal skis (I can ski anything, but have always been irrationally timid about being airborne for extended periods)
- Film something with claymation
- Paint on canvas (on hold till I finish the art studio)
- Hike across New Zealand
- Generate electricity in my backyard without burning fossil fuels
- Make mousetrap or box cars and race them (won the school mousetrap car competition in highschool but then I lost my winning car!)
- Carve something useful out of wood
- Decorate a live tree outside for Christmas
- Make a giant elevated outdoor birds nest for people full of pillows (saw these in Big Sur and want one)
- Take my parents sailing when they are too old to go themselves
- Yellowstone National Park
- Make something out of mosaic
- Make some neat ceramic teapots (also contingent of the art studio)
- Film a really awesome fight scene with stunts (I acted in a bunch of professional plays when I was younger and had to take stage fight classes and also randomly have a good friend in the stunt business in SF, so this is finally feasible)
- Make a working crossbow
- Denali National Park
- Found a socially useful religion (I have a really good cosmology and code of ethics so far. The biggest challenge is finding a prophet)
- Invent useful device
- Invent useless device
- Become fluent in Spanish (passed the proficiency test for the diplomatic CORE, but getting better probably means living in South America)
- Program a fun computer game
- Design an advanced integrated K-12 homeschool curriculum
- Hike across Iceland
- Get good at making filo pastry baklava and brick oven pizza
- Rope swing into a new lake every year for the rest of my life
- Do a 360 on a Wakeboard
- Outdoor lead climb
- Make fire in the wilderness without matches
- Work out everyday, either cardio or strength
- Land a plane
- Build a quadcopter and start am airborne delivery service
- Learn a new joke each day
- Finish the Vorkosigan saga
- Make a working radio
- Write a secret code to use over the radio
- Antarctica
- Give a Ted talk
- Go on a canoe camping trip in the boundary waters
- Go spearfishing (last time David hogged the spear gun the WHOLE time)
- Learn to kiteboard
- Deliver a keynote
- Create something that is universally admired
- Be a funny old person
- Wonder at everything
What I’m doing with my life
Everything I possibly can, while still holding down a fast-paced tech career. I moved to the East Bay after school and love it here. I've also been having fun last few years buying and remodeling houses.
I’m really good at
Loving life and the amazing people in it
Prioritizing my friends and family
Life-long learning
Having fun, being silly & never being bored
Cooking & entertaining
Making puns (it's a weakness, I know)
Thinking spacially
Geeking out about science and science-fiction
Knowing who I am and what I want
Designing new things
Promises. I never break them.
Dreaming. Ask me - I compose entire, fully articulated novels while asleep.
Spontaneity for today, planning for tomorrow
Empathy (I think one has have a bit of tragedy happen in life and be better for it to really understand this)
My career
Being happy
Making bullet points, apparently
The first things people usually notice about me
I have tons of smile lines, and for good reason :D.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Authors: Shakespeare (wrote a college thesis on Hamlet - so happy to break that sh*t down for you if you're curious), Neal Stephenson (Anathem), Alighieri, Lois Bujold, Verner Vinge, Brandon Sanderson, Camus, Tad Williams, Douglas Adams, Hemingway, Faulkner, Tennessee Williams, Pratchett, Pullman, Wilde, Austen, Atwood, Twain, Vonnegut, Updike, Shaw, Sedaris, Bronte Sisters, Orwell, Asimov, Steinbeck, Joyce, Silverstein, Whitman, Bill Watterson, Scott-Card (begrudgingly), the Economist, Randall Munroe, and most recently Less Wrong (HPMoR)

Movies: Anything with a strong protagonist and makes you think. Also, most things Pixar. Stardust.

Musicians: John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Lindsey Sterling, EDM (my body responds to EDM with a narcotic-like affinity, which leads to a lot of dancing until sunrise)

Food: I'm the least picky person you will ever meet and I love to cook. I'm also a shameless scrounger when it comes to myself.
Six things I could never do without
Family and inspiring, life-long friendships
Exploring, discovering, and learning how things work
A happy home
Creative generativity
Great stories
A gas stove and sharp kitchen knives
Puppies (the real reason I go to work in the morning)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to build things. Where to travel next. Economics. The plot for my novel. Most technology. Architecture. Impermanence. What makes things beautiful. Starting a business. How to give back.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a drink and a great conversation with great friends and likely cooking for them. Alternatively, I'm planning where to go camping/climbing/hiking/rafting/skiing/biking the next day.
You should message me if
You're inquisitive, adventurous, positive, funny, brilliant and have goals in life and are actively working toward them. You're looking for an adventure, a stimulating conversation, want to meet an excellent new group of friends, or just need to get out of the city life for an afternoon, BBQ something (vegetables count), relax in the sunshine in a hammock, practice archery, use some rockin power tools, or just hang out with some very friendly chickens. If you work in SF we can grab lunch. I'm happy meeting new friends over okc, so message me if you think we'd get along.
The two of us