34Stavanger, Norway
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My self-summary
I am a thinker.
I believe in freedom of speech.
I believe that censorship needs to be fought, wherever it may occur.
I believe in coincidences, as opposed to fate.
I believe in evolution.
I believe in the free will of mankind.
I believe in human rights.
I strongly (and vocally) object against religion, and its proponents.

Now, the about me:
I work with IT, by choice, because I happen to be good at it.
It's been something of a hobby of mine for many years, so I thought "Hey, why not make a career of it?". So I did.
Stereotypically enough, I'm into games, TV shows, movies and whatnot, but I have other interests too!
For example, I'm very much into philosophical ramblings, fixing world problems, photography, cars, and testing out new candy that I find in stores.
I have many senses of humour, some of them good, while others are hilarious -- I manage to cater to most social settings without upsetting anyone, though. It's a gift, truly.
I wish to one day boast about my literacy, because I really do love to read. It's just that I have a (growing) backlog of must-reads. My favourite books, currently, are like the Discworld Novels, or The Wheel of Time series. I also have to get started on A Song of Ice And Fire some day soon...
I haven't ready Tolstoy, Austen, Beckett, Defoe or Dickens. I haven't read Kafka, Solzhenitsyn or Joyce. Yet.
I thoroughly enjoyed George Orwell, and would like to get around to the others some day, but for now they're in the "to read"-bin.
Oh yeah, and Richard Dawkins has some great reads.

What I do find time for these days (besides work), is games, certain TV shows, and lots of hanging out with my friends, possibly just chilling at the cabin for the weekend. Also, reddit.

I tend to never plan my weekday evenings, but I'm out of the house more than I'm in. I don't know how it happens, it just does.
Activities and day planning are totally subject to change depending on who I run into. I rarely decline offers to hang out, even though I sometimes should.

It's also worth noting that I am an INTJ.
If you know what such an acronym means without having to google it, I implore you to message me - You're already interesting!

I absolutely love figuring out how stuff works, be it mechanical or software - and I am ever inquisitive about way, way too many other topics to list here. But here's a short list: Philosophy, Anthropology, Sociology, Linguistics, Medical Science, Physics (including Nuclear and Quantum), Space, World politics, Law/Legal debacles also intrigue me greatly. The thing is I have a working (or better) understanding of so many topics, and find all of them utterly fascinating - and I also love expanding my knowledge on these (and other) subjects. Some day I hope to become an encyclopedia. I already have my Thesaurus badge, and am the go-to person for anyone that can't recall a word, or its meaning.

I realise I haven't written anything about music, but just take my word for it that I'm very passionate about it - though I don't currently play any instruments. I used to DJ (Still have the vinyl), and listen to a wide variety of musical genres - though I have a penchant for electronic genres, and rap/hip hop. But I also listen to so much else, so I kind of hate bringing it up - I never get to finish listing stuff before someone objects.

reddit music computers cuddling friends ocean weed games fast cars greece food being childish philosophy talking beach australia intelligence consoles beer space science discussion books photography daydreaming language politics technology anthropology law

I am articulate, witty, and sometimes very pedantic.
What I’m doing with my life
Working as a sysadmin, but actively debating what to become when I grow up.
Also, concocting schemes for how to fix what I perceive to be wrong with... well, anything and everything.
Anything can be improved upon - people, politics, goods, ideas, habits, science, culture, values and morals - the hard bit is figuring out where to start. I regularly spend time thinking about, and discussing these things with the people that I surround myself with.

I've got a pretty good idea about what life "is", but I'm still not set on what I want to do with the next 40 years of it.

Day to day:
Work, friends, long drives with accompanying sunsets (weather permitting), partaking, and as much music as I can get away with.
Also, reddit and Twitch takes up a fair bit of time. I lurk, I post, I comment - mostly benign content.
I’m really good at
Playing devil's advocate.
Some video games.
Not following through on my brilliant ideas.
Retaining useless knowledge about a variety of subjects.
The first things people usually notice about me
These days, it's the weight I recently lost-
But normally people notice my mismatched socks.

And possibly my hair. It goes all odd some times.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: Wheel of Time, Discworld, A Song of Ice & Fire, Alistair MacLean, Richard Dawkins
movies: RED, The Usual Suspects, Django Unchained, Back to the Future, Tim Burton flicks, God Bless America, Team America, Dogma
shows: Top Gear, Disco/NatGeo Documentaries, Sons of Anarchy, The Colbert Report, Archer, Bobs Burgers, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, White Collar, Criminal Minds, Suits, Skins, Coupling, Misfits, Futurama, Workaholics, Through the Wormhole
music: Most varieties of electronic music, and hip hop. Really, you need to talk to me about this - There's way too many other songs/artists/genres I also love.
food Greek/Indian/Chinese. (what the hell, I pretty much love anything tasty, geographical origins are not important). Somewhat of a sweet tooth, but it's under control.
Also pancakes. Also, bacon.
Six things I could never do without
Good shoes.
Internet (read: free access to information).
Quiet time, preferably by the sea or on a long drive. Or both.

Also, don't underestimate the value of hugs.
Hugs are a fantastic way of showing affection, whatever your relationship to the vict... receiver.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
problems that need solving.

I also spend a little time thinking about a meeelion other things. And some time is spent piecing it all together.
On a typical Friday night I am
thinking of ways to to make it atypical, unless it already is.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not great with money.
I'm not horrible, but there's room for improvement.
You should message me if
you know, or are interested in, rocket science - or any other science
Science excites me.

you share your ancestry with simians
you are eloquent
you are familiar with the term 'Myers-Briggs' or Carl Jung's psychology typology research
you own a games console
you work with IT in some way, shape or form
you're passionate about cars
you partake
you enjoy good food
you're a bit of a grammar nazi
you get lonely sometimes, and would just like someone to talk to
your English is better than your Norwegian
you actually read all of my profile, because then you deserve a bloody medal
you are a redditor that enjoys contributing (i.e. not a lurker)
The two of us