27 Bradford, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Everybody be cool, this is an OKC profile!

Chemistry graduate, now full time chemist. Previously of Sheffield, now of Bradford. Looking to meet some cool new people from all walks of life.

Terrible texter; like, just the worst at anything requiring a keypad smaller than my hand.

One of those people who wakes up and 90% of the time is actually excited to go to work.

Plays rugby without being a RugbyLad (tm). I also go the the gym regularly, but my training's always been for my sport rather than my ego.

Want to know anything else, you're going to have to read the rest of my profile or message me. I'll try my best to be a witty, interesting and generally a decent excuse for a human being. Honest.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently in my first year of a chemistry related job. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something, and that's the goal. I want to be a specialist in my field. In the short term, that means either a PhD or some time working overseas.
Saving up money to do some travelling. I have always wanted to go on a road trip across the USA or backpack through South America and sometime in the near future, I intend to make this a reality.
I’m really good at
-Figuring out fun ways of abusing chemicals. I was the kid that once flushed a chunk of potassium down the loo in sixth form.

- Cooking-this boy is house trained!

-I have a ridiculously good memory for obscure trivia.

-One thing I'm really not good at; legible handwriting.
The first things people usually notice about me
"What's he doing with that dry ice"?
"Lab coats do not suit you."
"Oh, the smiley one"
"That is NOT a northern accent!"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies- Anything by Quentin Tarantino or the Coen brothers. I also love those 'so bad they're good' movies, with The Room and the Nic Cage remake of The Wicker Man both being in my top 10 all time favourites.

Shows-Futurama, Game of Thrones, oh yeah, and Breaking Bad. Not seen it? Remedy that now. It's awesome. I'll wait.

Music- Alternative/rock. I'm a massive fan of the Foo Fighters, The Gaslight Anthem and Muse. My favourite album of all time? QOTSA-Songs for the Deaf, or Muse's Black Holes and Revelations. I firmly believe that Calvin Harris is incapable of making bad music.

Food- Meat. That doesn't mean I hate vegetarianism, or that I'm incapable of cooking or eating my veggies.

Books: The last 3 authors I enjoyed reading; H.P. Lovecraft, Mark Twain, Nick Hornby. The last author I didn't enjoy: John Williams.
The six things I could never do without
- My job. Not any job; the job I have now.
-My sport.
-Brewdog Saturdays
-My car, I love being able to jump in and go off on an adventure somewhere.
-Green tea
-Bulliet bourbon

One thing I can do without;
Passive aggression.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wouldn't `Tequila Mockingbird` be a great name for a literary-themed cocktail? Or an OKC username?
New things to try in the lab.
New things to try in the kitchen.
Trying to remember how I got that scar.
Trying to imagine how I'll get the next one. Probably something to do with rugby. Or concentrated base. Seriously, dropping the bass during a DJ set is awesome, dropping the base in a lab, not so much. Especially if you're wearing flip-flops.
On a typical Friday night I am
a menace.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a boxer's ear, and it makes me look either well 'ard or a little bit freakish.
And I find The Big Bang Theory (the show, not the event) mildly insulting.

The worst thing I have done on OKC; accidentally spoiling an episode of GoT. If there was ever a good reason to bring back hanging....
You should message me if
-You laughed at the potassium thing.
-You have a book that I should read like, now and you feel like telling me.
-You're looking to travel within the next few years, or you're into the whole sofa surfing thing if you're from overseas
-You're generally an awesome person.
-You find the word "flanter" hilarious.
-You find the term "fake ass girl" hysterical. Seriously, what does that even mean?
-You're the arty type.
-You're one righteous dude.
-You don't smoke crack.
-You live in The Netherlands. The parents live there, so I'm down Amsterdam way quite a bit.
- You're my >90% enemy. I want to find out what you're like.