28Camdenton, United States
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My self-summary
A foreword to those who care for such things: I'm half of a pair of non-monogomist life partners and we come as a 2 for 1 if you're at all interested in either of us. If that's not to your liking then I suggest something more towards your norm.

If I had to describe myself for another's benefit I'd have to say that I'm a magnanimously simple kind of guy with the lyrical rhetoric to transcribe with a word how to phrase a turn with the best of them. I cook, I clean, I launder and I write; I'm just an oil change away from being Rosy the Robot with a notepad and a bottle of whiskey.

I've got a penchant for hyperbole and a flair for fiction with the wicked tongue of a pissed gorgon and if you speak a single cross word my way you'll be rolling, I'll be smoking and you'd be stoned like a martyr.
What I’m doing with my life
I think that I want to cook and write for a living, being a chef is amazing for me seeing as a good meal is just like a good story, you need all the best ingredients, the proper heat, TLC and the right people to enjoy it. So to do this I'm going to go try and better myself as a human being first, get some new and exciting experiences and that's the better part of what I am and want to do.
I’m really good at
Creating culinary concoctions that will tantalize your palate, leaving you breathless and begging for seconds.

Writing with a style and form of metaphor that can turn heads like a 4th Level Paladin turns undead.

Charming people with an altruistic smile that simmers on low till you bring it back round and turn the heat up a little.

"Paper Flower"

Guided by a rule and measure,
Nothing like its other kin,
Frowned upon in guilt, displeasure,
Straining fibers wearing thin.

Having colors of miserly hue,
It stands abreast in the lonely sill,
Sobbing till its face turns blue,
Disheartened weeping turns to thrill.

A single color, azure tint,
Came to call, sat to rest,
Stayed and stopped an idle stint,
The paper flower feeling blessed.

The moon did rise, his face aglow,
His tallow wisps began to dip,
As wax, a candle, the color flow,
To land upon that paper strip.

In the dawn the sun had stirred,
The fervid crimson flying fast,
As if to find the flower, spurred,
The dye had now been cast.

And when he woke, the man did stare,
His paper flower bleached in light,
Rainbow dyed, a pomp affair,
To leave the worlds of black and white.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height and my slate-blue eyes. I stand at a pretty imposing six foot four inches and a humble demeanor to contradict the visage, softened only more by how gentle my gaze can be.

A close third would be the extensive love for literature and excessive use of flowery and often needless diction.

"The spirit is charged as safeguard to all things we cannot reason with."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite book is with zero doubt in my mind a lovely and hauntingly tragic piece by Christopher Rice betitled 'A Density of Souls'.

I have no favorite movie because it would demean them all by an equal share.

Too many to count, but my favorite show could be considered my religion: The Doctor.

Again too many types and genres of music to list.

Chinese food and Italian food.
Six things I could never do without
One: All of my best friends.

Two: Amazing home-cooked food worth its weight in salt.

Three: Serene places to enjoy walks with friends or on my own.

Four: Excellent music to spice up the moments that define each day.

Five: Some good books and games to pass the time.

Six: That special man, whom I have found; and any others that we find together.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend most of my time thinking about nothing much, honestly. Though when something does catch my attention it has all of it.

The other times, when I am actually using my brain I think about my friends and family and all the ways that I can help them.

“Form is a chain to which we pin all objects of devotion in the aspiration of enlightenment.”

“When everything is nothing, does nothing cease to be anything?”

“Take in the lie, absorb all of its detail. Those who march onward, heedless of their damages must abide by the illusions they tack their wills to.”

"Given a moment to itself, any device will surely bend to its own obscure ends and play itself out."

"Devotion. The second myth of reality: The faithful are most hurt by the objects of their faith."
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm hanging out with my Buhbee and our roommate or neighbors; probably making dinner for everyone then going out swimming or staying in drinking. Maybe just staying in and watching a movie and pursuing nerdly activities and goals.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've actually answered every question that OKC will allow me to. I naively thought there would be more. :\

Oh, and my three guiltiest pleasures are, respectively, in ascending order: Magic: The Gathering; Dungeons and Dragons (or any Tabletop RPG's); and finally Poke'mon games.
You should message me if
I'd just enjoy a friendly message. It would make my day, really. If you're interested in me as a friend, companion or the both of us as prospective partners even a one time fling; I urge you to get a hold of me.

If you are just going to send me two messages and then ignore me completely, please don't bother to send the first. Especially if you're both interesting and seem sincere, that's a betrayal I don't feel like harboring on this or any other day.

If my boyfriend and I survived a catfishing stalker we can survive most sort of messages sent our way, so bring it on. :)

“There is no such thing as a good deal in this world or any other. Only hard choices with the fewest ill consequences.”
The two of us