48Coronado, United States
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My self-summary
Annoyed... I believe I've stumbled onto a modren dating quandary: we've become a 4G society. We enter dating expecting instant gratification and think that 20 minutes is enough time to determine 100% yes or no as to future relationship status. It takes longer than that, but while we've morphed into a society waiting for the next update, or new app, that all has drifted into our dating solutions. It takes time, , who has a minute or 3 to read about me? :)
This just got longer... grab a glass of wine and enjoy.. read in it's entirety as there's a happy ending ;)
never mind I just shortened this; put the wine away and respond to me! :)~

At our stage of life I rather not waste time in relationships of no value, depth or fulfillment. Wasting time meandering through life can just as easily be achieved through watching football, which I also rather not to do.
I offer an endless supply of witty sarcasm, quirky remarks, senseless foolishness and goof ball antics, but only because you should know that deep inside my assumedly non-serious exterior there is quality, integrity, charm, humor, compassion, and endless loyalty.
I like to spend time through numerous activities, but not opera or sporting events unless you would like to go. I like outdoors, snowboarding trips, anything trips, beach / water activities, but most of all time spent with a lovely woman, whom by my side can laugh at the same things I do, who sneaks her cold feet under the blanket on the couch knowing she'll get a foot massage after I recover from hypothermic shock delivered from her ice cold feet :)
What I’m doing with my life
What I'm doing with life....?
Cherishing the sun rises that I have God has granted me yet another day of life...
Retired Navy... Gov. Contractor.... 1/2 way through masters program... looking for that special woman to share the second half of life with and adore and cherish.... and find secluded tropical beaches to steal a kiss and hug while on vacation :) I'm from the east coast so I do come with manners and chivalry; I also come with a ... 'different' way about me.
If your not an open minded, level headed, reasonably realistic, warm hearted woman... you may not "get me" ... but feel free to give it a shot ;)
I'm actually affectionately compassionate, and just want a special woman in my life whom I may put up high upon a pedestal and worship etc etc...
I have a 16yr old son... so... take into consideration.
I’m really good at
Holding doors open for people
old age acts of chivalry
uncanny acts of stupidity (some people actually laugh at it)
finding good chocolate :)
eating good chocolate before you get to lick the melted chocolate off your fingers because you dilly dallied "savoring" the goodness ;)
balancing both the good and negative in things; I prefer to call it "realism"
focusing and accomplishing tasks at hand
being a contradictory of terms
assortment of other qualitative items which...will make you smile at the end of your search :)
The first things people usually notice about me
That I remind them of Brad Pitt, with my whimsical charm yet humble personality .... yes ... that's B.S.
I'm different... but could be worth your while :) I'm kind'a like chicken curry.... not for everyone, but if you like it... Mmmmm Yummy!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
*Sailing for Dummies, just bought a boat and learning to sail... will you decipher the pictures for me? :)
*Ziggy Marley; 'A Lifetime' "...A lifetime isn't enough to love you, and one lifetime isn't enough to live.. .. with out you I'm always alone.."
One lifetime isn't enough, when you have someone to cherish and adore; and we're halfway through this lifetime of ours, so lets get going and live it!!
Six things I could never do without
Does a 6-pac of beer count as 'six things' or... just 1 item? :)~
Who the heck knows... until you're really without something ... you just don't know if you could ever do with out them.
1) a good hearted woman :)
2) oh and Nutella !!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
* If.. in attempts to eat healthy; I eat apple pie for dinner, could that be considered "vegetarian" dinner? If paired with red wine, as it's an anti-oxidant...that could be considered healthy dinner yes? :)
* Trying to figure out how to mesh two established adult lives which are traveling in the same direction but upon parallel paths.
* Will corrupt politicians have a more terrible place in Hell than say... other "bad" people?
* If the world ended in Dec 2012, what will future history books say about it?
* How much of this crap really matters when trying to achieve thought number 2 ???? ;)
On a typical Friday night I am
Undetermined ....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
stupid-cupid is.....
You should message me if
If you don't like this silly s#!% and you rather have someone in person to live a life with rather than an electronic penpal.... then you and I may have something in common ;)
The two of us