45Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Oh, and since this is everyone's first question...
yes, i do have other pics where you can see me,
and yes,
I'm happy to send them to you if you think we might be a match.

Here's some basics:
Although not one to jump into a relationship without a connection, I am definitely someone who prefers to be in an on-going, connected, relationship
I have experience with polyamory
....mostly with the so-called mono-poly style of dating, where I was monogamous to my partner, but she was free to date or have other lovers when she wished (and it worked out really well)

Either that, or I've enjoyed polyandry greatly (thats where a woman has more than one male partner, but they man is just with her). Of course, finding the right polyandrous woman is not so easy as it sounds (but when it does happen, it can be rather wonderful).

Although... these days I do lean towards monogamy, and/or meeting my primary partner.

This profile is just here for me as i seek an awesome partner/lover/friend to meet, date, have adventures and collaborate creatively with.

I'm open to what-may-be, but all things being equal, I do LOVE to be in a female-led relationship, and have a Domme-over-me partner/lover/friend, someone I can be devoted & obedient to.
So, if you are a Domme-identified woman (or awesome in other ways)
and you...
- desire a submissive in your life
- enjoy being the Alpha partner at times (some or all)
- want a BDSM play partner
- want someone to collaborate on photo or other creative projects with
- want someone to go to both fetish and vanilla events with
or just consider yourself kink-friendly or kink-curious, then we should talk.

Other than that, I will mention that I absolutely do NOT do casual sex, ...nor do i wish to skip courtship and chivalry.

As for some other basics:

i'm tall, fit, blue eyes
Outgoing, with all the necessary social skills and acumen,
...and have even been (on occasion) told i'm either (a) funny or (b) charming.

And... because everyone seems to be asking, yes, i do have pics (if the type of relationship/play or friendship that I mention resonates with you, just ask, I can send).

i'm add more details as i think of them.

Addendum: And just to be perfectly clear, direct, and to let you now some more things that I am ultimately seeking….

yes, I am kinky, and I do enjoy bdsm, and have a fetish or two.
And yes, I am open to dating someone who is poly, or who as other partners,
but, my ultimate goal is be in an on-going relationship, to be in love with the partner/lover/friend that I am with.

Even though I am not seeking a traditional dating, and even though I’m open to/prefer dating kink-friendly people, what I am most comfortable with is something thats easy-going, fun, and much less like “friends with benefits” and more like an actual girlfriend (where our interests and affection extends beyond just the bedroom).

So, if you ONLY want something shallow, passing, or with no desire to be open to something deeper, more connected, we’re probably not a (romantic) match.

Having said ALL that, and mentioned the specifics I have alluded to, most of all… finding a girlfriend, life-parter, perfect-for-me match, is probably the most important of all.

If thats there, then all the rest is secondary.
What I’m doing with my life
entertainment biz, and real estate
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This doesn't exactly match the heading, and its a little repetitive, but its important enough to say again, and this seemed like as good a place as any to put it:

Here's who I'd hope to meet:

- smart/intellectual friends to share kinky and non-kinky adventures with
- chemistry willing, a partner who was open to an on-going relationship, play and other kinky adventures.
- OM (orgasmic meditation) partners
- a woman who enjoys cuckolding, or having me as her cuckold lover, to be be with her before, during or after she's been with another partner.

- women who are open to receiving non-reciprocal oral service relationship (and just to be clear, when I speak of enjoying "non-reciprocal oral service", I mean that I enjoy pleasing my partner as much ...and as often, as she likes, with me not expecting anything in return from her.
Of course... it's not only in regard to sexual things.
In all the areas I enjoy being devoted to my partner's wishes and pleasure, with nothing expected in return.)
- creative types to create, collaborate or inspire each other and make art with.

Most importantly...
I am NOT looking for random hook-ups, DTF-types, or one-night stands, or purely sexual play if there is not passion and a real connection/affection/friendship/comfort between us.

So, if after getting to know each other a bit online, if you're the type who actually likes to meet your Okcupid paramours, and (initial chemistry, attraction and aligned-interests permitting) you're the type who would actually like to meet, to discover if we have in-person chemistry (D/s and otherwise) ...or were just curious to know more, I'd welcome your reply.
On a typical Friday night I am
often I'll be at a kinky / fetish / bdsm event with friends, that I saw on the local fetlife events page.

although, i could just as easily be at a dinner party, dive, movie, camping, road trip, art gallery, mid-night hike, or netflixing with freinds (assuming they're binge watching the same shows that I am)

You should message me if
you are familiar with what a FLR (female-led relationship) is.
...and, you desire (or curious about) having a devoted to you, submissive (based in friendship, passion, kink and perhaps even in time ....amoré).

you are a woman who is open to a non-reciprocal oral service relationship.

you love chivalrous courtship, or (even better) if you like the "devotional sex" method of courtship.

you want a partner to OM (orgasmic meditation) with.

if youre just super fun, super adventurous, kink-friendly, or an artist wanting someone to create with.
The two of us